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Here we go: #london #vvvv #vl #xenko meetup: vvvv-london-meetup-1 this thursday at the old baths.

joreg, Tuesday, Nov 6th 2018  

Just released a beta version of the Fluid3D --> https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/fluid3d/16895

timpernagel, Tuesday, Nov 6th 2018  

a little bit more blabla than usual mercedes-eqc-scanner-(insights)

u7angel, Monday, Nov 5th 2018  

helo #london #vvvv #vl #xenko people, sorry for short notice: planning a meetup here this thursday eve. venue still to be announced..

joreg, Monday, Nov 5th 2018  

checkout egypt and india: https://pudding.cool/2018/10/city_3d/

tonfilm, Sunday, Nov 4th 2018  

@joreg: or "Quaternions and 3d rotations": https://eater.net/quaternions

robotanton, Saturday, Nov 3rd 2018  

Quaternions anyone? http://marctenbosch.com/quaternions/

joreg, Saturday, Nov 3rd 2018  

@beyon: evvvventually both i hope. but we don't have any more infos. this was just announced..

joreg, Friday, Nov 2nd 2018  

joreg: as in VL on Meadow or just that the color is a good match for VVVV?

beyon, Friday, Nov 2nd 2018  

the stars are aligning: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meadow/meadow-full-stack-net-standard-iot-platform #dotnet #iot #meadow

joreg, Thursday, Nov 1st 2018  

nice one! @tekcor

skyliner, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

@tekcor , nice ¡¡¡

colorsound, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

VVVV.js glTF and UI programming gltf-pbr-rendering-in-vvvv.js-and-ui-patching

tekcor, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

@evvvvil: your last 2 demos: BIG! keep on marching the rays!

sinus, Wednesday, Oct 31st 2018  

@andresc4 , try https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/ works very good maybe helpful for your case.

colorsound, Tuesday, Oct 30th 2018  

any alternative to Texture AVI Writer (DX11) ? Its not working anymore on latest vvvv builds

andresc4, Tuesday, Oct 30th 2018  

Just discovered this WFC thingy .. has anyone ever worked with it ? https://bit.ly/2EZPTJw

sebescudie, Tuesday, Oct 30th 2018  

reminder: #vvvv #berlin meetup number 5 tomorrow: 5-berlin-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Monday, Oct 29th 2018  

first update on the #vl #xenko #3d library: #vvvv #visualprogramming #gamedev #dotnet vl-xenko-3d-engine-update-1

tonfilm, Friday, Oct 26th 2018  

n-ice vvvvork guys! #vvvv #nasa @NASA_ICE #landmassscale #visualprogramming https://gizmodo.com/nasa-releases-more-pics-of-freaky-rectangular-iceberg-1829962438

tonfilm, Thursday, Oct 25th 2018  

@timpernagel: lool :D new version of vvvv allows you to patch on landmass scales

microdee, Wednesday, Oct 24th 2018  

Guys, who was it? https://twitter.com/NASA_ICE/status/1052601381712887809?s=19

timpernagel, Wednesday, Oct 24th 2018  

https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/3d-lut-colourspace-mapping-on-a-realtime-video-stream/14013 This is old but its quite usefull!

andresc4, Monday, Oct 22nd 2018  

BRUTAL BREXIT DIZZY DAGGERS our 4kb intro ranked 3rd at TRSAC demo party. Made with 130 lines of shader code. https://vimeo.com/296418799

evvvvil, Monday, Oct 22nd 2018  

part one of the #vvvv roadmap: the early years: roadmap

joreg, Monday, Oct 22nd 2018  

even more #GPU #debugging with #renderdoc and #vvvv #dx11: debug-dx11-frames-with-renderdoc

tonfilm, Wednesday, Oct 17th 2018  

Heyy. Any vvvv guys in Amsterdam now?

lev, Wednesday, Oct 17th 2018  

@vnm there is contrib, just search forums and page

StiX, Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018  

Hi! How can I get PC-name in VVVV?

vnm, Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018  

@fleg Yes, will be premiering a new public work at Times Square the 25th - drop a line!

mediadog, Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018  

Really nice!

