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just cant wait for beta 9? any hints when its released. i want my icecream NOW ;)

guest, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2005  

joereg http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=pixelshader_for_newbies this page is not vieable for users ?

guest, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2005  

The ultimate keyboard: http://www.artlebedev.com/portfolio/optimus/

guest, Tuesday, Aug 16th 2005  

http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=pixelshader_for_newbies this is not viewable for registred users, is this intended?

kiilo, Monday, Aug 15th 2005  

Look at America, he was wrong ;)

Westbam, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

guest, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

papa, can i have some ice cream?

guest, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

what time is beta 9?

guest, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

hey hey !

kiilo, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

smells like beta9 spirit

kalle, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

mhh yeah but what if the structure of such a tree is generated fractally with an l-system? its not possible to reate a such structure of nodes automatically. its should be a simple node constructiuon which is flexible enough to do "infinite" branching...

guest, Thursday, Aug 11th 2005  

i would the skeleton of a body explicitely (connecting separate bones) how to do a tree with a more random but complex hierarchic structure? i wouldn't do it with just one node. for every branch one * maybe

guest, Thursday, Aug 11th 2005  

with such a "* (Transform Spectral)" node, would it be possible to animate branches too? like a tree that opens or a a body with arms/fingers, legs toes?

guest, Thursday, Aug 11th 2005  

maybe doing this by recursions? there must be a limit / watchdog where the recursion stops ?

kiilo, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

complicated and a complete break of the metaphor..

oschatz, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

loops in one frame would be great of course. but a little bit complicated..

gregsn, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

@gregsn or maybe the possibilty to do many feedback loops in one frame. this could solve other problems too. but a "* (Transform Spectral)" would be very cool of course.

elektromeier, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

wow! thanks ben..

gregsn, Monday, Aug 8th 2005  

@Anonymous: you're right with the framedelay. what we'd need is a spectral multiplication of transforms which outputs a spread of combined transforms..

gregsn, Monday, Aug 8th 2005  

@kalle tnx

markus4, Sunday, Aug 7th 2005  

@markus4: chapeau!

kalle, Sunday, Aug 7th 2005  

great work Bene !

tonfilm, Friday, Aug 5th 2005  

with a framedelay solution each depending bone is moved a frame later. but all bones should move at the same time? the only solution i know at the moment is to rebuild the skeleton with a hierarchic patch...

guest, Friday, Aug 5th 2005  

thome thoughts about this bone thingi ~ maybe the solution is using translation + quaternion rotation + framedelay ??? but this is poking my head ;o)

kiilo, Thursday, Aug 4th 2005  

ibar-work-in-progress-video: http://www.simonhaenggi.ch/fileadmin/I-Bar/filme/moving-circles_high.mov

guest, Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2005  

it might, it might..

gregsn, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

have no clue how his should work with "* (Transform)" ???

guest, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

ok ok , you are the best

sanch, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

you wanna fight? go outside? now??

gregsn, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

oh, you have stoll my idee!! ; ))

sanch, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

the bone module is based on transform hierarchies. changing that by using "* (Transform)" might solve the problem

gregsn, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  


sanch, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

would be nice to do severall feedback loops in one frame...

guest, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

that was exactly my problem. each bone needs its own nodes to process all bones in one frame, which isnt really flexible...

guest, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

but it s not really spreadable

sanch, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

it s me ; ) i make a sreenshoot of the module it s very simple

sanch, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

hi, who made that boneanimation http://vvvv.meso.net/show_image.php?id=1228 i tried to do something like this to but i never was able to do it with a spreadable bone count...

elektromeier, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

Great stuff Jannis, cant wait for the videos!

catweasel, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

vvvv propaganda...i finally uploaded some pics...videos still to come http://weblogs.digital.udk-berlin.de/jannis/

jannis, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

oder soll ich mir eine diazepam einwerfen? :o)

kiilo, Monday, Aug 1st 2005  

HEY? es gibt hotwords in tikiwiki 1.9 damit kann man solchen spam effektiv minimieren

kiilo, Monday, Aug 1st 2005  

sehr gut Saite. Was machen Sie mein Freund? keep it up !

guest, Sunday, Jul 31st 2005  

@framedelay army: is this supposed to show a bug?

oschatz, Saturday, Jul 30th 2005  

thnx max!

