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music on browser API https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Experiments

aelfwine, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

@xxxlalala you'll need to find someone to write the plugin: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1376/NET-TWAIN-image-scanner

guest, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

for the headbangers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCvj1UJ5CxI

sinus, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

is there a node for flatbed scanners ?

xxxlalala, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

CUDA bridge for non nvidia cards

skyliner, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  


dominikKoller, Wednesday, Mar 9th 2016  

I have a lot of geometry in the scene, whether it is possible to process only what is in the frame to reduce the memory load?

Solid_dan, Wednesday, Mar 9th 2016  

Writer (DX11.Texture 2d NRT Advanced) should be able to do this... you can use the camera logic from the DX9 module

tonfilm, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  

Is there anything like https://vvvv.org/documentation/writer-(ex9.texture-grid) in dx11, or how to export high res for print in dx11? nothing on forum..

guest, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  

inspect your 3D models including animation http://www.open3mod.com/

urbandrone, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  

Is there any website that provides gesture files (gdb) for kinect 2?

guest, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  


Noir, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  


matka, Saturday, Mar 5th 2016  

hi. does anybody know something about controlled video-feedback? i was experimentating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JGukNtZqb0 new structures rise.

udo2013, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

lol skyliner, yes, and its just the beginning !

tekcor, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@tekcor: this is madness!

skyliner, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@tekcor: Big up!

Urbankind, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

Interesting to coders who hate compiling: http://extempore.moso.com.au/

guest, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@sebescudie @microdee Leap desperately needs a new camera so you don't have to hold your hands right up in front of your "face".

mediadog, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

hi there. need a place to stay for 2 persons during light&building in frankfurt. have a budget. patrick.jost@elektromeier.net

elektromeier, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@sebescudie: I'll be awed when leap motion demonstrate their stuff with these poses: https://youtu.be/3yvaFuX09xY?t=1m12s and no other bullshit

microdee, Thursday, Mar 3rd 2016  

leap motion orion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnlCGw-0R8g

sebescudie, Thursday, Mar 3rd 2016  

Holographic Interface Study with vvvv.js http://www.symbioticcube.com

tekcor, Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2016  

in case you visit http://www.international-confex.com/ in London: look out for an interactive table-soccer :)

kalle, Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2016  


Harry007, Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2016  

thxs joreg, just done

karistouf, Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016  

anyone? http://www.immersivefest.com/ note: they have a call for works!

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016  

any spout users encountered this? https://vvvv.org/forum/fromsharedtexture-%28dx11%29-bug?full=1

mrboni, Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016  

@rogerlette could you please contact me via my profile? TY

h99, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  


nissidis, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  

@skyliner I so want one and have it usable with vvvv ! btw my b-day is very soon :D

synth, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  

@joreg & devs: https://vvvv.org/forum/troubles-to-read-images-from-an-ip-camera-based-on-vlc-plug-in#comment-217400 i need some technical informations about shared memory texture

karistouf, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  


karistouf, Saturday, Feb 27th 2016  

sensor tape

skyliner, Thursday, Feb 25th 2016  

The Incredible Machine (1968): https://archive.org/details/0767_Incredible_Machine_The_20_26_47_00

ventolinmono, Sunday, Feb 21st 2016  

@drehwurm: you can find some examples in contributions, like this one: https://vvvv.org/contribution/novation-launchpad-pro-led-control

screamer, Sunday, Feb 21st 2016  

@drehwurm: MidiOut

io, Sunday, Feb 21st 2016  

@drehwurm what do you mean ?

keftaparty, Sunday, Feb 21st 2016  

Is there a way to set the lights at my midi-controller?

drehwurm, Sunday, Feb 21st 2016  


metrowave, Sunday, Feb 21st 2016  

pls enjoy! shadertoy-renderer

mino, Sunday, Feb 21st 2016  

Big up Nat

Noir, Friday, Feb 19th 2016  

need some data anyone? http://www.europeandataportal.eu

joreg, Thursday, Feb 18th 2016  

@dottore amazing as always. can we please have this as a gallery entry?

joreg, Thursday, Feb 18th 2016  

http://natansinigaglia.com/works/synaes/ better late then never...

dottore, Thursday, Feb 18th 2016  

some help will be received with great satisfaction ;)

karistouf, Thursday, Feb 18th 2016  

@devvs: struggling with an ipcam and textures not showing on.... https://vvvv.org/forum/troubles-to-read-images-from-an-ip-camera-based-on-vlc-plug-in#comment-216810

karistouf, Thursday, Feb 18th 2016  

Checkitout: http://fm4.orf.at/stories/1767435/ Visual:Drumset with Davidecks&Drums

dominikKoller, Thursday, Feb 18th 2016  

@pi...box2d is broken in the current vvvv release.

u7angel, Wednesday, Feb 17th 2016  

@ vux : I wanna use your Box2D contribution (so nice!) but I get errors on the "GetPolygons" Node. Is there any solution to this? Thanks ;)

Pi, Wednesday, Feb 17th 2016  

@tonfilm this is just a solution for working with the metaio sdk. but im searching for an alternative...but thanks for the hint ;)

TwoBeAss, Wednesday, Feb 17th 2016  

Potentially affordable HD streaming cameras: http://www.sub2r.com

featherfurl, Tuesday, Feb 16th 2016  

@TwoBeAss see this thread: https://vvvv.org/forum/markerless-ar-to-communicate-with-vvvv

tonfilm, Tuesday, Feb 16th 2016  

hey there.. is there any alternative to metaio sdk ?