vasilis, Monday, Oct 15th 2018  


DiMiX, Saturday, Oct 13th 2018  

Hi all! Anybody in New York and up for a beer? I´ll be there from 19th-30st.

fleg, Saturday, Oct 13th 2018  

@sebescudie that's awesome! We need the same for patches...

ravazquez, Friday, Oct 12th 2018  


sebescudie, Friday, Oct 12th 2018  

any heavy osc users? please check out this proposal for a new set of nodes: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/simple-osc-nodes/16796

joreg, Wednesday, Oct 10th 2018  

Paralib update Beta37 paralib

lasal, Tuesday, Oct 9th 2018  

Visual Programming Codex: https://github.com/ivanreese/visual-programming-codex

beyon, Tuesday, Oct 9th 2018  

in case you missed: september happened: vvvvhat-happened-in-september-2018 #vvvv #vl

joreg, Monday, Oct 8th 2018  

handcrafted vfx

skyliner, Friday, Oct 5th 2018  

urgently looking for Mini-DisplayPort (M) -> DisplayPort (F) in Berlin today. louis@louismustill.com with leads. Thanks!

guest, Wednesday, Oct 3rd 2018  

new technique ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePwAPZmiqPs

udo2013, Tuesday, Oct 2nd 2018  

@synth: please submit an issue with screenshot and proper reproduction steps on http://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm

microdee, Tuesday, Oct 2nd 2018  

@microdee VPM stuck on "Initializing Notui md.stdl is already in vpm temp folder. Ignoring Initialization complete." or similar

synth, Monday, Oct 1st 2018  

not yet for me :) tell us how it goes!

sebescudie, Monday, Oct 1st 2018  

@sebescudie looks like a nice package ... just ordered one ;)

m9dfukc, Saturday, Sep 29th 2018  


sebescudie, Friday, Sep 28th 2018  

ran into troubles with ssh-patch. the key-exchange method diffie-hellman does not work. help anybody?

aeckheim, Friday, Sep 28th 2018  

Anyone tried Robot Animator? http://andyrobot.com/

idab, Friday, Sep 28th 2018  

Berlin people: Today from 4-7pm we at schnellebuntebilder are doing a OPEN STUDIO (interactive playground + talk + drinks).

timpernagel, Friday, Sep 28th 2018  

@microdee it's a roli seaboard https://roli.com/products/seaboard/

sunep, Wednesday, Sep 26th 2018  

@sunep: heh what's the name of the keyboard being used in the end of the demo vide?

microdee, Wednesday, Sep 26th 2018  

MAX 8.0 now with spreads... kind of: https://youtu.be/DP73qxCoCqQ?t=1m28s

sunep, Wednesday, Sep 26th 2018  

A vvvvery vvvvriendly vvvvestival, ed. 2018 http://keroxen.com/

io, Wednesday, Sep 26th 2018  

@synth: use beta37 for Notuiv and install it with vpm. this article describes why md.ecosystem-update

microdee, Tuesday, Sep 25th 2018  

@synth Check github for superphysical Beta37. Deferred+Forward Branch.

mburk, Tuesday, Sep 25th 2018  

Getting red nodes on VL stuff, mostly SuperPhysical, Notuiv and CraftLie. Only me or there is something broken?

synth, Tuesday, Sep 25th 2018  

reminder: we'll do a #vvvv #vl workshop as part of #retune18 in #berlin this friday: vvvvvl-workshop-at-retune-2018 #visualprogramming #dotnet

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 25th 2018  

leicht & elegant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0B5-ARVbxM

udo2013, Friday, Sep 21st 2018  

how about debugging your #dx11 #GPU frames? debug-dx11-frames-with-nvidia-nsight

tonfilm, Thursday, Sep 20th 2018  

Anyone know where I can get an Etherdream ILDA unit in the UK / West Europe delivery this week?https://ether-dream.com/

mrboni, Tuesday, Sep 18th 2018  

@catweasel Re:KiNet yes, its pretty similar to artnet but with some different magic numbers. I can send you what I've used before.

