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@joreg: so eloquent broh, i very much appreciate the turn of phrase! @microdevil: it's about fucking time broh...

evvvvil, Wednesday, Dec 14th 2016  

io, oh no! why divert public communication into a walled garden when we can all meet on an open meadow: howto use irc?

joreg, Wednesday, Dec 14th 2016  

Hey I ve just create a vvvv_EN group in Telegram https://telegram.me/joinchat/AHj32QlBFQC2-ScAJSK-fQ

io, Tuesday, Dec 13th 2016  

ron pellegrino::light eater. not vvvv. but an inspiration (i think) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vX-8KZf3T4

udo2013, Tuesday, Dec 13th 2016  

A grandiose, elegant and GPU accelerated ray casting collision detection tool has fucking landed, broh. microdevil-intersect

microdevil, Tuesday, Dec 13th 2016  

bughunt last call: 7h remaining to win one of two #lattepanda find-a-bug-win-a-panda-(latte) #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Dec 13th 2016  

@microdee .. very good news :)

kronikle, Monday, Dec 12th 2016  

@kronikle: don't worry it will be deprecated soon and behaviours and types will be copied to mp.essentials and messages

microdee, Monday, Dec 12th 2016  

damn VOBJECT!!!

kronikle, Monday, Dec 12th 2016  

und ab die post! vvvv-Telegram

motzi, Sunday, Dec 11th 2016  


gregsn, Sunday, Dec 11th 2016  


gregsn, Sunday, Dec 11th 2016  

go back in time and read the news!

gregsn, Sunday, Dec 11th 2016  

vvvv bughunt extended until december 13. jury meeting on the 14th: find-a-bug-win-a-panda-(latte)

joreg, Sunday, Dec 11th 2016  

CircularSpread Phase pin

beyon, Saturday, Dec 10th 2016  

LineKernel: or CircularSpread

beyon, Saturday, Dec 10th 2016  

@evvvvil yes exactly what i was looking for.I had forgot the name, that's what happened when you dont use v4 for many years

LineKernel, Saturday, Dec 10th 2016  

@linekernel: plug your lfo into waveshaper with "shape pin" as SINE. Or ask your old lady to count from 0 to 1 with a smooth voice

evvvvil, Saturday, Dec 10th 2016  

dont remember in what i should put lfo to get something oscillating like sin instead of saw ?

LineKernel, Saturday, Dec 10th 2016  

@elektro, very fresh! love it.

metrowave, Friday, Dec 9th 2016  

@ele that's very nice indeed

everyoneishappy, Friday, Dec 9th 2016  


antokhio, Thursday, Dec 8th 2016  

thanks! the markers are not really invisible, you can see them easily if you want but they are pretty unobtrusive.

elektromeier, Thursday, Dec 8th 2016  

@elektromeier Amazing!! Keep up the good work

vasilis, Thursday, Dec 8th 2016  

@elektromeier nice one! are you using invisible IR markers?

moco, Thursday, Dec 8th 2016  

@ele: super nice!

skyliner, Thursday, Dec 8th 2016  

vvvv on mobile?

guest, Thursday, Dec 8th 2016  


elektromeier, Thursday, Dec 8th 2016  

Driver to install? I do not recognize the enntec usb promk2

nerezumijem, Wednesday, Dec 7th 2016  

there is a #bughunt going on for a few more days at #vvvv and you can win a #lattepanda find-a-bug-win-a-panda-(latte)

joreg, Wednesday, Dec 7th 2016  

@blausand: spread filename input of writer node to 2 slices: L.wav & R.wav or use "+(vaudio spectral)" before writer node audio in

evvvvil, Monday, Dec 5th 2016  

@manuel: use ass-imp and fbx (works with collada too) but use ASS-imp.

evvvvil, Sunday, Dec 4th 2016  

Is there a way to create stereo/multitrack sound files using VVVV? VAudio's Writer is mono only…

blausand, Sunday, Dec 4th 2016  

@julian you have to use FXAA

antokhio, Sunday, Dec 4th 2016  

cant use a collada exported from sketchup... any hint ? In the past i was able to do it

manuel, Saturday, Dec 3rd 2016  

hi, how can I put anti aliasing on deferred shadow? any suggestions? deferred-shadow-dx11 thanks a lot!

julian, Friday, Dec 2nd 2016  

Push all logic through compute shaders until framedelays sheer existence is being crushed by the gpu's rhetorical question solving.

evvvvil, Friday, Dec 2nd 2016  

Driver to install? I do not recognize the enntec usb promk2

nerezumijem, Friday, Dec 2nd 2016  

vvvv bughunt with chance to win a #lattepanda running for 10 more days: find-a-bug-win-a-panda-(latte)

joreg, Thursday, Dec 1st 2016  

Does Speech Node ( vux plugins speech ) work with windows XP?

vasilis, Thursday, Dec 1st 2016  

1000 fps projection mapping: http://boingboing.net/2016/10/20/projection-mapping-on-a-moving.html

Gareth.Griffiths, Thursday, Dec 1st 2016  

@Yoctopory: M$ has a face recognition API

io, Tuesday, Nov 29th 2016  

Anyone know how I can detect a smile? Kinect is not an option (too big). I tried with the "FaceTracker"-Node, but it's too buggy

Yoctopory, Monday, Nov 28th 2016  

microdee: it's in the pdf: "ConMan runs on the Silicon Graphfcs IRIS Workstation under the Mex window manager"

beyon, Monday, Nov 28th 2016  

https://vimeo.com/188716447 (Ouchhh)

zepi, Monday, Nov 28th 2016  

https://vimeo.com/188716447l Ouchhh!

