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rather toot then tweet? follow the hype and us on mastodon: https://mastodon.xyz/@vvvv #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Dec 7th 2018  

any recommendation for renting visuals-grade pcs in berlin ?

ggml, Friday, Dec 7th 2018  

Structure Sensor Core now for Windows: https://store.structure.io/buy/structure-core cool features, could be useful in vvvv

metrowave, Friday, Dec 7th 2018  

@levi I used xml, expresso and scripts for importing/exporting (c4d <-> VVVV)

yar, Thursday, Dec 6th 2018  

@yar . yea thanks. was a bit outdated that one. but c4d has the ascii importer now that did the trick.

levi, Thursday, Dec 6th 2018  

@levi c4d2vvvv look at this, some inspirational concepts inside

yar, Thursday, Dec 6th 2018  

you can decompose the camera transform matrices. on c4d site i dont know

schlonzo, Thursday, Dec 6th 2018  

in another news - traction engine goes open source: http://cdm.link/2018/11/the-guts-of-tracktion-are-now-open-source-for-devs-to-make-new-stuff/

StiX, Thursday, Dec 6th 2018  

https://youtu.be/K1rotbzekf0 PhysX goes opensource in SDK 4.0p, might be interesting to look at

StiX, Wednesday, Dec 5th 2018  

hola,are there any solutions for importing in cinema4d a stored vvvv transform? camera for example

levi, Wednesday, Dec 5th 2018  

@dominikKoller : interesting!

sebescudie, Wednesday, Dec 5th 2018  

@dominikKoller: reminds me of Wolfram Mathematica

microdee, Wednesday, Dec 5th 2018  


dominikKoller, Wednesday, Dec 5th 2018  

@eno, high level of sophistication!

metrowave, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2018  

@eno: very neat!

m4d, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2018  

@eno your marketing should target CEOs with questions like YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE TIME TRAVELER FROM FUTURE? HIRE US!

StiX, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2018  

Nice eno and team!!

david, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2018  

@eno awesome!

Noir, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2018  

@eno, wow that's next levvvvel stuff!

tonfilm, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2018  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ciVbFZODQ made with vvvv (and unity). Project breakdown will follow ...

eno, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2018  

Hi there ! I'm looking for someone renting posital sensors, optimally in France. Has anyone an idea ? Thanks !

keftaparty, Monday, Dec 3rd 2018  

@david and readme, thanks for the info, looking forward to it!

metrowave, Monday, Dec 3rd 2018  

Yep. Next NODE will be a NODE20 somewhen in the spring time. You will be informed.. :-)

david, Saturday, Dec 1st 2018  

Sadly it's going to be in 2020 ... for reasons though.

readme, Saturday, Dec 1st 2018  

a VVVVisualization of meditiative music w/100s of 1000s of spheres, dripping in space https://vimeo.com/302951595

mfan, Wednesday, Nov 28th 2018  

Hi guys! Any news about NODE19? Is it happening?

parabola, Wednesday, Nov 28th 2018  

reminder: #berlin #vvvv meetup this wednesday @spektrumberlin 6-berlin-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Monday, Nov 26th 2018  

This starts to look like it was all planned from the beginning: roadmap

joreg, Sunday, Nov 25th 2018  

shadertoys mandelbulb node https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YuUjzD0FGQ&t=58s

udo2013, Thursday, Nov 22nd 2018  

@guest: indeed BASS nodes don't work in 64bit builds. for an overview of other options see: audio

joreg, Thursday, Nov 22nd 2018  

if i cant get the BASS patches to work can I use other FileStraming patches to create Visualizations?

guest, Thursday, Nov 22nd 2018  

does FIleStream (BASS) not work on 64bit machines? I tried downloading 3tbit vvvv but still it cant find any BASS plugins.

guest, Thursday, Nov 22nd 2018  

reminder: 7 days left in this call for residency: vvvvertigo-starts-residency-2019 #vvvv #vl #xenko

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 21st 2018  

alien techniques: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXSxKEV9r3I

udo2013, Wednesday, Nov 21st 2018  

@synth, why not ?

u7angel, Tuesday, Nov 20th 2018  

Is DX11 Multiscreen boygrouping a thing? Just asking before starting a forum treat.

synth, Tuesday, Nov 20th 2018  

new beta38 is out: vvvv50beta38

Elias, Tuesday, Nov 20th 2018  

sunday afternoon...best time to apply for a #vvvv #vl #xenko residency: vvvvertigo-starts-residency-2019

joreg, Sunday, Nov 18th 2018  

@microdee: yep i think the site takes user submissions..

joreg, Friday, Nov 16th 2018  

@joreg: it's missing FlareTic... ;)

microdee, Friday, Nov 16th 2018  

@motzi yeah, welcome to my life..

joreg, Friday, Nov 16th 2018  

@joreg: i'm tempted to look into PraxisLIVE :)

motzi, Friday, Nov 16th 2018  

@u7: no worries, we'll still be here when you everyone comes back...

