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watch out for nvidia shadowplay/share enabled by default in at least the drivers for 1060. vvvv no likey

xd_nitro, Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017  

equivalent to GLSL mod in HLSL? fe. fmod gives different results.

sinus, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

@sebescudie I have used Panasonics variant called Digital link, works fine

sunep, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

Anyone ever used that ? https://hdbaset.org/

sebescudie, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

we're back

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

hello. maintenance reboot at 2 o clock. will be back after 2 minutes or so.

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

devvvvs can you add damping and input scaling back to the camera (transform orbit)?

mrboni, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  


skyliner, Tuesday, Jan 31st 2017  

@bo27: Missed me by four days... ! Lemme know if you make it up the West Coast to Vancouver

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Jan 31st 2017  

d.o.p.e. now also runs in beta(50+) and supports instancing (incl. noodles), see 3D girlpower!

digitalwannabe, Tuesday, Jan 31st 2017  

Hello! Anyone around San Francisco today-wednesday? Let's meet!

bo27, Monday, Jan 30th 2017  

@arm we don't know more than this: heinrich maybe contact Xini

joreg, Monday, Jan 30th 2017  

where is Heinrich_Beta?

arm, Monday, Jan 30th 2017  

@microdee, wonderful ¡¡

colorsound, Sunday, Jan 29th 2017  

yup that's already done https://youtu.be/xp9sIMtGzXM

microdee, Saturday, Jan 28th 2017  

Will it support both joint and blendshape animations?

guest, Saturday, Jan 28th 2017  

not yet! I still have to finish some nodes which output some additional info and it'll be good to go

microdee, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

did microdee's new fbx loader get released anywhere?

mrboni, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

Hi Guys, just reminder for lattepanda,teensy ... from Europe and a vvvolk. Your demand our desire ;D http://corzotech.com/en/3-electronics

colorsound, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

@dominikKoller have a look at the #lattepanda instead..

joreg, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

@rmueller thanks. Damnit. RaspPi + boygrouping would be heaven.

dominikKoller, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

@dominikKoller No :(

rmueller, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

does vvvv run on the Raspberry Pi with that Windows 10 IoT on it?

dominikKoller, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  


skyliner, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

vpm got a massive update get it here: https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/latest and a shiny new #vpdb GUI https://vvvvpm.github.io/ to fetch available packs ;)

microdee, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

here some good advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Jq38JKN3A

joreg, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

Procedural city on the Nile:"Don't be shy, girl, step into my pad". Made in vvvv & hlsl. Taming the noise, bro. https://vimeo.com/199894645

evvvvil, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

Thanks @Joreg

AndyC, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

@AndyC type 3dconnexion in the nodebrowser (needs addonpack)

joreg, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

Hello! Is there a node somewhere for a 3d Conexions 3dMouse. I'm sure I've seen one but cant find it.

AndyC, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  


ysap, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

@ysap select (Value)

joreg, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

hey, how could i treat spreads like this --> 1 2 3 4 becomes 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 THX

ysap, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

here is the next #vvvv #vl video tutorial https://vimeo.com/200604809

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017  

@antokhio, tonfilm: super nice hack! didn't know before, but HTC Vive will offer a tracking-only device soon too.

skyliner, Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017  

Realtime Projection Mapping with HTC Vive as tracker: https://youtu.be/2gkidC6hTlY

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017  

ahhhhh okay, it says 16384 for each dimension

ysap, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@ysap the limit is in your graphiccard. for dx9 see the Caps output of Device (EX9 Auto)) where it reports: MaxTextureHeight/Width

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

tried DDS, PNG and JPG

ysap, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

trying to load a 28000px x 1620px texture, its giving me black output. Is there a limitation in VVVV?

ysap, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

Introducing: The Store introducing-the-store #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@joreg - thanks!

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@elliotwoods, i reopened that topic..

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

also i'd be very much up for rewriting this openly with all the features if there's paid days #taxreturn

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

VL is perfect for this type of deep OO logic. Great to hear! p.s. I can't reply in forum (no button)

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@xd_nitro: got it. see \girlpower\VL\Animation\MultiTouch for a little #vl example of doing this #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Jan 20th 2017  

will do Joreg. @cat - poss but can't move to 50 anyway.

xd_nitro, Friday, Jan 20th 2017  

zoom-pan-rotate-touchgestures @XD_nitro, could VL do what you need?

catweasel, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

@xd_nitro: from looking at that patch i don't really understand what it is doing: can you start a forumthread and specify your needs?

joreg, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

oh it's a contribution not forum. doh! multitouch-stack-revived

xd_nitro, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

hey y'all - anyone up for doing some sponsored work on multitouch-stack-revived?

