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beta 9.1 this month?!? crazy bunch of workaholics ;)

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

>> forums ? ,)

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

patch yourself gregsn!

criscrass, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

patch! patch! patch!

gregsn, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

yes i tried both. but i dont think its a problem in the patch because it generelly doesnt work no more with the new patches . (i did a very simple new patch with just a box and this doesnt work either.) but if you insist, i certenly will post the patch

criscrass, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

im beta 9, doyou have tried to enable the right backbuffer? beacause there are two of them now in the inspector. one for windowed and one for fullscreen... nut strange that it isnt working in beta 8.1 anymore... can you post that non working patch?

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

hi there i got a strange problem: the depthbuffer doesnt work anymore:( neither in version beta8.1 nor in beta9. but i got an old patch (version beta8.1) where it worked and still works. any ideas?

criscrass, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

sorry to bother about it, my problem was solved upon reinstallation of dna ati drivers after uninstalling security suite preinstalled on the new notebook

r.meyer, Friday, Sep 9th 2005  

file steam-video tex-quad-group- renderer crashes as soon as I load an avi.(nvidia) Choppy playbackon ATI

catweasel, Thursday, Sep 8th 2005  

hmm..couldn't find anything so far. everything running smoothly on my machine. if anybody could upload a video/patch that definitely crashes..

joreg, Thursday, Sep 8th 2005  

hi, new user , first post. i'm having the filestream problem too, in my laptop, the whole screen turns black during playback of avi mjpeg. but get to work for a couple of seconds first.

r.meyer, Thursday, Sep 8th 2005  


guest, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  


guest, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

Hi everbody, I found another cool toy! http://www.zumkuckuck.com/carnivore/video.html

guest, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

concerning the filestream-crash. there seems to be a bug in the current release. please be patient...

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  


oschatz, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

How do I do the opposite of Spell Value. ie ASCII (string) to Value?

guest, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

hi i would love to experiment with vvvv 9 beta, but it is always crashing for example: when i give the fielstream an mpeg -> the application is crashing :-( what the hack i´m doing wrong ???? perfomance: 6899 gt geforce amd Athlon xp 2500 1 gig ra

guest, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

latest omega drivers. Only happened with avi's so far, on quads!

catweasel, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  


gregsn, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

i assume the newest driver. switching to fullscreen will destroy and rebuild some resources in the background. so what resources do you have? what textures, meshes, states, dshow9?

gregsn, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

Wow Wave!! Wish my maths was better! Great stuff!

catweasel, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

After fullscreening mainly, sometimes after changing a value, bit random! Its ATI, by the way.

catweasel, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

when is the renderer going grey?

gregsn, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

Laptop, works mostly, som e avi problems (slow) and renderer going grey....

catweasel, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  


gregsn, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

beta9 is workingin my inspiron 8500no prob, despite the bugs... unfortunately no programmable graphics hardware so i have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy your waves,,,

elektromeier, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2005  

until now - no probs

guest, Tuesday, Sep 6th 2005  

anybody with a working beta9?

gregsn, Tuesday, Sep 6th 2005  

wavesimulation for beta9 downloadable on http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=Wave+Simulation

gregsn, Tuesday, Sep 6th 2005  

kalle, looks like max on mac os... vvvv supports osc therefore it should work, as long no bundled messages are used. i wonder if its very difficult to patch an osc decoder

guest, Monday, Sep 5th 2005  

it seems that gluion is usable with vvvv. look here: http://www.glui.de/prod/gluion/gluionXfortez.html

kalle, Sunday, Sep 4th 2005  

Does anybody have experience wit the the Gluion OSC-Interface? (http://www.glui.de/prod/gluion.html) It seems to be very interesting, not really cheap but with many channels. The soon coming version will i.e. have 68 instead of 37 D I/O.

jens, Sunday, Sep 4th 2005  

devs are at ars electronica for some days now. will be back to answer and debug next week

joreg, Saturday, Sep 3rd 2005  

congratulations !!! ... but why dio i ha a gray sreen, when i just opening the rendernode ??

carc_ti, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

ok " wow-signal" its maybe the first recorded signal from outerspace - just to small coment for beta9 ;o)

kiilo, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

u should give us more info

guest, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

wow! http://www.bigear.org/wowmenu.htm thx

kiilo, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

elemeier. no. at least for now that type pin doesn' t make sense.

joreg, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

kalle. does renderer tty say anything?

joreg, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

what is the type pin ind "dx9Texture" for? is it possible to render in a volume or cube texture? how? hmm

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

happy vvvv day! wish you a lot of new patches :)

onoxo, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

doesn't render at all on my old old laptop

kalle, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

Very nice

guest, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

m. no. but with createnode you can replace a patch that has its layeroutput connected to a renderer...or you could send a layer..

joreg, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

that layer thing is cool but you have to get comfortable with it. bit more wires... mhh is it still possible to load patches on the fly which renders to the mainrenderer without connecting it manually?

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

what a feeling! now it's your turn... good night! buffff

gregsn, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

ohhhhh, ahhhhh.... mhh coool

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

ok thanks... goodnight

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

have vvvvun, we'r going to sleep now !

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

yipieeee thank you!!! seems to become a sleepless night---

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

dont have to excuse !!!

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

ok ok soory take ur time. its just the wait. like waiting for christmas as a little child...

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

to be honest, gregsn and me working since more than 30 hours without sleep for you, please be patient for some minutes ...

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

yeah cant go to bed if i know its still released tonight ;)

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

still waitin...where is it???

woei, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

mhm, mhm...

elektromeier, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

soon, soon ...

