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vpm is updated and DO update as it fixes an issue with new latest DX11 script https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/latest

microdee, Thursday, Aug 17th 2017  

to those experienced v4 users... What in your opinion is the best/easiest way to learn nodes and what they do/usage/capabilities?

okvrdz, Thursday, Aug 17th 2017  

@jzzxh its on the todo list :)

bildwerk, Wednesday, Aug 16th 2017  

Does anyone play with RaspbeeryPi + VVVV.JS??

jzzxh, Wednesday, Aug 16th 2017  

@catweasel am afraid not. turned out the experimental udp nodes we have in vl so far are not useable. fix is in progress though...

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 15th 2017  

Is there an Artnet sender with the UDP in the VL document rather than vvvv udp

catweasel, Tuesday, Aug 15th 2017  

We have one of the handy, little capture devices used for the NODE-Workshop videos for sale!if you're interested,let me know!

chrisr, Tuesday, Aug 15th 2017  

@readme Identity this or that, I'm just offering help ;)

dominikKoller, Monday, Aug 14th 2017  

@h99 sorry I didn't get the joke

dominikKoller, Monday, Aug 14th 2017  

@dominikKoller: I don't think guest is going to disclose his identity, or he's as dedicated to create a vlguest github account.

readme, Monday, Aug 14th 2017  

@dominikKoller YYis5 aND tHeYY w00rc joOSt F1nne (sorry I really tried hard to resist; couldn't make it)

h99, Monday, Aug 14th 2017  

Is there some spreadable Stroke in DX9?

dominikKoller, Sunday, Aug 13th 2017  

@guest really cool! Github repo would be nice if you want contributors :)

dominikKoller, Sunday, Aug 13th 2017  

@dominikKoller i'll taek a look at importing models this weekend. Maybe wait for making models https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/issues/12118#issuecomment-321110776

guest, Saturday, Aug 12th 2017  

Never mind, found it in xtra\raymarch

guest, Saturday, Aug 12th 2017  

Anyone know where I can find eps' Noise shader Headers for the procedural noise workshop?

guest, Saturday, Aug 12th 2017  

@timpernagel great! thanks guys

lasal, Friday, Aug 11th 2017  

@u7angel: japp, working on it. waiting on reply of the admin, the post is "in moderation"

timpernagel, Friday, Aug 11th 2017  

@timpernagel . access denied

u7angel, Friday, Aug 11th 2017  

NODE17 Workshop Video Captures are online! Have fun. -> http://bit.ly/2uMBZjj

timpernagel, Friday, Aug 11th 2017  

Open-source Radeon ProRender

skyliner, Thursday, Aug 10th 2017  

You could literraly download the nuget, drag the libtensoflow.dll onto vl and patch that node network and it will work

guest, Wednesday, Aug 9th 2017  

Hi @dominikKoller, I haven't had any time to add anything to it yet so not particularly far since that little snippet

guest, Wednesday, Aug 9th 2017  

Hi, can someone help here : htmltexture-(dx11) ? Thanks

keftaparty, Wednesday, Aug 9th 2017  

Someone posted a screenshot of TensorFlow in VL - can you give me a shout? I'd love to see how that's going

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Aug 9th 2017  

hello. maintenance reboot at 01:40. should be back after a few minutes.

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Aug 9th 2017  

when I install CV.Image pack via vpm, are the cascade files installed as well? where to? thx!

lari.fari, Tuesday, Aug 8th 2017  

PointEditor is so useful! Found: Gizmo is drawn even if PointEditorView is disabled.

dominikKoller, Tuesday, Aug 8th 2017  

@Fele make a forum post and post a screenshot of your vvvv/packs/ folder

sunep, Monday, Aug 7th 2017  

installed dx11 nodes, nothing there. y? :(

Fele, Monday, Aug 7th 2017  

Two hours of live mixed vvvvisuals : https://vimeo.com/228458897

lecloneur, Saturday, Aug 5th 2017  

@sunep yes, I guess, I´m going the obs-way. thx

cznickesz, Friday, Aug 4th 2017  

@cznickesz fraps or obs?

