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@neuston @u7angel can you please start a forum thread describing the problem you're having with a few more words?

joreg, Friday, Jul 16th 2021  

@neutron, same here

u7angel, Friday, Jul 16th 2021  

I got 500 server error when I tried to install package from NuGet gallery. Are you encountering then same problem?

neuston, Friday, Jul 16th 2021  

@bjoern Sequencer porn! Thanks, so many good ideas in 1 place

lasal, Thursday, Jul 15th 2021  

@lasal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEVi0nzh2sM

bjoern, Thursday, Jul 15th 2021  

You can have mine. Im back in kölle tomorrow

gegenlicht, Tuesday, Jul 13th 2021  

@id144 maybe: businesses/grosse-8-.-bildbewegungen

bjoern, Tuesday, Jul 13th 2021  

Hi guys, anyone in Köln who could lend us Kinect v2 for a movie festival, please? Users/Map does not work :(

id144, Tuesday, Jul 13th 2021  

@bjoern, crazy stuff, funny they use kinects :)

u7angel, Wednesday, Jul 7th 2021  

"Dr Greeble's spawn filter" - result of live shader coding session on Twitch. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/7lsSz8

evvvvil, Thursday, Jul 1st 2021  

vvvv meetup is live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkInLnC944w

david, Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2021  

reminder: 12th #vvvv online meetup tonight, 8pm CET: 12.-worldwide-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2021  

https://youtu.be/omqlZepW69g sonic pi live @ tami

domj, Thursday, Jun 3rd 2021  

Job: Lehrkraft mit Kentnissen in Python, Machine Learning und Grundlagen der Informationstechnologie gesucht: https://bit.ly/2TtgOoJ

benju, Friday, May 28th 2021  

reminder: starting at 2pm CET today: online-workshop-shiny-generative-graphics-with-vvvv

david, Friday, May 28th 2021  

Let's appreciate the most important feature being the flat UI redesign. Even though blueprints still remain ugly ...

readme, Wednesday, May 26th 2021  

let us worry about the serious issues: https://hard-drive.net/experts-worry-unreal-engine-5-will-deplete-the-worlds-supply-of-triangles/

ravazquez, Wednesday, May 26th 2021  

UE5 Early Access https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1ZnM7CH-v4

Noir, Wednesday, May 26th 2021  

SDF editor https://youtu.be/Z1qj9xgqdps

yar, Tuesday, May 25th 2021  

reminder: tomorrow, tuesday May 25, 8pm CET: #vvvv online meetup: 11.-worldwide-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Monday, May 24th 2021  

also a nice way to hide jitter

schlonzo, Sunday, May 16th 2021  

I really dig the alpha fade on texture previews in 2021.4

schlonzo, Sunday, May 16th 2021  


yar, Monday, May 10th 2021  

Relaxing nodes in Blender

skyliner, Wednesday, May 5th 2021  

http://manual.notch.one/0.9.23/en/topic/nodes-post-fx-image-processing-nvidia-virtual-background This would be nice to have in the toolkit...

catweasel, Friday, Apr 30th 2021  

And now it's opertaional. It's just a concept, bugs expected

yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  

sorry, one moment it's broken

yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  


yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  

concept of genrative telegram bot: t.me/arktkbot

yar, Thursday, Apr 29th 2021  

Reminder: Machine Learning for Interaction Designers webinar by sebescudie this Friday: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/machine-learning-for-interaction-designers/

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 28th 2021  

Live now: The 10th #vvvv online meetup: https://youtu.be/ShUefLRL_H0

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 27th 2021  

thank you @joreg

karistouf, Thursday, Apr 22nd 2021  

@karistouf: yep, just join us in the chat: https://betadocs.vvvv.org/chat.html

joreg, Thursday, Apr 22nd 2021  

@joreg : if you are around is it possible to tchat quickly ? i need a real HELP !!!

karistouf, Thursday, Apr 22nd 2021  

blocked. i had to copy paste the subpatch to get ride of it. Some bugs surely due that is a Loaded on the fly patch ID.thankyou

karistouf, Wednesday, Apr 21st 2021  

@karistouf: CTRL+T ?

sebescudie, Tuesday, Apr 20th 2021  

the reset shortut alt right doenst do it

karistouf, Tuesday, Apr 20th 2021  

@joreg, i know but i dint see any "revert to normal way " shortcut...

karistouf, Tuesday, Apr 20th 2021  

@karistouf you can find all shortcuts for vvvv beta listed here: https://betadocs.vvvv.org/using-vvvv/the-user-interface/ui-reference.html

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 20th 2021  

HAEM.... on beta, how to get ride of of the Always on the top option ?

karistouf, Tuesday, Apr 20th 2021  


ravazquez, Friday, Apr 9th 2021  

kickass shader @evvvvil

schlonzo, Friday, Apr 9th 2021  

"Reclaim the streets" - Winning shader live coded live at revision 2021 shader showdown semi final. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/fdSGWw

evvvvil, Thursday, Apr 8th 2021  

sorry 3080 10G vs 3090 24go ?

karistouf, Thursday, Apr 8th 2021  

RTX 3090 24go or 3090 10go ar really doing difference ith textures and VVVV beta ?