TwoBeAss, Monday, Feb 15th 2016  

node based image processing

skyliner, Monday, Feb 15th 2016  

thanks @H.Hartung, glad it was helpful to you

joreg, Sunday, Feb 14th 2016  

fresh scripter update! https://vvvv.org/contribution/scripter-%28csharp%29 feedback welcome

woei, Sunday, Feb 14th 2016  

A bit late, but a big "thank you" to joreg for the excellent VL-workshop and presentation @ Muthesius Kiel

H.Hartung, Saturday, Feb 13th 2016  

I can only find that mode in the TextureFX, but that means rendering every slice to a separate texture?

guest, Friday, Feb 12th 2016  

how to render a spread of overlapping shapes with blend mode set to 'Screen'?

guest, Friday, Feb 12th 2016  

http://bartlettplexus.com/ Austria night @UCLBartlett

dominikKoller, Friday, Feb 12th 2016  

SIGGRAPH VPaint released: http://www.vpaint.org/#download

metrowave, Thursday, Feb 11th 2016  

interesting presentation notes on dithering to avoid banding: http://loopit.dk/banding_in_games.pdf

sunep, Thursday, Feb 11th 2016  

solved / keystone must be 0, probably always but really an issue for ultrawide

ggml, Wednesday, Feb 10th 2016  

is the homography expected to fail in some ultrawide situations ? running out of things here on smth trivial except <0.5 lens

ggml, Wednesday, Feb 10th 2016  

not finished yet, mais de rien !

sebescudie, Monday, Feb 8th 2016  

merci beaucoup sebescudie!

joreg, Monday, Feb 8th 2016  

thanks for the well prepared workshop, joreg

u7angel, Sunday, Feb 7th 2016  

@u7angel ja, thanks a lot for the effort

joreg, Sunday, Feb 7th 2016  

@u7angel: thanks for sharing!

motzi, Sunday, Feb 7th 2016  

https://vimeo.com/154079779#t=25m33s - GREAT :)

CeeYaa, Sunday, Feb 7th 2016  

VL Hype :)

gegenlicht, Sunday, Feb 7th 2016  

is that vvvv on the screen? ;) http://static.businessinsider.com/image/52f3fdaeeab8ea35176ea827/image.jpg

guest, Saturday, Feb 6th 2016  

VL tutorial video https://vimeo.com/154079779

u7angel, Saturday, Feb 6th 2016  

for the brave, the #vvvv #alpha builds just got 100MB smaller. #yey

tonfilm, Thursday, Feb 4th 2016  

@udo1013... did you see this?

zepi, Tuesday, Feb 2nd 2016  

Some posts have been lost, we're sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

dave, Sunday, Jan 31st 2016  

@all, we had some database problems and hat to reset our database to 8am this morning.

dave, Sunday, Jan 31st 2016  

erotic kaleidoscope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypD8xstN2Jg

udo2013, Sunday, Jan 31st 2016  

WebGL is the future of reality.

mediadog, Friday, Jan 29th 2016  


reaktant, Friday, Jan 29th 2016  

also remember if you don't want to register for a new service just come hang out with the coolkids on irc: https://vvvv.org/documentation/howto-use-irc

joreg, Friday, Jan 29th 2016  

Generative art on Slack. include vvvv https://genart.herokuapp.com/

mino, Friday, Jan 29th 2016  

someone remember a node15 talk involving an alternative to deferred shading ? it was at project presentations

ggml, Wednesday, Jan 27th 2016  

@ggml: Nice one

vasilis, Wednesday, Jan 27th 2016  

@vasilis: used a mesh in v4

ggml, Wednesday, Jan 27th 2016  

how to use archive .v4p for mode standalone in enntec usb pro Mk2?

nerezumijem, Tuesday, Jan 26th 2016  

Kyle McDonald work here: http://www.exhaustingacrowd.com/netherlands

rogalag, Tuesday, Jan 26th 2016  

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manuel: fake.art for 10.944

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id144: domain http://nail.art just for €7644 :D

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joreg: @all removed b35.1 downloads in preparation of a b35.2 fix release. sorry for the inconvenience!

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joreg: @welovemedia: vvvvelcome!

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tonfilm: play #doom on #porsche #911 by driving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRMpNA86e8Q