sunep, Friday, Aug 4th 2017  

@sunep thx question 2: best way to capture a webcam and save as mp4. Using ffmpeg right now via shell (sic!) but video is choppy

cznickesz, Friday, Aug 4th 2017  

@cznickesz ShellExecute

sunep, Friday, Aug 4th 2017  

Which node do I use to fire up a bat-file?

cznickesz, Friday, Aug 4th 2017  

@okvrdz: the video shows AudioIn -> RMS -> BeatDetector all of which we still have in current b35.8

joreg, Thursday, Aug 3rd 2017  

@joreg video tutorials Example: Tutorial #25. "BeatDetector" subpatch does not match the current one. No "AudioIn" node.

okvrdz, Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2017  

@okvrdz please be more specific. which videos?

joreg, Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2017  

Anybody know if the intro video tutorials will be updated? Some nodes , sample patches in the video aren't available in current v4.

okvrdz, Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2017  

@skyliner I was at SIGGRAPH monday and tuesday. I was expecting to see VVVV somewhere but I found nothing. :(

okvrdz, Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2017  

@Joreg - thanks for pointer pointer :)

mrboni, Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2017  

@chrisr: can't wait! also huuuuge props for sponsoring \o/

m4d, Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2017  

We at schnellebuntebilder are about to release the NODE17 workshop videos next week, stay tuned!

chrisr, Tuesday, Aug 1st 2017  

any vvvv @ siggraph?

skyliner, Sunday, Jul 30th 2017  

Many thanks for the link, joreg! And of course I meant 45beta34.2...it was a long day...^^'

Svartkabel, Friday, Jul 28th 2017  

The human fireball-"abduct" and me, we raymarched shapes near the champagne county for fun, just cos we could. https://vimeo.com/227243489

evvvvil, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

@nicoLD please start here: firmata protocol anything missing?

joreg, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

@joreg Thank you, it works know!

okvrdz, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

Is there an updated version of Firmata, Arduino and VVVV, an introduction (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ54h88ptmc&t=578s) ? thx

nicoLD, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

@joreg : Ah yeah need to add in contributions, little reminder :)

vux, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

it works with latest if you use the release from here: https://github.com/mrvux/vvvv-Box2D/releases

joreg, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

@Svartkabel beta2?

joreg, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

Heyho, short question: is there any way to get vux' Box2dNodes.dll to work in versions > 45.beta2? Thx in advance!

Svartkabel, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

@mrboni there isn't a direct way. one is CPU, the other GPU, they are not related...

joreg, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

how to convert between shared memory name (ie SharedMemory ex9) and handle (dx11 FromSharedTexture) ?

mrboni, Thursday, Jul 27th 2017  

@cyper see: http://vvvv.academy/summer-course.html #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017  

moin v4 friends i would like to take part at the V4 summercource i found a sponder , ,so pls let me know, where to subcribe. lg cyper

cyper, Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017  

@okvrdz, ah..i didn't know that..please try again now!

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017  

@joreg (See message below)

okvrdz, Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017  

When sending a message to a user using "send message" I get "You are not a verified user yet, please come back later".

okvrdz, Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017  

@okvrdz where exactly do you get "not verified"?

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017  

How long does it take to verify a new user? I cannot contact anybody because i'm not "verified" :'(

okvrdz, Wednesday, Jul 26th 2017  

oops, this is corrent url https://soundcloud.com/takramcast/sebastian-oschatz

mino, Tuesday, Jul 25th 2017  

interview to Sebastian Oschatz at node17. about MESO, vvvv, and more! https://soundcloud.com/takramcast

mino, Tuesday, Jul 25th 2017  

thanks tonfilm!

udo2013, Tuesday, Jul 25th 2017  

@m9dfukc: thanks! right.i rember. it´s great! know "quat". but with minute-long calculation times.

