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closer look at the magic leap device: https://youtu.be/UJ0OuYG0Tn0?t=11m10s

tonfilm, Thursday, Jun 7th 2018  

Hello, we are looking for someone who has experiences with face reenactment. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohmajJTcpNk

stephan_grosse8, Wednesday, Jun 6th 2018  

@joreg:excuse me please. I am a friendly person with choleric features. I know how it works now. try+error approach as with vvvv

udo2013, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@microdee: me too, eventually alternatives like gitlab will follow if pressure is big. so no escape other then self hosting?

tekcor, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@microdee: me too, eventually alternatives like gitlab will follow if pressure is big. so no escape other then self hosting?

tekcor, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@udo2013: language! and also see here how you can embed the youtube video directly: wikisyntax#embed youtube videos

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

fucking body field. but after 3 corrections I like it now. thank you. u ;-)

udo2013, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

hello coworkers from vvvv and meso: why do you make it so hard for an old man to make a contribution to your gallery beautiful?

udo2013, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@tekcor: earth cease to exist as we know it. I mean seriously that's scary as fuck news. and I'm not scared easily

microdee, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

microsoft just bought github :X

tekcor, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@Bartuc glad you like it, currently out of stock though..

joreg, Monday, Jun 4th 2018  

latest DX11 vpack is now using appveyor instead of github to fetch releases in vpm ;)

microdee, Monday, Jun 4th 2018  

A quick 1.3.1 update for vvvv, in order to fix two annoying bugs directx11-1.3-update (and see contrib)

vux, Saturday, Jun 2nd 2018  

I want a vvvv teeshirt like joreg in vvvvTv ep.3 O_o

Bartuc, Saturday, Jun 2nd 2018  

vvvv <3 @spektrumberlin https://spektrumberlin.de/events/detail/berlin-vvvv-meetup-1.html

joreg, Saturday, Jun 2nd 2018  


joreg, Thursday, May 31st 2018  

@bo27 wow you've changed..

joreg, Thursday, May 31st 2018  

@joreg reminds me telegram bot + camera capture patch from my wedding https://www.instagram.com/p/BVuohodjs_A/

bo27, Thursday, May 31st 2018  

grab a cool drink and join us live in 10 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-Rx49OH7Ic #vvvv #telegram

joreg, Wednesday, May 30th 2018  

the good old dx9 techniques.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRIq-vynlbI

udo2013, Wednesday, May 30th 2018  

artists wanted: http://join.dronedancing.vision/pages/what-is-this#steps (not affiliated, just got this as an email)

reaktant, Wednesday, May 30th 2018  

Hi! I've to build a PC for vvvving based on Ryzen. Any recommendations/warns? GPU will be 1050 or smthg with 2gb RAM @>=1300 MHz

Jvvvvlian, Tuesday, May 29th 2018  

reminder: 3 days left to apply for LINK - the vvvv summer camp: http://link-summercamp.de/

joreg, Tuesday, May 29th 2018  

particles&splines part(??).. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cL9zNWsOXI&t=6s

udo2013, Tuesday, May 29th 2018  

"code doctor"/freelancer wanted for a university project! hope to hear from you - https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/code-doctor-freelancer-needed-for-a-university-project/16379

kamanlam, Sunday, May 27th 2018  

@io sadly i was given for the project 2 x VisionSC-HD4+ and if something goes wrong with V4 they are certified for my other software

synth, Friday, May 25th 2018  

@synth: I also vouche for Magewell, better and cheaper than Datapath (got both)

io, Friday, May 25th 2018  


ravazquez, Thursday, May 24th 2018  

@Synth: Check this http://www.magewell.com/

guest, Thursday, May 24th 2018  

Multichannel Datapath cards with vvvv anyone? Looking for opinions if they work stable.

synth, Wednesday, May 23rd 2018  

still unsure? call for #vvvv LINK Summer Camp extended: link-summer-camp-call-extended

joreg, Wednesday, May 23rd 2018  


skyliner, Wednesday, May 23rd 2018  

@KT100_: please create a new topic in forum and provide a patch. should be easier to help there than spamming the shoutbox :)

tmp, Wednesday, May 23rd 2018  

@sebescudie thx 4 reply, but the vertex count isn't right when I connect GeometryFile to it. Or should I use another node with it?

KT100_, Wednesday, May 23rd 2018  

@KT100_ : check out GetVertexData from InstanceNoodle

sebescudie, Tuesday, May 22nd 2018  

Hey guys. Any ideas how to emit particles from custom geometry? Working in DX11.I've tried GeometryFile and it's not working.

KT100_, Tuesday, May 22nd 2018  

@Tamoeba odd if so. so you don't have an LFO or MonoFlop node

joreg, Tuesday, May 22nd 2018  

any vvvv wizardry going on at ADAF in athens this week?

sagishi, Monday, May 21st 2018  

Freshly released, DirectX11 v1.3 directx11-1.3-update

vux, Monday, May 21st 2018  

has anyone used avr-gcc with vvvv? thinking about uploading a vvvv sketch to arduino

weareallclowns, Sunday, May 20th 2018  

@udo2013: you can't change the resolution of the standard DX11 renderer (res=window size). use temptarget renderer + preview instead

motzi, Saturday, May 19th 2018  

Is it possible that i am missing thew whole "animation" category nodes? how?

anonymous, Saturday, May 19th 2018  

hello. is there a way to change the fullscreen resolution of renderer dx11? found no possibility + can not be opened.

udo2013, Friday, May 18th 2018  

@joreg vl.glTF loader looks intense inside, but is red in b36.

tekcor, Friday, May 18th 2018  

@joreg sure!