karistouf, Thursday, Apr 8th 2021  

and beta42 previews now include VL 2021.3.2: downloads/previews

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 7th 2021  

bugfix release vvvv gamma 2021.3.2 is out: https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/changelog/2021.3.html

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 7th 2021  

@soundreactor looks really odd. could this be some strict antivirus or firewall settings?

joreg, Thursday, Apr 1st 2021  

@soundreactor must be your network settings, nothing we can do here. can you try the download from another computer? on your phone?

tonfilm, Wednesday, Mar 31st 2021  

@tonfilm the only way i can get it by copying the offline links and opening them directly https://youtu.be/R2KZuKaJ3Zs

soundreactor, Wednesday, Mar 31st 2021  

@soundreactor works fine here and the beta41 files are on the server, maybe check your firewall: https://teamcity.vvvv.org/buildConfiguration/vvvv45_beta_X64/33799?buildTab=artifacts

tonfilm, Wednesday, Mar 31st 2021  

@joreg its the beta41 too. tried just now. even downloaded a new installer directly from the download page x64 "cannot connect

soundreactor, Wednesday, Mar 31st 2021  

@soundreactor which version are you talking about? we're aware of this problem for beta39 and beta39.1 but latest beta41 works.

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 31st 2021  

offline installer download links not working tried in US and CH. the installer exe cant connect.

soundreactor, Wednesday, Mar 31st 2021  

Final reminder: April 1st is the last day you can redeem the 20% earlybird discount for vvvv gamma licenses: vvvv-gamma-end-of-earlybird-pricing

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 30th 2021  

https://youtu.be/na7EMenl2lY?t=1115 unity is catching up

u7angel, Saturday, Mar 27th 2021  

Slug is dope

velcrome, Saturday, Mar 27th 2021  

@dominikKoller: thanks, always good to hear!

joreg, Saturday, Mar 27th 2021  

Hey just seeing the progress on VL with Stride and the language in general - WOW guys this is serious stuff! So cool

dominikKoller, Friday, Mar 26th 2021  

touchdesigner's new font library looks nice https://sluglibrary.com/

mino, Friday, Mar 26th 2021  

"Trigochiselled shaft descent" - Result of Tuesday's live shader coding session on Twitch. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/NdfGDl

evvvvil, Thursday, Mar 25th 2021  

@joreg It was a temporary glitch. Now I can see it well. Thank you.

lightizm, Wednesday, Mar 24th 2021  

Live now: The 9th #vvvv online meetup: Join us to show what you're working on or just see what others are doing: 9.-worldwide-meetup

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2021  

ciao lunanane

fibo, Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2021  

Patches will not read and evaluate unless their window is open. Am i missing something or my install/machine is broken.

synth, Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2021  

back to the future

u7angel, Sunday, Mar 21st 2021  

Whoa, contribs page looks OK, but comments on individual contribs stops at summer 2018.

mediadog, Saturday, Mar 20th 2021  

Yeah only top two shouts are current, then skips to August 2018!

mediadog, Saturday, Mar 20th 2021  

what happend to the website. shoutbox and news from 2015 , time machine :)

u7angel, Friday, Mar 19th 2021  

@lightzim was this a temporary glitch or does this problem persist for you?

joreg, Friday, Mar 19th 2021  

website is now a timemachine going 11 years back in time?

beyon, Friday, Mar 19th 2021  

I am visited in Contributions page, but it says that Access denied. What should I do?

lightizm, Friday, Mar 19th 2021  

Any nvvvvts?

ventolinmono, Friday, Mar 19th 2021  

Kairos webinar postponed to 30th march. details here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/timeline-your-data-using-vl-kairos/

dottore, Tuesday, Mar 16th 2021  

@synth: there are excel nodes in mp.essentials https://vvvvpm.github.io/#mp.essentials

microdee, Monday, Mar 15th 2021  

Anyone have a working MS excel solution for V4 and willing to share it? Tried all contributions but no luck.

synth, Monday, Mar 15th 2021  

@datjens: last time i heard from him was 1-2 years ago, but unfortunately not v4 related :-/

skyliner, Saturday, Mar 13th 2021  

Free graphics and game math book: https://gamemath.com/book/intro.html

tonfilm, Saturday, Mar 13th 2021  

kairos webinar in less then a week. see you there!! timeline-your-data-using-vl.kairos

dottore, Friday, Mar 12th 2021  

@datjens, not in a really long time.

bjoern, Thursday, Mar 11th 2021  

hey, somebody heard something of Kalle?

datjens, Tuesday, Mar 9th 2021  

@evvvvil Awesome!

catweasel, Monday, Mar 8th 2021  

md.ecosystem link on staff contrib picks page is broken

mediadog, Monday, Mar 8th 2021  

"pencilvester's orthodoodle" orthographic raymarching gets all the birds chirpsing. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/wlyfWK

evvvvil, Monday, Mar 8th 2021  

Kairos webinar! don't miss it ;) https://bit.ly/3quag3D

dottore, Sunday, Mar 7th 2021  

@schlonzo Thank you.

christosk, Friday, Mar 5th 2021