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 2nd 2005  

and a CMYK (Color Join) module: http://vvvv.meso.net/img/wiki_up//CMYK%20(Color%20Join)%20help.jpg?nocache=1 download: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=574

elektromeier, Monday, Aug 29th 2005  

new module`s finally up: preview: http://vvvv.meso.net/img/wiki_up//SpreadCountFader%20help.jpg?nocache=1 download: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=573 thx to kalle and gregsn

elektromeier, Monday, Aug 29th 2005  

and perlin noise node from tonfilm

sanch, Saturday, Aug 27th 2005  

@ kiilo. dynamic mesh from sanch, beta9 ... ;)

tonfilm, Saturday, Aug 27th 2005  

DMX in vvvv is amazingly simple: make sure to have read the spread tutorials. create a DMX (Artnet) node and create a spread of values between 0 and 1 - please post more questions to the forum..

oschatz, Saturday, Aug 27th 2005  

Hi! just started with vvvv, and i want to control dmx via artnet. can you help? thanks

a.j.martins, Saturday, Aug 27th 2005  

wow dynamic tornado - its a dynamic mesh or a volume shader? 8o)

kiilo, Friday, Aug 26th 2005  

see forum

oschatz, Wednesday, Aug 24th 2005  

nope. i know. try shellexecuting a batchfile which calls echo %1 >> file

oschatz, Wednesday, Aug 24th 2005  

writer (file) has no append mode?

kiilo, Wednesday, Aug 24th 2005  

Ahh all cleaned up!

catweasel, Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2005  

Is it just me or do you fancy some knock off drugs at bargin prices? Just wish I new where to find them.....

catweasel, Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2005  

maybe this is interesting to some of you: http://www.pixelache.ac/2005/pixelache-2006-call-for-proposals/

michel, Thursday, Aug 18th 2005  

ok thx :o)

kiilo, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2005  

@Anonymous, 11:01 link is working soon :) (aka when the tutorial is done)

MrBenefit, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2005  

just cant wait for beta 9? any hints when its released. i want my icecream NOW ;)

guest, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2005  

joereg http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=pixelshader_for_newbies this page is not vieable for users ?

guest, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2005  

The ultimate keyboard: http://www.artlebedev.com/portfolio/optimus/

guest, Tuesday, Aug 16th 2005  

http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=pixelshader_for_newbies this is not viewable for registred users, is this intended?

kiilo, Monday, Aug 15th 2005  

Look at America, he was wrong ;)

Westbam, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

guest, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

papa, can i have some ice cream?

guest, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

what time is beta 9?

guest, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

hey hey !

kiilo, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

smells like beta9 spirit

kalle, Friday, Aug 12th 2005  

mhh yeah but what if the structure of such a tree is generated fractally with an l-system? its not possible to reate a such structure of nodes automatically. its should be a simple node constructiuon which is flexible enough to do "infinite" branching...

guest, Thursday, Aug 11th 2005  

i would the skeleton of a body explicitely (connecting separate bones) how to do a tree with a more random but complex hierarchic structure? i wouldn't do it with just one node. for every branch one * maybe

guest, Thursday, Aug 11th 2005  

with such a "* (Transform Spectral)" node, would it be possible to animate branches too? like a tree that opens or a a body with arms/fingers, legs toes?

guest, Thursday, Aug 11th 2005  

maybe doing this by recursions? there must be a limit / watchdog where the recursion stops ?

kiilo, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

complicated and a complete break of the metaphor..

oschatz, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

loops in one frame would be great of course. but a little bit complicated..

gregsn, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

@gregsn or maybe the possibilty to do many feedback loops in one frame. this could solve other problems too. but a "* (Transform Spectral)" would be very cool of course.

elektromeier, Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005  

wow! thanks ben..

gregsn, Monday, Aug 8th 2005  

@Anonymous: you're right with the framedelay. what we'd need is a spectral multiplication of transforms which outputs a spread of combined transforms..

gregsn, Monday, Aug 8th 2005  

@kalle tnx

markus4, Sunday, Aug 7th 2005  

@markus4: chapeau!

kalle, Sunday, Aug 7th 2005  

great work Bene !

tonfilm, Friday, Aug 5th 2005  

with a framedelay solution each depending bone is moved a frame later. but all bones should move at the same time? the only solution i know at the moment is to rebuild the skeleton with a hierarchic patch...

guest, Friday, Aug 5th 2005  

thome thoughts about this bone thingi ~ maybe the solution is using translation + quaternion rotation + framedelay ??? but this is poking my head ;o)

kiilo, Thursday, Aug 4th 2005  

ibar-work-in-progress-video: http://www.simonhaenggi.ch/fileadmin/I-Bar/filme/moving-circles_high.mov

guest, Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2005  

it might, it might..

gregsn, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

have no clue how his should work with "* (Transform)" ???

guest, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2005  

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~10d ago

joreg: @LCA remember that we also provide custom support for commercial projects: https://visualprogramming.net/#Support

~11d ago

LCA: where to ask about hardware setups: VL application over 26 1080p displays. maybe also with FUSE

~18d ago

tonfilm: @tobyk there is also this, who wants to win: https://bottosson.github.io/posts/oklab/

~25d ago

tobyk: LCH is the best color space, all the other color spaces are now big losers. https://atmos.style/blog/lch-color-space

~27d ago

schlonzo: "HowTo Work with Children" somehow I expected something else :D

~1mth ago

fleg: This Tuesday, Cologne: exhibition opening of "interwoven", textile disinformation patterns created with vvvv. https://fleg.de/news/exhibition-interwoven

~2mth ago

manuelgonzalvez: Assimp nodes all broken afted Win Update w/exception "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW(...)"

~2mth ago

manuelgonzalvez: @levi thanks would love to! anyway managed to get something similar working based on forum search and anthokio's patches.