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@gui I don't think there is. But you got me interested - why do you want that option?

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2016  

is there a way to download all contribs at once? lots of them! would be cool to have them separated b y utility also

graphicuserinterface, Wednesday, Aug 17th 2016  

ok got it, thx

schlonzo, Tuesday, Aug 16th 2016  

@schlonzo: it's working fine here, you have to use vpm for it to work ;)

microdee, Tuesday, Aug 16th 2016  

the image pack dx11 link is down :(

schlonzo, Tuesday, Aug 16th 2016  


gomi, Tuesday, Aug 16th 2016  

Tried "3D Ripper DX" without success last week. Tipps: Install&Use as win7 Admin -> Use with only one Screen connected. Cry.

gegenlicht, Sunday, Aug 14th 2016  

where did likes go?

microdee, Saturday, Aug 13th 2016  

thanks both, yes i meant that ripper thing!

manuel, Friday, Aug 12th 2016  

@cyper I think he means 3D Ripper DX or some such

everyoneishappy, Friday, Aug 12th 2016  

@cyper I think he means 3D Ripper DX or some such.

everyoneishappy, Friday, Aug 12th 2016  

@manuel check dxtory

cyper, Friday, Aug 12th 2016  

@woei thank you! I needed to add input until minimun or maximum. Editing S+A worked perfectly

GuiTwo, Friday, Aug 12th 2016  

anyone remember a software that "grabs" all assets from any Dx9 game?

manuel, Thursday, Aug 11th 2016  

@guitwo ehappy: Store (Spreads) can increment. exactly the same functionality

woei, Thursday, Aug 11th 2016  

Thanks @everyoneishappy! I was able to change it to my needs (:

GuiTwo, Thursday, Aug 11th 2016  

@guitwo Woei made this I think: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7wcoaz9xayqycas/S%2BA%20%28Animation%29.v4p?dl=1

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Aug 11th 2016  

is there a node (or way) to constantly add input to itself?

GuiTwo, Thursday, Aug 11th 2016  

Hi all ! Little summer supercollider + vvvv experiment : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yryiuALe_c

svdk, Wednesday, Aug 10th 2016  

@zepi yes! that's awosome

mino, Wednesday, Aug 10th 2016  

anyone know who to access the texture from a specific pass in dx11 tfx?

catweasel, Wednesday, Aug 10th 2016  

mathematical art

skyliner, Wednesday, Aug 10th 2016  

@mino: did you try Robo Raid? It's so good!

zepi, Monday, Aug 8th 2016  

history in the making: a report on the status of the #vl #visualprogramming language vl-spring-update #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Aug 8th 2016  

I got HoloLens. It much better tracking and performance than I expected

mino, Friday, Aug 5th 2016  

@vasilis: not that issue I ll make a post

io, Friday, Aug 5th 2016  

howto keep active display on laptop with closed lid?

io, Friday, Aug 5th 2016  

If you AppendStructuredBuffer, and just like any free-kick 40m or more outside the box, go INDIRECT, broh.

evvvvil, Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2016  

Do you even AppendStructuredBuffer, broh?

evvvvil, Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2016  

Freelancer needed: data-viz-project-paid-help-or-someone-to-make-it-happen

synth, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2016  

much kudos @tonfilm ! nice to see crowdvvvvunding works, thx to vital community!

skyliner, Tuesday, Aug 2nd 2016  

it's on: #vvvv #vr #htc #vive #oculus #rift #openvr #virtualreality #valve #steam vvvv.openvr blogpost soon.

tonfilm, Monday, Aug 1st 2016  

and so on: https://youtu.be/n8Nuk5tO8DA?t=170

Rayment, Monday, Aug 1st 2016  

meanwhile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq0EWNuR1H8

joreg, Monday, Aug 1st 2016  

@tonfilm cool!!

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Aug 1st 2016  

@graphicuserinterface starting tomorrow, yes. see also: openvr-osvr

tonfilm, Monday, Aug 1st 2016  

does the htc vive work with vvvv already? 10x

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Aug 1st 2016  

WEIRD REALITY: Head-Mounted Art && Code call for participation: http://artandcode.com #ar #vr @artandcode

joreg, Friday, Jul 29th 2016  

@Noir: yet another Node.js project (powered by http://stack.gl/)

fibo, Thursday, Jul 28th 2016  

@dominikKoller: used shp in vvvv with NetTopologySuite, code is dated 8 years though

woei, Thursday, Jul 28th 2016  

Surround 360 open source (by Facebook): https://code.facebook.com/posts/265413023819735/surround-360-is-now-open-source/

fibo, Wednesday, Jul 27th 2016  

@Thanks microdee!

vasilis, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2016  

@vasilis, @stix: ML stands for amount of idle time generated from mainloop fps cap ML? indicates this might take the longest time

microdee, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2016  

i think it refers to how much interface of vvvv eats up, not sure thou

StiX, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2016  

Somebody a reminder beacuse I have forgotten it..What is the ML counting in Perf Meter node?

vasilis, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2016  

"Interested in helping to push the fields of technology and performance forward?" anyone? http://www.counterpulse.org/combustible-art-tech-residency dance #tech #residency