xd_nitro, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

@all please update your VVVV.OpenVR pack, important bugfix: vvvv.openvr #htc #vive #oculus #rift #vr

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  


skyliner, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

@joreg i'm not sure where to start with the requests, everything i know is wrong and yoghurt

id144, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

only 5 requests but already 20 proposals for #node17 workshops. keep'em coming: node17-call-for-workshops #vvvv #vl #visualprogramming

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

the 2016 numbers are out: vvvv-in-numbers-2016 thanks everyone for contributing #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

thanks for the numbers!

skyliner, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

Anyone around LA area? Let's meet for beer+vvvv+business(optional)

bo27, Tuesday, Jan 17th 2017  

Last in a series of #liveAR shows https://youtu.be/75qzxi5LG-0?t=18m10s , proudly made with #vvvv

eno, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

can´t find "revert to saved" in VL :( often end up forced to restart whole vvvv when breaking something..

guest, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

gamechanger in rendering?

skyliner, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  


skyliner, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

@joreg - Thank-you

Beryl, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

@beryl see what you mean. nothing promised. meanwhile you find the same info in \lib\nodes and \addonpack\lib\nodes\ nodelist.xml

joreg, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

This makes searching for keywords (with crtl F) on the page only partly helpfull as many results do not appear.

Beryl, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

The help section is partially obscured here:vvvv.org/documentation/node-reference.

Beryl, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

@beryl please be more specific: what exactly are you looking for and where?

joreg, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

Please Please Please make the help on node reference page fully viewable and searchable!!!

Beryl, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

boygroup: https://youtu.be/suxu1bmPm2g

tonfilm, Saturday, Jan 14th 2017  

@tmp -> ##vvvv por favor

joreg, Thursday, Jan 12th 2017  

Cinimod Studio is looking for a full-time VVVV developer: http://cinimodstudio.com/vvvv-developer/

sanch, Thursday, Jan 12th 2017  

all ready!

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Jan 11th 2017  

hello, there has to be a maintenance reboot. will reboot in 2mins. back in about 5 mins.

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Jan 11th 2017  


ggml, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

thanks deVLopers

dottore, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

here is how we patch a particle system in #vl https://vimeo.com/198615170 #vvvv #visualprogramming

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

the tunnel_node in dx9 has a transform_input. but not reacting. on any kind of transform input and not in all 3 modes???

udo2013, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

anyone using this tool? how to use for vvvv? https://github.com/christopherbatty/SDFGen

sinus, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

analysis_part of my actual patches i will soon upload as contribution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DkkqYEBZlI&t=7s&ab_channel=udokaiser

udo2013, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

@joreg: thanks for the video! keep 'em coming :)

motzi, Sunday, Jan 8th 2017  

beautifully disturbing - happy vvvveekend!

skyliner, Saturday, Jan 7th 2017  


ysap, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

rasterizer set to no culling

readme, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

hey, how to make a DX11 quad visible from both sides? i am using a blend render state for alpha actually

ysap, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

impressive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75ZytcYANTA

elektromeier, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

@synth node17-call-for-workshops

bjoern, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

Please give info about Node17, for some of us it takes time to save up for it :(

synth, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

glad you like!

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

yeah, less nodes is better, faster is better. only the keep thing looks odd visually. probably something one gets used to it

u7angel, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

Great tutorial video @joreg. I can now see myself actually using VL.

sunep, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

here is a first #vvvv #vl video tutorial https://vimeo.com/197956686

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

Happy new year to all of you. :D

colorsound, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

@sunep, mino, phlegma: mails are out now!

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

hello, is there anyone could help me with database mysql node? thank you :)

artifak, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

anonymous user login


~24h ago

elio: intermediate engineering (hamburg) is hiring: Programmer for Media Installations https://dasauge.de/jobs/stellenangebote/fest/e488192

~3d ago

joreg: one more release candidate for beta36: beta36-release-candidate please test and report #vvvv

~3d ago

stephan_grosse8: we are offering a permanent position for a vvvv programmer. Main focus is on interactive exhibits. mail: stephan@grosse8.de

~4d ago

joreg: @eglod: if not, we're doing something wrong... but did you check any of the other timeline options? animation

~4d ago

andresc4: Sometimes people finalize a project and can donate a good amount that month, but nobody knows what will happen on the next one :D

~4d ago

andresc4: @vux as @eno say, I think a 1 time payment of any given value its a good option also

~4d ago

ggml: where id the vl search algorythm implementation discussion?

~4d ago

eglod: @ catweasel, o.k. may be, I have to learn vl. Thank You catweasel! Is this possible with 84 years, what think You?

~4d ago

catweasel: I guess part of the issue, is payment is $ which means transaction fees on every payement will add up!