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@manuel: each IOBox that is a pin in a subpatch has a config-pin "Default". use that for setting a default to alt-rightclick to

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

When you reset a subpatch input, it sets to value=0, but when reset the subpatch, it sets to the saved value from subpatch.

manuel, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

SMode Stdio now with public Beta: http://smode.fr/download/

synth, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

graphics, fractals, demoscene: http://www.iquilezles.org/www/index.htm

reaktant, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

thanks to all three of you, it was a special vlorkshop

ggml, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

thanks for the wonderful time in belgrade!

gregsn, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

love you guys! it's been a great vladventure pushing those bubbles together with you. haha

gregsn, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

http://www.playaurora.com/ similar to osmos.. in a larger scale... loving the concept of warping the space instead the spray thing to move the organism...

robe, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

a little #VL demo patch as #vvvv contribution: https://vvvv.org/contribution/cube-tree-vl

tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 14th 2016  

@katzenfresser: that is so much genius!

microdee, Thursday, Apr 14th 2016  


tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 13th 2016  

presenting vvvv/vvvv.js mobile game engine @CGEvent, Robotanton is also there as a speaker :D http://www.cgevent.eu/?p=9997

000.graphics, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

geomFX issuehttps://vvvv.org/contribution/kinect-v2-hdface

mrboni, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

Lucky you!!

vasilis, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

@aleksandra we did, deep chat, lots of human insight, can't wait for tomorrow's session!

ravazquez, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

hey guys @resonate, hope you went for the beer soon after I left.

aleksandra, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  


skyliner, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  

anyone have IDS uEye plugin with texture out rather than shared please?

xd_nitro, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  

Hello! Anyone willing to share Image.Pack 64bit please?

synth, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  

@ravazquez yesyes we're here

dominikKoller, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  

Anyone else up for resonate this week? Hope to meet vvvv-ers face to face.

ravazquez, Sunday, Apr 10th 2016  

do you fear fractals? you should! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev9GBOKZj9k visual in vvvv, fractal in c++

udo2013, Sunday, Apr 10th 2016  

@dominikKoller. thanks.2years now i´m working intensive with vvvv..and never heard about the newton_node. ;-) found it.

udo2013, Sunday, Apr 10th 2016  

@udo2013 if you're really looking for something timebased, try using damper or newton above the inputmorph.

dominikKoller, Sunday, Apr 10th 2016  

a question: inputmorph is a great node and allows as many values a patch needs. but all with the same filter_time (linearfilter)??

udo2013, Saturday, Apr 9th 2016  

Can't make it to #res16 :(. Offering my ticket (live+conference) with a discount.

id144, Saturday, Apr 9th 2016  

@graphicUI what seems to be the problem?

joreg, Friday, Apr 8th 2016  

Open call for artists - NYC summer 2016 https://artahack.io/summer-2016/call/

unovis, Friday, Apr 8th 2016  

why is so nasty to copypaste a net of nodes from patch to patch?

graphicuserinterface, Friday, Apr 8th 2016  

"A unified approach to grown structures":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HI8FerKr6Q

gomi, Friday, Apr 8th 2016  

So this happened in our humble crack den: my new audio-responsive kinect dance hack, made with the wife & vvvv https://vimeo.com/152218180

evvvvil, Thursday, Apr 7th 2016  

@ggml: check mail

motzi, Thursday, Apr 7th 2016  

another table tennis game --- http://thomas-mayer.de/portfolio/table-tennis-trainer

aelfwine, Thursday, Apr 7th 2016  

just added convenient dx9 #spout sender/receiver modules to latest #vvvv alpha builds...

joreg, Thursday, Apr 7th 2016  

any preferred v4 stay in belgrade ?

ggml, Thursday, Apr 7th 2016  

an absolute classic indeed..

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

@joreg that looks like the result of two linear spreads and a cross

sunep, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

spreadable beer

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

quote skyliner

Noir, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

1700hz display https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmAhJO6Vp3Y

ggml, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

spreadable sta fava

skyliner, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

@mrboni give us just a little more time to figure that VL thing out ourselves. then we'll see how we best teach it to all of you...