MultiNIL, Friday, May 18th 2018  

@MultiNIL supa! can we have this as a gallery entry? 24

joreg, Thursday, May 17th 2018  

forgot to share: our very first vvvv project, digital-hybrid-airhockey-table: https://vimeo.com/210617286 making of: https://vimeo.com/269974764

MultiNIL, Thursday, May 17th 2018  

looking for a VJ/performer for the 1st of june for 1 hour in Amsterdam for a Conference, Hit me up +649241940

dawoof, Thursday, May 17th 2018  

@joreg cool seems like i missed that one. such a good shader resource

tekcor, Thursday, May 17th 2018  

does anyone has trouble with the new update of windows ? switching to other app while rendering fullscreen provoks blank output

karistouf, Wednesday, May 16th 2018  

does anyone has trouble with the new update of windows ? switching to other app while rendering fullscreen provoks blank output

karistouf, Wednesday, May 16th 2018  

@tekcor for a live demo see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKHbEWaHjcw&t=7099s

joreg, Wednesday, May 16th 2018  

I just found a nerver posted VVVV repo - a NRT Path Tracer for SDF's . Looks amazing wtf

tekcor, Wednesday, May 16th 2018  

6 days left to apply for LINK - the #vvvv summer camp: link-the-vvvv-summer-camp-apply

joreg, Wednesday, May 16th 2018  

splines+particles emitted on normals of a cyinder.looks crazy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VJO2eo8MFY

udo2013, Wednesday, May 16th 2018  

very chill @udo2013

gegenlicht, Monday, May 14th 2018  

@bjoern : creepy af

sebescudie, Thursday, May 10th 2018  


metrowave, Wednesday, May 9th 2018  

Kinect is backhttps://developer.microsoft.com/de-de/perception

elektromeier, Tuesday, May 8th 2018  

@catweasel: yep we noticed. now fixed.

joreg, Sunday, May 6th 2018  

Getting website errors today. Duplicate entry for key primary sql stuff

catweasel, Sunday, May 6th 2018  

vvvvTv 2 greatly appreciated!

metrowave, Thursday, May 3rd 2018  

awesome ¡¡ vvvvTv and dottore,s project

colorsound, Thursday, May 3rd 2018  

yes, yes the basement dub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y07dt6XqbZA

udo2013, Thursday, May 3rd 2018  

Happening #now, vvvvTv #livestream! dottore will tell us about his latest project Mousiké: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbiwuJo__fo

tonfilm, Wednesday, May 2nd 2018  

any news on NDI for vvvv?

andresc4, Monday, Apr 30th 2018  

particles&splines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_ncM4JJVVM

udo2013, Sunday, Apr 29th 2018  

I also wonder, what happened to styler?

microdee, Sunday, Apr 29th 2018  

@graphicuserinterface: that's just inverted in Photoshop for the pretties, the rest of the screenshots are in joreg grey

microdee, Sunday, Apr 29th 2018  

impressive work by them!

graphicuserinterface, Saturday, Apr 28th 2018  

yah, thanks @tekcor

metrowave, Wednesday, Apr 25th 2018  

@tekcor. thats bad news. thanks for putting it together and all the efford though. next time hopefully.

david, Wednesday, Apr 25th 2018  

VVVV.js workshop chanceled, unfortunately not enough people. Thanks to everyone who wanted to come and sorry!

tekcor, Tuesday, Apr 24th 2018  

@joreg Thank you very much!

neuston, Tuesday, Apr 24th 2018  

@neuston: please check the country list again!

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 24th 2018  

no users in all of Wales!

xd_nitro, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

it's like telling a west-Ukrainian that they're Russians...

microdee, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

@tonfilm: Telling a person from Hong Kong that they're Chinese is a bigger insult than calling their mom names ;)

microdee, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

Patch your own #mainloop with microsecond precision in #reactive #dotNET style. #rxNET #rx #gamedev #vvvv #VL vl-patch-your-own-mainloops

tonfilm, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

Sad. It hurts.

neuston, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

well, they would even have to choose "united" kingdom..

joreg, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

M... not work emotionally. Like asking a Scotland citizen to pick England

neuston, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

@neuston would it work for you to select "China"?

joreg, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

No Hong Kong in the country list of license page

neuston, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

please excuse me. it works! installed "InstanceNoodles" again. this time via "vpm". good thing :-)

udo2013, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

"half-red" nodes? a noob´s question from a not-noob. professionals: please read my question in the forum. thanks

udo2013, Monday, Apr 23rd 2018  

hello shoutbox, anyone knows where I could rent backpack computers and headsets for VR in China around Macau ?

sebescudie, Friday, Apr 20th 2018  

The Parasitic-Design patches are prettified for #vvvv b36! parasitic-design-a-vvvv-beginners-cookbook @gnrtvdsgn #GenerativeDesign #GenerativeGestaltung

robotanton, Wednesday, Apr 18th 2018  

who will join the workshop? if you are in doupt about the pro pricing, just pay 50 ;) need to get seats full asap workshop-vvvv.js-advanced-rendering-for-web-and-mobile

tekcor, Tuesday, Apr 17th 2018  

vvvv Academy on Tour in London, Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Athens and Linz! http://vvvv.academy/

dominikKoller, Monday, Apr 16th 2018  

me on saturday. up for a drink later.

u7angel, Sunday, Apr 15th 2018