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Hey, does someone has an AxisDraw V3/A3 for sale?

tekcor, Monday, Oct 25th 2021  

vvvv+blender=lovvvve :D https://youtu.be/dUyeoi9mBIc

nanotekt, Thursday, Oct 21st 2021  

Pepper's Ghost & vvvv https://vimeo.com/632159133

Patxi7, Wednesday, Oct 20th 2021  

@manuelgonzalvez Needed to explicitly install VLC for VLC2; I use 3.0.6-win64 for stability.

mediadog, Friday, Oct 15th 2021  

@manuelgonzalvez 42 getting crashes from DX11 VLC lib after last Win10 update. Switched to VLC2 plugin OK so far.

mediadog, Friday, Oct 15th 2021  

Looks interesting. Can't find a price though https://en.ids-imaging.com/ensenso-3d-camera-s-series.html

sunep, Thursday, Oct 14th 2021  

@guest re svg export: i'm afraid not.

joreg, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

@manuelgonzalvez what's stopping you? now is the time!

joreg, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

@schlonzo glad you like it!

joreg, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

the new burger menu is great!

schlonzo, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

the new burger menu is great!

schlonzo, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

the new burger menu is great!

schlonzo, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

hi guys is there any way to export svg animation?

guest, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

@joreg haven't put my hands on gamma yet.

manuelgonzalvez, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

@joreg just opened previously working patches , tried with b39 & b42, no luck. dunno if W10 update issue or VLC issue.

manuelgonzalvez, Sunday, Oct 3rd 2021  

@manuelgonzalvez would you mind trying what you want to do with vvvv gamma?

joreg, Saturday, Oct 2nd 2021  

Filestream(VLC)dx11 node wont work("The cmdline options could not be parsed"). tried fresh install of everything. no luck.

manuelgonzalvez, Saturday, Oct 2nd 2021  

Have you missed the meetup last tuesday? You can rewatch it here: https://youtu.be/L9zy-dJw-HQ

joreg, Thursday, Sep 30th 2021  

@joreg Thanks! Was not able to find it via the "Dcoumentation" link above, hint hint

mediadog, Thursday, Sep 30th 2021  

PSA: the vvvv forum is now back up and running.

joreg, Thursday, Sep 30th 2021  

@mediadog it's still here: node reference

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 29th 2021  

Danged if I can find the online beta node list anywhere... is it gone?

mediadog, Wednesday, Sep 29th 2021  

PSA: the vvvv forum is currently undergoing maintainance. we should be back in a few hours...

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 29th 2021  

@tgd, i have reinstalled windows and cutted all updates. Thanks you !

karistouf, Saturday, Sep 25th 2021  

@karistouf: had the same issue days ago. reinstall Visual C++ Runtime 2012 from downloads

tgd, Friday, Sep 24th 2021  

arghhh, my dx11 mesh assimp are red nodes !!! any idea ???

karistouf, Thursday, Sep 23rd 2021  


ravazquez, Tuesday, Sep 14th 2021  


SuperflysiNZ, Thursday, Sep 9th 2021  

@Superfly : ApplicationPath

sebescudie, Tuesday, Sep 7th 2021  

How do you get the path of the current patch in VL?

SuperflysiNZ, Tuesday, Sep 7th 2021  

How do you get the path of the current patch in VL?

SuperflysiNZ, Tuesday, Sep 7th 2021  

reminder: first #vvvv online meetup after the summer break: tomorrow, tuesday 7th, 8pm CET 13.-worldwide-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Monday, Sep 6th 2021  

Join the #FUSE chat for latest insider info about 3D rendering: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#VL.Fuse:matrix.org

tonfilm, Wednesday, Aug 25th 2021  

@catweasel These are no like the K2 which you can still get used at GameStop, what depth camera to use now?

mediadog, Thursday, Aug 19th 2021  

@catwease Yaaargh! The new D455 is a great camera, I just switched over to it as my main camera. First the K2, and now this!

mediadog, Thursday, Aug 19th 2021  

Any Artist / VJ around who can pull off a show with data from a depth camera in two weeks time - for IAA? PM me!

eno, Wednesday, Aug 18th 2021  

That's great @Takuma! Will this be publicly available at some point?

ravazquez, Tuesday, Aug 10th 2021  

Today I'll be giving a presentation at SIGGRAPH online 90% talking about vvvv. If anyone is attending :) https://siggraph2021.hubb.me/fe/schedule-builder/sessions/867007

Takuma, Tuesday, Aug 10th 2021  

https://github.com/patriciogonzalezvivo/lygia This looks useful

catweasel, Monday, Aug 9th 2021  

afaik all 32-bit versions do...

tonfilm, Thursday, Aug 5th 2021  

which vvvv version last supported rodin1/dashard ?

ggml, Thursday, Aug 5th 2021  

@utah sorry i meant this video, which explains how to find the Renderer node in newer vvvversions: https://youtu.be/xkrbT45BgOQ

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 3rd 2021  

@utah please see: https://youtu.be/eFVFKxhsrS8

joreg, Monday, Aug 2nd 2021  

not able to find the "Renderer "

utah, Saturday, Jul 31st 2021  

Please, integration with this low cost mechanical display, so beautiful! https://www.vestaboard.com/

NoseBleedIndustries, Thursday, Jul 29th 2021  

Please, integration with this low cost mechanical display, so beautiful! https://www.vestaboard.com/