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

something similar in London/Berlin? How a about I pay you €200 to come loiter at the office for 3 days?

mrboni, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

thanks elias. it actually looks like i can't make it now, though I'm really up for a heavyweight vl intro. any chance you'll do

mrboni, Wednesday, Apr 6th 2016  

@mrboni: we honestly don't know - still waiting for a reply

Elias, Tuesday, Apr 5th 2016  

@devvvvs - how are the ticket sales for the resonate VL class? Should I be worried about missing out if I don't get one asap?

mrboni, Monday, Apr 4th 2016  

Are there S & R nodes that build a spread with more S nodes rather than LTP?

mediadog, Monday, Apr 4th 2016  


guest, Monday, Apr 4th 2016  

really nice http://richzhang.github.io/colorization/

guest, Monday, Apr 4th 2016  

PS: Will be at 4pm CET ;)

vux, Saturday, Apr 2nd 2016  

@md super cool, looking forward to see the orion update on the leap pack ;)

screamer, Saturday, Apr 2nd 2016  

cool stuff md

antokhio, Saturday, Apr 2nd 2016  

just to confuse you more guys: https://github.com/microdee/md.ecosystem/tree/master/packs

microdee, Saturday, Apr 2nd 2016  

now xamarin free. let's start making iOS/Android app with vvvv

mino, Friday, Apr 1st 2016  

@Noir I have been waiting this for so damn long !

synth, Wednesday, Mar 30th 2016  


Noir, Wednesday, Mar 30th 2016  

here is the latest on #vl next generation #visualprogramming https://vvvv.org/blog/vl-winter-update #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 29th 2016  

fun with fog https://vimeo.com/160738366

u7angel, Tuesday, Mar 29th 2016  


Noir, Saturday, Mar 26th 2016  

@graphicuserinterface: can you be more specific about that? maybe start a forumthread with all details: vvvversion, error msg..

joreg, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

anyone else getting hang on vvvv start? .net problem?

graphicuserinterface, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

vvvv and #projectionmapping introduction @GrayAreaOrg https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvv-workshop-at-gray-area-san-francisco

joreg, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

THX! alot

ysap, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

hey people, is there anything like queue EX9 in EX11? thanks

ysap, Thursday, Mar 24th 2016  

@sebescudie may be my oldish try btw i lost the path vvvv.org/blog/sonogram

honix, Thursday, Mar 24th 2016  

stumbled upon a patch that generates audio spectrograms few months ago but can't find it back ... anyone?

sebescudie, Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2016  


metrowave, Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2016  

quite some #vvvv and #vl at this years #res16 https://vvvv.org/blog/resonate-vvvv-vl @resonate_io

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@mediadog I also felt the connection... Deep man!

sunep, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@sunep Thanks, you must have telepathed it to me...

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

Aha! Rasterizer set to NoCullSimple! But of course! (;})

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@mediadog Rasterizer (DX11.Renderstate) set to NoCullSimple

sunep, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

I know this should be obvious, but how to make DX11 quads visible from both sides?

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@udo2013 Very lovely! Plus I've been a longtime fan of bluetech (sines & singularities!)

mediadog, Monday, Mar 21st 2016  

@mediadog(2):if you like to see the snakes in a more friendly context (swimming): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7njOp7Ky4c

udo2013, Monday, Mar 21st 2016  

@mediadog: that´s right! but without this functions my "snakes" would dance like spagetti.. ;-)

udo2013, Monday, Mar 21st 2016  

anyone tried this ? https://developers.google.com/cardboard/jump/rendering-ods-content.pdf

ain, Sunday, Mar 20th 2016  

@udo2013: Undulicious!

mediadog, Sunday, Mar 20th 2016  

..the sensual pleasure of sinus_functions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2QnU0Qs0AM

udo2013, Saturday, Mar 19th 2016  

Hi ! Antybody use PAR LED with VVVV and ENNTEC PRO MK2?

nerezumijem, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

@joreg Awreet! I need to travel that way, may have to line up those dates!

mediadog, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

Lillian Schwartz The Artist and the Computer: https://youtu.be/diLa2lig3dw

ventolinmono, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

KBLX all the way, looking forward to the vvvvorkshop!!

verstecke, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

@joreg, listen to KALX while driving around the Bay...

metrowave, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

I wish! Pay my respects to the team and enjoy the Bay!

Desaxismundi, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

@Desax are you there?

joreg, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

@joreg:that's GREAT news!

Desaxismundi, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

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~9h ago

mrboni: @ joreg - i sent you a patch

~12h ago

dottore: reg video signal extension: I made a post collecting all your inputs https://goo.gl/auJGWn cheers

~15h ago

elektromeier: windows gesture nodes work just with dx9?

~15h ago

catweasel: Hd SDI, you can get HDMI-> SDi convertors easily, and BNC will run 100's of meters

~19h ago

dottore: Tnx guys

~20h ago

robotanton: @dottore: a friend of mine (mfx) suggested a pair of Kramer TP-580 transmitters and a HDBaseT cable. 4K at 100m.

~1d ago

manuel: @dottore it has to be 6G-SDI to handle 4k

~1d ago

dottore: @keftaparty: tnx