joreg, Friday, Nov 16th 2018  

@joreg, are u trying to get rid of the community ? :)

u7angel, Friday, Nov 16th 2018  

bored of #vvvv? try some alternatives: https://alternativeto.net/software/vvvv/

joreg, Friday, Nov 16th 2018  

@beyon you can also use F# together with #vl, see: #fsharp #dotnet #visualprogramming https://github.com/vvvv/VL.DemoLib/tree/master/src/VL.FSharpDemoLib

tonfilm, Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018  

tonfilm: Ok,currently using F# though but maybe I should look into sharpdx vs xenko math

beyon, Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018  

@beyon #vl also fills these gaps with huge range of collision detection math from #sharpdx which is basically the same as #xenko's

tonfilm, Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018  

vvvv #audio pack update: better buffer reader and fixed #vl template #visualprogramming #creativecoding #dotnet vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018  

microdee: Good, I found Xenko.Core.Mathematics filled many gaps in SlimDX ray/point/plane/bbox functions

beyon, Tuesday, Nov 13th 2018  

"if you want to make a custom project only using Xenko graphics API without the full Xenko engine, you can!" https://xenko.com/blog/feature-spotlight-xenko-3-1-and-nuget/

microdee, Tuesday, Nov 13th 2018  

@circuitb: looking good :)

m4d, Monday, Nov 12th 2018  


circuitb, Sunday, Nov 11th 2018  

berlin, london, paris, who's next? thanks for organizing this @sebescudie

joreg, Sunday, Nov 11th 2018  

in Paris and into #vvvv ? Let's have a bier next Wednesday ! https://bit.ly/2z4BnKQ

sebescudie, Saturday, Nov 10th 2018  


jzzxh, Friday, Nov 9th 2018  

@aivenhoe @readme we've updated to the c#6 compiler with b36 c6-compiler-for-dynamic-plugins or since what version do you notice?

joreg, Friday, Nov 9th 2018  

yes, that's true for me as well.

readme, Thursday, Nov 8th 2018  

is it just me or has the new beta's compiler for dynamic plugins become much slower?

aivenhoe, Thursday, Nov 8th 2018  

Reminder #london peeps: #vvvv #vl #xenko meetup tonight: vvvv-london-meetup-1

joreg, Thursday, Nov 8th 2018  

my question in forum: think my question nobody understood.ok, does a signed distance field work even if only one object has this?

udo2013, Thursday, Nov 8th 2018  

vvvv october as it happened: vvvvhat-happened-in-october-2018

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 7th 2018  

Here we go: #london #vvvv #vl #xenko meetup: vvvv-london-meetup-1 this thursday at the old baths.

joreg, Tuesday, Nov 6th 2018  

Just released a beta version of the Fluid3D --> https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/fluid3d/16895

timpernagel, Tuesday, Nov 6th 2018  

a little bit more blabla than usual mercedes-eqc-scanner-(insights)

u7angel, Monday, Nov 5th 2018  

helo #london #vvvv #vl #xenko people, sorry for short notice: planning a meetup here this thursday eve. venue still to be announced..

joreg, Monday, Nov 5th 2018  

checkout egypt and india: https://pudding.cool/2018/10/city_3d/

tonfilm, Sunday, Nov 4th 2018  

@joreg: or "Quaternions and 3d rotations": https://eater.net/quaternions

robotanton, Saturday, Nov 3rd 2018  

Quaternions anyone? http://marctenbosch.com/quaternions/

joreg, Saturday, Nov 3rd 2018  

@beyon: evvvventually both i hope. but we don't have any more infos. this was just announced..

joreg, Friday, Nov 2nd 2018  

joreg: as in VL on Meadow or just that the color is a good match for VVVV?

beyon, Friday, Nov 2nd 2018  

the stars are aligning: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meadow/meadow-full-stack-net-standard-iot-platform #dotnet #iot #meadow

joreg, Thursday, Nov 1st 2018  

nice one! @tekcor

skyliner, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

@tekcor , nice ¡¡¡

colorsound, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

VVVV.js glTF and UI programming gltf-pbr-rendering-in-vvvv.js-and-ui-patching

tekcor, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

@evvvvil: your last 2 demos: BIG! keep on marching the rays!

sinus, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

@andresc4 , try https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/ works very good maybe helpful for your case.

colorsound, Tuesday, Oct 30th 2018  

any alternative to Texture AVI Writer (DX11) ? Its not working anymore on latest vvvv builds

andresc4, Tuesday, Oct 30th 2018  

Just discovered this WFC thingy .. has anyone ever worked with it ? https://bit.ly/2EZPTJw

sebescudie, Tuesday, Oct 30th 2018  

reminder: #vvvv #berlin meetup number 5 tomorrow: 5-berlin-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Monday, Oct 29th 2018  

first update on the #vl #xenko #3d library: #vvvv #visualprogramming #gamedev #dotnet vl-xenko-3d-engine-update-1

tonfilm, Friday, Oct 26th 2018  

n-ice vvvvork guys! #vvvv #nasa @NASA_ICE #landmassscale #visualprogramming https://gizmodo.com/nasa-releases-more-pics-of-freaky-rectangular-iceberg-1829962438

tonfilm, Thursday, Oct 25th 2018  

@timpernagel: lool :D new version of vvvv allows you to patch on landmass scales

microdee, Wednesday, Oct 24th 2018  

Guys, who was it? https://twitter.com/NASA_ICE/status/1052601381712887809?s=19

timpernagel, Wednesday, Oct 24th 2018  

https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/3d-lut-colourspace-mapping-on-a-realtime-video-stream/14013 This is old but its quite usefull!

andresc4, Monday, Oct 22nd 2018  

BRUTAL BREXIT DIZZY DAGGERS our 4kb intro ranked 3rd at TRSAC demo party. Made with 130 lines of shader code. https://vimeo.com/296418799

evvvvil, Monday, Oct 22nd 2018  

part one of the #vvvv roadmap: the early years: roadmap

joreg, Monday, Oct 22nd 2018  

even more #GPU #debugging with #renderdoc and #vvvv #dx11: debug-dx11-frames-with-renderdoc

tonfilm, Wednesday, Oct 17th 2018  

Heyy. Any vvvv guys in Amsterdam now?

lev, Wednesday, Oct 17th 2018  

@vnm there is contrib, just search forums and page

StiX, Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018  

Hi! How can I get PC-name in VVVV?

vnm, Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018