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evvvvil what software you use for the 4kb? i'd like to try making a virgin prod :)

polyrhythm, Tuesday, Apr 25th 2017  

Nevermind... my fault.. had an old DX11 pack installed

drehwurm, Monday, Apr 24th 2017  

Nevermind... my fault.. had an old DX11 pack installed

drehwurm, Monday, Apr 24th 2017  

PointEditor (DX11 2d) help needs a checkup. Replace Renderstate with Rasterizer?

drehwurm, Monday, Apr 24th 2017  

@mediadog: indeed, fixed that!

joreg, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2017  

@microdee @joreg Aha! I had glanced at that list, but assignment was lurking beyond the scrollbar. Athankew!

mediadog, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2017  

first-come-first-serve tickets are now sold out except the "delegate" ones. others are still available from here: https://nodeforum.org/journal/node17-tickets/

joreg, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2017  

@mediadog see ex9.hlsl.annotations

joreg, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2017  

@mediadog: default is set via assignment (equal sign)

microdee, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2017  

No default for effect parameters, just min and max?

mediadog, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2017  

regular *fcfs tickets for #node17 are already sold out, and non lowered regular ticket isn't available straight from main page

microdee, Sunday, Apr 23rd 2017  

@evvvvil Man if that was 10th I want to see 1-9. 4kb, insane!

mediadog, Friday, Apr 21st 2017  

@sinus, thankx a lot broh! LJ, guy from my group desire, won shader showdown :) couldn't enter as qualifiers were on Friday. Peace

evvvvil, Friday, Apr 21st 2017  

@evvvvil: great!! nvscene shader live coding 666: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-1zEo7DD8w

sinus, Friday, Apr 21st 2017  

@karistouf credits go to gregsn for this

joreg, Friday, Apr 21st 2017  

"Legit tits and bent shovels" my 4kb Intro, ranked 10th at Revision. not done in vvvv but no one gives a shit... https://vimeo.com/214082535

evvvvil, Friday, Apr 21st 2017  

thanks joreg for the sorting variables :)

karistouf, Thursday, Apr 20th 2017  

Hey it's been a long time, hope you are all well. Anyway, still having fun with vvvv sometimes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aErkveRQSo0&t

svdk, Thursday, Apr 20th 2017  

since i won't make it i've also got two resonate tickets on sale. asking 75€ per ticket. chris@vrtxlabs.com

m4d, Thursday, Apr 20th 2017  

new #vvvv #release #xml #reactive #midi #visualprogramming vvvv50beta35.5

tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017  

here you go: 5 more workshops confirmed for #node17 node17-workshops-announced #vvvv getting there...

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017  

@kleinkariert yes, it's available Contact me here: ekokkinidou@gmail.com

eirini_soo, Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017  


guest, Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017  

@eirini_soo yes we need a Ticket... Still available?

kleinkariert, Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017  

nice, thanks velcrome

tsiwt, Tuesday, Apr 18th 2017  

Hellο guys! Here's a chance to attend Resonate 2017 with my ticket that I'm selling for 120€ !

eirini_soo, Tuesday, Apr 18th 2017  

Never give on having good UI in VVVV ;) https://www.facebook.com/cloneproduction/videos/10154595659466448/

lecloneur, Monday, Apr 17th 2017  

@motzi alpha downloads are back!

joreg, Saturday, Apr 15th 2017  

alpha download page seems to be down. (just wanted to test the latest RC)

motzi, Saturday, Apr 15th 2017  

@all please tag your #vvvv related #github repositories https://github.com/search?q=topic%3Avvvv&type=Repositories

joreg, Thursday, Apr 13th 2017  

8 more workshops confirmed (and still more to come..) #node17 #vvvv

joreg, Thursday, Apr 13th 2017  

@all #vvvv beta35.5 #releasecandidate beta-35.5-release-candidate

tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 13th 2017  


karistouf, Wednesday, Apr 12th 2017  

tonfilm cooooolllll

artifak, Wednesday, Apr 12th 2017  

windows 10 creators update >> https://4sysops.com/wiki/windows-10-privacy-settings

u7angel, Tuesday, Apr 11th 2017  

wow ... those pictures from node08. some people have aged well.

readme, Monday, Apr 10th 2017  

Does anyone know of anything like FaceShift Studio but still available. Better than Brekel

catweasel, Monday, Apr 10th 2017  

new vvvv directx render beast?

skyliner, Monday, Apr 10th 2017  

Looking forward to see a bunch of those guys again at NODE17!

skyliner, Monday, Apr 10th 2017  

sooo nice @sunep! Thx for sharing! This is where evvvverything started for me.

skyliner, Monday, Apr 10th 2017  

NODE08 was 9 years ago these days, cant wait until NODE17 https://goo.gl/photos/QsupiCw49yphph8b8

sunep, Monday, Apr 10th 2017  

@elliotwoods: that wasn't on purpose, it is back! thanks for the pointer.

joreg, Monday, Apr 10th 2017  

yes. thank you sebl et al!

elliotwoods, Saturday, Apr 8th 2017  

some people keep it up @elliotwoods vvvv.packs.image

tonfilm, Saturday, Apr 8th 2017  

noticed ImagePack is finally removed from Downloads page. Night night ImagePack!

elliotwoods, Saturday, Apr 8th 2017  

wow! it has exactly the same depth specs as first version. seems to be same tech too

elliotwoods, Saturday, Apr 8th 2017  


jzzxh, Saturday, Apr 8th 2017  

Thanks @joreg !

ravazquez, Friday, Apr 7th 2017  

@ravazquez http://www.discourse.org/

joreg, Friday, Apr 7th 2017  

Discourse 1.8.0.beta1

u7angel, Friday, Apr 7th 2017  

what forum engine is it the vvvv site uses?

ravazquez, Friday, Apr 7th 2017  

@sebescudie Oh thanks, I was so happy tha tI didnt notice. I hust paid the check. :P

nissidis, Friday, Apr 7th 2017  

We did it! … 3 Controllers, 27 Universes so far… Many thx to vvvv crew!