NoseBleedIndustries, Thursday, Jul 29th 2021  

@mediadog they are here: workshop-videotracking-node10

joreg, Sunday, Jul 25th 2021  

Hmmm slides for node10 video tracking cannot be found: workshop-videotracking-slides

mediadog, Saturday, Jul 24th 2021  

@mediadog thanks for the pointer, links are updated

joreg, Friday, Jul 23rd 2021  

Where are the 50beta42 offline instalers? The offline installers are still linked to 41, not 42.

mediadog, Friday, Jul 23rd 2021  


ddf, Thursday, Jul 22nd 2021  

thanks @gegenlicht & @bjoern, i hope the festival sorted it.

id144, Monday, Jul 19th 2021  

@joreg done

Patxi7, Saturday, Jul 17th 2021  

@neuston @u7angel can you please start a forum thread describing the problem you're having with a few more words?

joreg, Friday, Jul 16th 2021  

@neutron, same here

u7angel, Friday, Jul 16th 2021  

I got 500 server error when I tried to install package from NuGet gallery. Are you encountering then same problem?

neuston, Friday, Jul 16th 2021  

@bjoern Sequencer porn! Thanks, so many good ideas in 1 place

lasal, Thursday, Jul 15th 2021  

@lasal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEVi0nzh2sM

bjoern, Thursday, Jul 15th 2021  

You can have mine. Im back in kölle tomorrow

gegenlicht, Tuesday, Jul 13th 2021  

@id144 maybe: businesses/grosse-8-.-bildbewegungen

bjoern, Tuesday, Jul 13th 2021  

Hi guys, anyone in Köln who could lend us Kinect v2 for a movie festival, please? Users/Map does not work :(

id144, Tuesday, Jul 13th 2021  

@bjoern, crazy stuff, funny they use kinects :)

u7angel, Wednesday, Jul 7th 2021  

"Dr Greeble's spawn filter" - result of live shader coding session on Twitch. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/7lsSz8

evvvvil, Thursday, Jul 1st 2021  

vvvv meetup is live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkInLnC944w

david, Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2021  

reminder: 12th #vvvv online meetup tonight, 8pm CET: 12.-worldwide-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2021  

https://youtu.be/omqlZepW69g sonic pi live @ tami

domj, Thursday, Jun 3rd 2021  

Job: Lehrkraft mit Kentnissen in Python, Machine Learning und Grundlagen der Informationstechnologie gesucht: https://bit.ly/2TtgOoJ

benju, Friday, May 28th 2021  

reminder: starting at 2pm CET today: online-workshop-shiny-generative-graphics-with-vvvv

david, Friday, May 28th 2021  

Let's appreciate the most important feature being the flat UI redesign. Even though blueprints still remain ugly ...

readme, Wednesday, May 26th 2021  

let us worry about the serious issues: https://hard-drive.net/experts-worry-unreal-engine-5-will-deplete-the-worlds-supply-of-triangles/

ravazquez, Wednesday, May 26th 2021  

UE5 Early Access https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1ZnM7CH-v4

Noir, Wednesday, May 26th 2021  

SDF editor https://youtu.be/Z1qj9xgqdps

yar, Tuesday, May 25th 2021  

reminder: tomorrow, tuesday May 25, 8pm CET: #vvvv online meetup: 11.-worldwide-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Monday, May 24th 2021  

also a nice way to hide jitter

schlonzo, Sunday, May 16th 2021  

I really dig the alpha fade on texture previews in 2021.4

schlonzo, Sunday, May 16th 2021  


yar, Monday, May 10th 2021  

Relaxing nodes in Blender

skyliner, Wednesday, May 5th 2021  

http://manual.notch.one/0.9.23/en/topic/nodes-post-fx-image-processing-nvidia-virtual-background This would be nice to have in the toolkit...

catweasel, Friday, Apr 30th 2021  

And now it's opertaional. It's just a concept, bugs expected

yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  

sorry, one moment it's broken

yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  


yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  

concept of genrative telegram bot: t.me/arktkbot

yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  

Reminder: Machine Learning for Interaction Designers webinar by sebescudie this Friday: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/machine-learning-for-interaction-designers/

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 28th 2021  

Live now: The 10th #vvvv online meetup: https://youtu.be/ShUefLRL_H0

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 27th 2021  

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~7d ago

joreg: Workshop on 18 07: Fluid simulations in FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-fluid-simulations-in-fuse/

~7d ago

joreg: Workshop on 17 07: Working with particles in FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-working-with-particles-in-fuse/

~17d ago

joreg: Here's what happened in June in our little univvvverse: https://visualprogramming.net/blog/2024/vvvvhat-happened-in-june-2024/

~19d ago

joreg: We're starting a new beginner tutorial series. Here's Nr. 1: https://visualprogramming.net/blog/2024/new-vvvv-tutorial-circle-pit/

~20d ago

joreg: Registration is open for LINK - the vvvv Summer Camp 24! Full details and signup are here: https://link-summercamp.de/

~20d ago

joreg: Workshop on 11 07: Compute Shader with FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-compute-shader-with-fuse/

~28d ago

joreg: Workshop on 27 06: Rendering Techniques with FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-rendering-techniques-with-fuse/

~1mth ago

joreg: Workshop on 20 06: All about Raymarching with FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-all-about-raymarching-with-fuse/

~1mth ago

joreg: vvvv gamma 6.5 is out, see changelog: https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/changelog/6.x.html

~1mth ago

joreg: Workshop on 13 06: All about signed distance fields in FUSE, signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ss24-vvvv-all-about-signed-distance-fields-with-fuse/