onoxo, Thursday, Jul 28th 2005  

@onoxo: I've added you to the user projects page!

max, Thursday, Jul 28th 2005  

by the way: fixed Trautner and Contour source. available at http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=HowTo+FreeFrame . fixed dlls will be included in upcomming release

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 27th 2005  

thnx guys, i'll add more things soon!

onoxo, Wednesday, Jul 27th 2005  

new shader smoke effect... http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=User+Shaders

sanch, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2005  

yes, very nice, my favourite: organic

michel, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2005  

yes, i like the "builds"

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2005  

cool picture and video

sanch, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2005  

i have refresh my site, not all content on it yet, but check it out www.onoxo.net

onoxo, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2005  

wow - That would be a pretty cool HumanInterfaceDevice for vvvv - http://tactiva.com/tactapad.html - too bad that you can't buy it by now

kalle, Friday, Jul 22nd 2005  

@pif - see Forum

oschatz, Friday, Jul 22nd 2005  

I'm trying to use a velleman k8000 to trigger vvvv... HLP!!!

pif, Thursday, Jul 21st 2005  

found some nice looking midicontrollers http://www.faderfox.de/

kalle, Thursday, Jul 21st 2005  

as far i know it's no pixelsader. it's "snow" from the girlpower folder

guest, Thursday, Jul 21st 2005  

hey you men of genius... again i'm totally fascinated by the magic of pixelshaders...who did screenshot 1004? or again, where could i get this shader? (looks like something glows)

jannis, Thursday, Jul 21st 2005  

gehts gar nicht? oder siehst du was? mpeg4 codec

gregsn, Wednesday, Jul 20th 2005  

@gregsn: 3 quicktimes nebeneinander geht irgendwie nicht so

kalle, Wednesday, Jul 20th 2005  

hi everybody. from mittwoch till freitag: altitude at khm, kölle (including an abschlussparty!) see http://www.khm.de gruss, florian

guest, Tuesday, Jul 19th 2005  

who can help me with my brhringer bcr 2000 ?

capten, Sunday, Jul 17th 2005  

Turing machine made with LEGO: http://mapageweb.umontreal.ca/cousined/lego/5-Machines/Turing/Turing.html

kalle, Thursday, Jul 14th 2005  

anyone tried gmax? (http://www4.discreet.com/gmax/ free) seems to be a stripped down 3dmax for for game (read: low poly) mesh creation.

fleg, Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005  

probably the problem was solved some thousand times befor, but at this time we wrote it from scratch. i will make up a new wiki page to explain the alg. http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=Wave+Simulation

guest, Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005  

el greco: can you post a link to the algorithm? michl.

michel, Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005  

math of original algorithm (c) 1994 gerrit jackson

gregsn, Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005  

basel verneigt sich tief

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2005  

geht ab wie ne rakete, alter! fei echt jetzt.

gregsn, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2005  

grasser kregor

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2005  

i can c the potential, if this is the power of vvvv-then maybe i raised ventuz too high as better or so purely of the gui.

guest, Friday, Jul 8th 2005  

hi -visuality77, thats some amazing stuff, the window 4 education in africa 4 that is unbelievable especially 4 children.

guest, Friday, Jul 8th 2005  

PS I am an american, lol

visuality77, Friday, Jul 8th 2005  

Its ridiculous in america, whats next speech, thoughts they already have word patents

visuality77, Friday, Jul 8th 2005  

this would verrrrry cool as a video project. http://web.media.mit.edu/~jpatten/audiopad-small-web.mov Note to all on software patents, We cannot as a race if we are bickering over our aquired knowledge.

visuality77, Friday, Jul 8th 2005  

EU-Parlament beerdigt Softwarepatentrichtlinie http://www.heise.de/ct/aktuell/meldung/61230

oschatz, Wednesday, Jul 6th 2005  

to all: why not make a forum topic with all the pros and cons of other sw?

oschatz, Wednesday, Jul 6th 2005  

Virtools is hot, for game developers. Used it, its nice. Cheap for what you get, have you seen the price of unreal tournament engine? Something like 15 time more. Ventuz is OK, workflo is rigid although logical. Reminds me of eyesweb lol

visuality77, Wednesday, Jul 6th 2005  

2 cont: if i could do what Ventuz doe swith the power of vvvv and the GUI of Scala Infochannel, then i think that wud be an app in it's own element. Broadcast-3d-devices-power=simplicity.