TomPeak, Thursday, Apr 6th 2017  

yyyyeah, got the tickets!

fibo, Thursday, Apr 6th 2017  

@nissidis : site says around May

sebescudie, Thursday, Apr 6th 2017  

Hi there, I just v=bought mine. When will be able to apply for workshops ?

nissidis, Thursday, Apr 6th 2017  

tickets: https://nodeforum.org/journal/node17-tickets/ #node17 #vvvv

joreg, Thursday, Apr 6th 2017  

@joreg: awesome news!

microdee, Wednesday, Apr 5th 2017  

@microdee and the call just got extended until april 15th #node17 #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 5th 2017  

@microdee: seems like it started on 7th of March already, was just posted on here way later.

readme, Wednesday, Apr 5th 2017  

sunep i already post a much longer version :D

artifak, Wednesday, Apr 5th 2017  

oh wow #NODE17 open call is already over? that was a short open call ;)

microdee, Wednesday, Apr 5th 2017  

ok was a simple mistake. oh the joy of the last minute deadline wobble

mrboni, Tuesday, Apr 4th 2017  

did anyone make a dx11 version of this point light shadows? soft-shadows-for-point-light trying to adapt but having issues and run out of time

mrboni, Tuesday, Apr 4th 2017  

They anounced ocnce, that they are going to make the UI zoomable and add colors.

ffffriedrich, Tuesday, Apr 4th 2017  

was there ever any april fools related to vvvv?

guest, Tuesday, Apr 4th 2017  

hello. server maintenance reboot at 0.50h. should be back after a few minutes.

drupal_admin, Tuesday, Apr 4th 2017  

@obernardoo: Hi, you can send me as well zsolt.korai(at)gmail.com

KX, Monday, Apr 3rd 2017  

@all regarding temp-files: please have an eye on Renderer (TTY) when saving and start a forum-thread with related errors reported

joreg, Monday, Apr 3rd 2017  

my first post at vvvv blog, im open for suggestions and critics, cheers state-of-nothingness

artifak, Monday, Apr 3rd 2017  

@obernardoo: send more info to david.morasz@uberact.com and we might be able to come up with a quote for you ;)

microdee, Monday, Apr 3rd 2017  

Someone from budapest who can do a technical job from the 24th to the 28th of May?

obernardoo, Monday, Apr 3rd 2017  

audiomesh(gets text.(tell the buffer!) deformed by bspline(3d surface norm.)with audioreactive contr.points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vxVivX8-i4

udo2013, Friday, Mar 31st 2017  


Herrlich, Thursday, Mar 30th 2017  

Hellö - does someone have a RealSense R200 or SR300 in Germany that could be bought or rented for two weeks?

herbst, Thursday, Mar 30th 2017  

@mrboni, thanks i filed us a bug

joreg, Thursday, Mar 30th 2017  

@ joreg - i sent you a patch

mrboni, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  

reg video signal extension: I made a post collecting all your inputs https://goo.gl/auJGWn cheers

dottore, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  

windows gesture nodes work just with dx9?

elektromeier, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  

Hd SDI, you can get HDMI-> SDi convertors easily, and BNC will run 100's of meters

catweasel, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  

Tnx guys

dottore, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  

@dottore: a friend of mine (mfx) suggested a pair of Kramer TP-580 transmitters and a HDBaseT cable. 4K at 100m.

robotanton, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  

@dottore it has to be 6G-SDI to handle 4k

manuel, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XgaXc_K7dE checkout my stuff

manuel, Tuesday, Mar 28th 2017  


bjoern, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

@keftaparty: tnx

dottore, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

@dottore If you need more precise infos send me a mail or skype.

keftaparty, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

You can check blackmagic's HDMI>SDI converters. If you're lucky your projector has SDI input.

keftaparty, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

I use SDI for this. Only limitation is you need to use compatible resolutions.

keftaparty, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

@keftaparty :any pro solution that gives HQ video transmission from a pc on stage to a backstage projector(20/30 metres) tnx

dottore, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

@dottore : only extenders or would you consider converting to SDI ( limited to "video resolutions" ) ?

keftaparty, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

any suggestion for an high quality video signal extender (fiber optic or other solutions...)? up to 4k 30 fps support ideally

dottore, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

@Joreg, Happens randomly, different sub patches nearly everytime. Which is why I havent reported it! Been happening for a year

catweasel, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

@joreg at the moment no time to dig into the problem. also did not recognize a pattern to reproduce.

phlegma, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

@mrboni, phlegma, catweasel: any chance to get this reproduced? any patch you can send that does this on save will help.

joreg, Monday, Mar 27th 2017  

Me too, but it's the last few betas I've seen it in, less now than then. I wonder if it's a patch related issue

catweasel, Sunday, Mar 26th 2017  

@mrboni same behaviour here on my laptop.

phlegma, Sunday, Mar 26th 2017  

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~6d ago

tonfilm: @hadesbry latest version supporting win XP is 34.2: vvvv45beta34.2

~6d ago

hadesbry: hi, which versión of vvvv is better for win XP. thanks a lot.

~7d ago

joreg: reminder #vvvv heads in #berlin: today, tuesday, june 12th, 19h30: berlin-vvvv-meetup #meetup

~7d ago

ectrome: @joreg working! thanks

~7d ago

joreg: @ectrome login should be working again now!

~8d ago

joreg: @ectrome thanks, we're aware of the problem and working on it.