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 26th 2016  

No cinema4d, mapping with d3, I only made a short section, but they're a great bunch at 59 :)

catweasel, Monday, Jul 25th 2016  

@catweasel was this made with vvvv? http://59productions.co.uk/project/bbc_proms_cello_mapping Nice work!

dominikKoller, Monday, Jul 25th 2016  

@dannielmach - That is wonderfully delightful! Thank you!

mediadog, Sunday, Jul 24th 2016  

Does anyone have experience in reading shp files in vvvv? Sharpmap?

dominikKoller, Saturday, Jul 23rd 2016  

see you later here: juan-duarte-regino-motorsaw

tonfilm, Saturday, Jul 23rd 2016  

Realtime CSG! wow!

elektromeier, Saturday, Jul 23rd 2016  

@bjoern see below

u7angel, Friday, Jul 22nd 2016  

sorry it was Unreal! even better ;) https://youtu.be/Q3MFODwMchE?t=283

u7angel, Friday, Jul 22nd 2016  

@u7angel where did you read about unity support? couldn't find any info.

bjoern, Friday, Jul 22nd 2016  

one language for all 3d tools including unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs7H2sxQ0eY

u7angel, Friday, Jul 22nd 2016  

vulkan tutorial https://vulkan-tutorial.com/

reaktant, Thursday, Jul 21st 2016  

fabrik - visual patching in 1988 http://sp.cmc.msu.ru/courses/smalltalk/fabrik/Fabrik.html

reaktant, Thursday, Jul 21st 2016  

instant animated #gif with #vvvv anyone? introducing-the-rekorder

joreg, Thursday, Jul 21st 2016  

@joreg: turned out it worked,but its valid iobox is only working if the texture is rendered afterwards - that had me confused

brax401gbz, Wednesday, Jul 20th 2016  


acegas, Wednesday, Jul 20th 2016  

NODE would be in april-may ?

manuel, Wednesday, Jul 20th 2016  

@brax401gbz: yep its helppatch works for me. please start a forum-thread with patch that shows your problem..

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 19th 2016  

Is dx9todx11 texture working in latest alpha, I was trying to get a texture with spout from resolume but couldn't convert.

brax401gbz, Tuesday, Jul 19th 2016  

Anyone used an Intuos Pro Medium with VVVV?

SuperflysiNZ, Tuesday, Jul 19th 2016  

one of my "oldies": https://vimeo.com/175076771

rogalag, Tuesday, Jul 19th 2016  

@evvvvil \o/

sebescudie, Tuesday, Jul 19th 2016  

How does Texture Transform Aspect Ratio for boxes work?

tekcor, Monday, Jul 18th 2016  

folio addendum http://cote.ggml.ro/

ggml, Monday, Jul 18th 2016  

"Grandiose GPU accelerated ray casting collision detection" coming to a town near you, I'm just making a penis-based example patch

evvvvil, Monday, Jul 18th 2016  

@joreg @dominik i guess little patcher is growing up

sunep, Sunday, Jul 17th 2016  

@dominik: i think the haircut is a bit off

joreg, Sunday, Jul 17th 2016  

Joreg is that you? https://twitter.com/do_koll/status/754616119038734337

dominikKoller, Sunday, Jul 17th 2016  

anyone available for urgent 4-5 days support for mapping content prodction this weekend until thursday ,write davidgann@000.graphics

tekcor, Friday, Jul 15th 2016  

@bjoern. lets see if we can find a hot patch to fix your boredem

u7angel, Friday, Jul 15th 2016  

@wirmachenbunt I'm currently bored to death, so I seem to qualify. if no one else calls... :)

bjoern, Thursday, Jul 14th 2016  

@dominikiKoller: Awesome!!

vasilis, Thursday, Jul 14th 2016  

wir suchen einen pro patcher für die ersten zwei august wochen in HH. hat jemand langeweile ? www.wirmachenbunt.de/contact

u7angel, Thursday, Jul 14th 2016  

Amazing performance video by Sila Sveta https://vimeo.com/158647901?ref=fb-share

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Jul 13th 2016  

Forget about that last question, sry.

pechart, Wednesday, Jul 13th 2016  

Is box2d still working in recent builds of vvvv?

pechart, Wednesday, Jul 13th 2016  

tnx joreg

dottore, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016  

@dottore i'm not aware of any but according to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1768198/how-do-i-get-the-computer-name-in-net it should be a one-liner dynamic plugin

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016  

is there a node to retrieve the pc name from windows settings?

dottore, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016  

Thats going to be stuck in my head now!

catweasel, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016  

hot patch, live patchin' halleluja, don't reboot it, just #patch #vvvv https://youtu.be/SYRlTISvjww

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016  

@sinus: problem with raymarching is that general purpose code costs a huge performance. unfortunately you have to code with these.

microdee, Saturday, Jul 9th 2016  

@microdee: will you post the DF?

sinus, Saturday, Jul 9th 2016  

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~16h ago

mino: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clv/index.html small family computer will release in japan

~20h ago

sunep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSMkvl5igS0 perhaps this one can remember its settings

~22h ago

colorsound: Hi guys, has anyone tried https://www.tiltbrush.com/ with v4 ?

~3d ago

sunep: @rrrr perhaps duration, even though it hasn't really been maintained for some time: https://github.com/YCAMInterlab/Duration

~4d ago

rrrr: @ARTEKLAB yeah thx, but hmm it's not quite a good timeline tool