udo2013, Tuesday, Jul 25th 2017  

@udo2013 you mean this one tonfilm patches#quaternion julia set ?! @tonfilm did

m9dfukc, Tuesday, Jul 25th 2017  

the QJuliaSet. does anybody know who created this for vvvv? (contributions) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8IUj__L9Mg&ab_channel=udokaiser

udo2013, Tuesday, Jul 25th 2017  

@synth sent u mail; i'm on gem till ~7.08, styx and mangosh come this weekend, vux and idwyr may also be back later back

eps, Monday, Jul 24th 2017  

There's now a NEW vvvv Showcase! 100+ Selected Projects. At http://vvvv.academy

dominikKoller, Sunday, Jul 23rd 2017  

to whom it may concern: 64-bit #vvvv #alpha builds are up an running again: downloads/alphas

tonfilm, Saturday, Jul 22nd 2017  

ohne vvvv. ätsch... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72CHhEGpmhg&ab_channel=the29novVideos

udo2013, Saturday, Jul 22nd 2017  

@synth you sauin something about 420? if mangosh gets confirmed i am coming with him as we are in one ... package

StiX, Friday, Jul 21st 2017  

@evvvvil here only to do lasers, they don't let me near the screens after last time ...

synth, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

hahaha yes, please sir, can I have some more sir? Hopefully me and you be battling for visual space soon, GTFOH with your lasers.

evvvvil, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

BTW - Got 4 20w Kvant lasers here thinking of testing the ILDA nodes live :)

synth, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

@evvvvil Hell yeah! Couldn't get Vux drunk but your going to get it :D

synth, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

@synth: hopefully I should be going to GEM FEST soon, not confirmed yet, but if so, beer is on you why not ;) (and me ok)

evvvvil, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

BTW any vvvv guy coming to Georgia for GEM Festival shout out I am here for the entire thing alone. Some beer on me ;)

synth, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

@dominikKoller perfect! Count me in :)

synth, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

@synth I am! It's going to be donation/ based (or sponsored by someone) though :)

dominikKoller, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

@joreg I found it, my FF has flash disabled (by default), and those are old embeds that still use flash.

dominikKoller, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

http://www.ultragrid.cz/ ;)

microdee, Thursday, Jul 20th 2017  

@andresC4 @u7angel @motzi @Martin Zrcek thanks for your workshop materials. added them here: node17-workshop-material

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 19th 2017  

@dominikKoller: vimeo videos work for me in FF. anyone else with problems?

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 19th 2017  

@dominikKoller: thanks for mentioning the broken linefeed nodes: fixed for alphas!

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 19th 2017  

DMX workshop, vvvv+grandma2 in 10 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhlAVPHD4P8

andresc4, Tuesday, Jul 18th 2017  

@dominikKoller make online course , i`d pay for it ...

synth, Tuesday, Jul 18th 2017  

...in case you're bored: http://trumpdonald.org/

metrowave, Tuesday, Jul 18th 2017  

Tell your friends: Free vvvv intro sessino next week: https://www.facebook.com/249614345532818

dominikKoller, Monday, Jul 17th 2017  

Apropos 'Up for a beer': arrived in Vienna, any vvvvreaks in town?

blausand, Monday, Jul 17th 2017  

@vux if you are up for a beer I am staying at Golden Fleece hotel for GEM Festival. P.S I am the laser guy from last night :)

synth, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

And yeah. Don't expect much bandwidth. Keep your GPU copies to an absolute minimum. @microdee

elliotwoods, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

The USB 3 connections are just cheap/high spec connections used for convenience. Not USB protocol or electrical.

elliotwoods, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

The extended slots are PCIe 1x with 16x form factor. You can demux PCIe like a boss (like a bus). Would prefer 16x in though

elliotwoods, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

@elliotwoods: is that for real? 1X PCI-e to 16x PCI-e over USB sounds a littlebit weird

microdee, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

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~8min ago

karistouf: no way to have the handles more biggers ?

~46min ago

karistouf: any trick to see better the points in TimeLiner SA ? banging my head just to find and click correctly this little white point ;-(

~7d ago

TonyMark: @u7 nice

~7d ago

cznickesz: Hey guys, is kinect still the best thing to go when ist comes to skeletal tracking?

~8d ago

hrovac: @u7: really cool!!

~10d ago

sebescudie: @u7 : ayayay, amazing!