guest, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

If Scala Infochannel had run on its own so caled MMOS then maybe we wud see a realtime broadcast vj app, shame everything has to run under BG.

guest, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

Thanks 4 the feedbak on Ventuz, much appreciated. Maybe compare Ventuz with Scala infochanel, considering it can control a whole host of devices too. Is that not the purpose of all VJ?

guest, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

sheesh...didn't log in. for more info on virtools not concerning gaming google for strukt and andreas.

woei, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

had a glimpse on virtools, seems to me quite unhandy and very gaming based...however there are some who raped it for making visuals

guest, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

by the way anybody ever had a look on virtools? its superexpensive as i know but looks interessting. just curious...

elektromeier, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

its maybe much better if you do a presentation. for the general purpose vvvv its made for its gui is nearly perfect.

elektromeier, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

Ventuz is very handy, and the GUI is much better. BUT functionality - huh, it is 3d powerpoint for managers. There are nothing to comapare.

guest, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2005  

the ventuz GUI looks very chaotic if there is a large number of objects

tonfilm, Monday, Jul 4th 2005  

vvvv is the best ! ; )

sanch, Monday, Jul 4th 2005  

vvvv is completly differnt its like comparing the adobe suite to powerpoint - but having a timeline node would be fine anyway :-)

kiilo, Monday, Jul 4th 2005  

its something different for sure, but theres a suspicious amount of v's apearing as textures icons etc ;)

guest, Monday, Jul 4th 2005  

i don't see how you want to compare it; i have the feeling the purpose and therefore the design of each software is rather different

michel, Sunday, Jul 3rd 2005  

Head to head which out performs best Ventuz or vvvv?

guest, Sunday, Jul 3rd 2005  

i saw ventuz and was a bit impressed. but vvvv´s GUI is unbeatable IMHO.

kalle, Sunday, Jul 3rd 2005  

timeline nodes are a long wished missing feature. anyway some users wrote their own gui. any chance for ventuz getting interactive?

oschatz, Saturday, Jul 2nd 2005  

...another thought, could Ventuz be vvvv with a face afterall?

guest, Saturday, Jul 2nd 2005  

Just been going thru Ventuz, it's impressive looks like or similar to vvvv, fantastic app. Any chance for vvvv to have aGUI?

guest, Saturday, Jul 2nd 2005  

COCOON CLUB is hiring / spread the word

oschatz, Friday, Jul 1st 2005  

hura. we´ll try that on the rudlplatzian wall asap! postworkshopperige grüsse, flow

fleg, Wednesday, Jun 29th 2005  

anyone outa there, just guessing answer will do by(e) _tomorrow, tried: chanel didnt insert sws (was afraid) nor builded a nw file, couldnt find host or port, looking forward 2 tomorrow. nic

guest, Tuesday, Jun 28th 2005  

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~2d ago

joreg: Workshop on 18 07: Fluid simulations in FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-fluid-simulations-in-fuse/

~2d ago

joreg: Workshop on 17 07: Working with particles in FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-working-with-particles-in-fuse/

~13d ago

joreg: Here's what happened in June in our little univvvverse: https://visualprogramming.net/blog/2024/vvvvhat-happened-in-june-2024/

~15d ago

joreg: We're starting a new beginner tutorial series. Here's Nr. 1: https://visualprogramming.net/blog/2024/new-vvvv-tutorial-circle-pit/

~16d ago

joreg: Registration is open for LINK - the vvvv Summer Camp 24! Full details and signup are here: https://link-summercamp.de/

~16d ago

joreg: Workshop on 11 07: Compute Shader with FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-compute-shader-with-fuse/

~23d ago

joreg: Workshop on 27 06: Rendering Techniques with FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-rendering-techniques-with-fuse/

~1mth ago

joreg: Workshop on 20 06: All about Raymarching with FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-all-about-raymarching-with-fuse/

~1mth ago

joreg: vvvv gamma 6.5 is out, see changelog: https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/changelog/6.x.html

~1mth ago

joreg: Workshop on 13 06: All about signed distance fields in FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-all-about-signed-distance-fields-with-fuse/