tobyk, Monday, Sep 17th 2018  

@Hadasi: "read the field manual" I knew a slightly more explicit version of that abbreviation :D

microdee, Sunday, Sep 16th 2018  

Seemingly, many of the best approaches are right there in vvvv (click node, press F1)

Hadasi, Saturday, Sep 15th 2018  

anyone in Mexico City up for a beer?

maarja, Saturday, Sep 15th 2018  

@motzi nice! , @catweasel at the moment Im using spot to ndi, but its quite cpu consuming

andresc4, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

If you have a old Futaba Radio you can use it in vvvv. I just uploaded a simple contribution

andresc4, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

Has anyone worked with KiNet (colour kinetics network protocol)?

catweasel, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

spout and ndi work

catweasel, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

@andresc4 i've got a receiver running as a proof of concept but it's not more than that. don't know when i have time to continue here

motzi, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  


Meierhans, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

any news about NDI & vvvv ?

andresc4, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

nice ide, for java though :) https://ms-paint-i.de/

woei, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

happy to announce our vvvv/vl workshop @retuneberlin vvvvvl-workshop-at-retune-2018 #retune18 #vvvv #vl #berlin #visualprogramming

joreg, Friday, Sep 14th 2018  

@motzi: vl.js but should only run inside vvvv.js :D

microdee, Thursday, Sep 13th 2018  

@motzi : interesting :)

sebescudie, Thursday, Sep 13th 2018  

@md: "The Mono team is working hard on a version of the .NET runtime that runs in WASM" - that sounds like a VL developers wet dream

motzi, Thursday, Sep 13th 2018  


Patxi7, Tuesday, Sep 11th 2018  

@robotanton et al., quaternions visualized: https://youtu.be/d4EgbgTm0Bg

tonfilm, Tuesday, Sep 11th 2018  

Blazor, it's like react JSX for C# except some differences https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/mt829752?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396

microdee, Monday, Sep 10th 2018  

now with automatic but optional VC++ redist and DX9 installation, because doing that by hand is ridiculous in 2018

microdee, Saturday, Sep 8th 2018  

https://vvvvpm.github.io/#vvvv/beta link didn't go through previously

microdee, Saturday, Sep 8th 2018  

finally long overdue: I started to add beta versions to vpdb, starting with the new beta 37 vvvvpm.github.io/#vvvv/beta

microdee, Saturday, Sep 8th 2018  

Any vvvv volks going to be in New York at LUMA this weekend? https://lumafestival.com/

mediadog, Friday, Sep 7th 2018  

Русский, Deutsch, 日本語, Magyar, فارسی, Español, Français #vvvv help in your native language? we got you covered: русский-deutsch-日本語-magyar-فارسی-español-français

joreg, Thursday, Sep 6th 2018  

@joreg: confirmed. works

m4d, Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018  

Thank you @Microdee @Joreg for your reply. I will try out If I get stucked I will be back <3

anonymous, Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018  

reminder for tonight: a night of heavy #vvvv #vl #openframeworks chatter will happen at @spektrumberlin 4-berlin-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018  

@Iamsick regarding midi nodes in vl, start reading here: vl-event-based-midi

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018  

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~7d ago

Joanie_AntiVJ: I have an issue with some reflection calculations, any vector expert may know the secret of mirrors ? :) https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/help-to-mirror-a-vector/20523/4

~7d ago

Joanie_AntiVJ: I have an issue with some reflection calculations, any vector expert may know the secret of mirrors ? :) https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/help-to-mirror-a-vector/20523/4

~18d ago

joreg: @LCA remember that we also provide custom support for commercial projects: https://visualprogramming.net/#Support

~18d ago

LCA: where to ask about hardware setups: VL application over 26 1080p displays. maybe also with FUSE

~25d ago

tonfilm: @tobyk there is also this, who wants to win: https://bottosson.github.io/posts/oklab/

~1mth ago

tobyk: LCH is the best color space, all the other color spaces are now big losers. https://atmos.style/blog/lch-color-space

~1mth ago

schlonzo: "HowTo Work with Children" somehow I expected something else :D

~2mth ago

fleg: This Tuesday, Cologne: exhibition opening of "interwoven", textile disinformation patterns created with vvvv. https://fleg.de/news/exhibition-interwoven