zepi, Monday, Nov 28th 2016  

@tekcor: woow holy shit 1988!!! what machine did run this?

microdee, Monday, Nov 28th 2016  

vvvv ancestor??? http://people.cs.vt.edu/~north/infoviz/conman.pdf

tekcor, Monday, Nov 28th 2016  


sebl, Sunday, Nov 27th 2016  

Reinstalled, all ok now

catweasel, Saturday, Nov 26th 2016  

@catweasel, nope it is all there

joreg, Saturday, Nov 26th 2016  

Any vvvv-mavens going to be in Venice Dec. 7th-14th? (International Performance Art Week)

mediadog, Saturday, Nov 26th 2016  

is VL missing from the latest alpha?

catweasel, Saturday, Nov 26th 2016  

io, its probably HDCP, I think you can turn it off on either or both!?

catweasel, Friday, Nov 25th 2016  


io, Friday, Nov 25th 2016  

URGENT: blackmagic atem 4k->datapath4X red/green texture any idea?

io, Friday, Nov 25th 2016  

It was a joke guys, Electromeier wins "best reply" & wins a little black dress with "I love framedelays" printed on it. #useful

evvvvil, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

@evvvvil: monoflop (framebased) + Togedge?

lasal, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

why not set mainloop to 0 for one second...

elektromeier, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

@evvvvil if it's just a value just (Delay)?

woei, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

I'm trying to delay a value for 1 second... Ticking "vsync" and having 60 framedelays in a row is the best way to do this, right?

evvvvil, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

Has anyone a DX11 version of this? https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/long-shadow-in-pixel-shader/11810#comment-164044

lasal, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

@elektromeier thanks, I wonder if its also possible to record at 120 fps that stream..

manuel, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

win one of two #lattepanda in the #vvvv #vl bughunt: find-a-bug-win-a-panda-(latte)

joreg, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

changeable m12 lens, 1080p at 30 fps, 640x480 at 120 fps. they use standart dshow drivers and work nicely.

elektromeier, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

manuel, i can recomend one of those elp cam modules based on the ov2710 chip. theyre around 50 bucks on aliexpress

elektromeier, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

manuel i can recomend these elp cams on aliexpress based on the ov2710. around 50 bucks, changeable m12 lens.

elektromeier, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

anyone knows some cool computer shop in berlin ?bit friendly and knowledgable

levi, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

Solitude Castle mapping in December https://vimeo.com/192793024

KX, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

@graphic: also interested in how vlc does it; else via cpu, share mem

ggml, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

any 120 fps webcam ? 720p ? or at least 60 fps ?

manuel, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

doesnt work node dmx promk2 ! help !

nerezumijem, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

@evvvvil you didn't move the IOBox to the left, did you? It would have prevented that.

h99, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

ok wait i'll just put a framedelay here... annnnd another little framedelay there, and ok another framedela... AND IT'S GONE!!!

evvvvil, Monday, Nov 21st 2016  

video strem to second card posible in dx9?

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Nov 21st 2016  

@dominikKoller it would first need a 64bit build of DSFreeFrameWrapper mentioned here: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/dsfreeframewrapper-16bit-yuv2-input

joreg, Monday, Nov 21st 2016  

Any way of getting FreeFrame nodes in x64?

dominikKoller, Sunday, Nov 20th 2016  

this is dope

skyliner, Sunday, Nov 20th 2016  

I have win8 and an enttec usb pro mk2, I do not lift the interface ... I try in all com1, com 2 .... and nothing

nerezumijem, Saturday, Nov 19th 2016  

vveekend vvorkshop is now streaming about md.ecosystem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4wPKv0ZLT4

microdee, Saturday, Nov 19th 2016  

Me and Pedro did NOT make this game, unfortunately... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHba2ntTisc

evvvvil, Friday, Nov 18th 2016  

VL is back in latest alphas and here is whats new: vl-progress-report-3

joreg, Thursday, Nov 17th 2016  

@gegenlicht: they even force you to use an account for updating to geforce experience to version 3 (but tell you only afterwards)...

motzi, Thursday, Nov 17th 2016  

wow. nvidia is forcing users to create an account to use features like screen-recording with shadowplay...

gegenlicht, Thursday, Nov 17th 2016  

guest indeed, somethings going on here...

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

The current alpha has no VL??

guest, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

Architect (Libeskind) endorsing new PCs: http://store.hp.com/UkStore/Merch/Offer.aspx?p=b-hp-z2-mini-workstation

metrowave, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

Let's have a different point of view on that http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/11/microsoft-is-going-to-pretend-to-release-visual-studio-for-mac/ Also it seems that nothing can be found on MSDN, or just broken links

h99, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

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~1d ago

joreg: wanna learn #vvvv from scratch? here is a chance: vvvv-academy-winter-course-2018

~1d ago

~2d ago

keftaparty: @circuitb already tried, no luck with them... Thanks anyway.

~3d ago

keftaparty: Show tonight, thanks !

~3d ago

keftaparty: Urgent: does anyone know a wireless video transmission specialist in Paris. Having crazy problems here. Using Teradek hardware.

~3d ago

r.a.u.l.: I found some workarounds to get some output, but I‘ll prepare a patch that shows the different issues

~3d ago

joreg: @raul can you provide a patch that shows this in a new forum thread?

~3d ago

r.a.u.l.: FileStream (EX9) in Preview-Node works, but patching VideoTexture/FullscreenQuad/Renderer is black.. ideas? It works elsewhere :-(

~3d ago

aoi: Would you be willing to choose some days to write an article in this calendar in English or Japanese? https://qiita.com/advent-calendar/2017/vvvv