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statement project/idea

tonfilm 22/05/09 - 05:17

Hello svvvvitchers,

post your bugs, comments or feature requests here.

download here: svvvvitcher


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yuujuu Very nice you post it at last hehe ;D very cool ¡¡

yea, thx for your help, your blending is integrated.

what a great patch! i tried to understand it, but it's just too complex :-P

suggestions after a short test run:

not all controls are faders, instead of 16 faders i'd think it better to have 8 faders, 8 bangs and 8 toggles (roughly same space requirement)

is midi-learn for all interface elements possible? i'm thinking about the blend modes, and also patch/fx enable, and maybe patch or preset selection...

Premo patch, makes my switcher seem a bit sad! Love it, will definitely be using this next time I play...


i will think about the buttons for patches, bilderbuchi. you think 8 faders are enough? and for what will you need the bangs? toggle buttons make sense anyways..

hm. i use bangs for all kinds of pulsing, flashing, etc signals...beat related, i get midiclock from outside.

8 faders: i think it depends on patching style, also i always try to accomodate my midicontroller's layout (novation remote zero, 8 pots, 8 faders, 8 encoders, 32 buttons), so that's more of a personal preference. still trying to find the perfect config... :-)

Doesn't work for me. it seems the paths in the GUI files are your pc paths and so it appears broken in my pc...

I have to try and edit the patches to fix the broken paths.

thanks anyway :)

works great on mine! just placed the Gui2d files in vvvv's plugin directory and it run well. love your patches and the gui rocks!
and wireboxes with seldisplacement looks damn good with sound!
thanks a lot for sharing that!

From my few days repatching and patching I definatley agree with bilderbuchi, I run with a uc33, which I am finding the controlling the patch great, but would definately like to be able to map the presets to keys on my midi keyboard so I can jam the settings. It's really quick at switching if it's just setting changes for the same two patches.

Also would like to be able to midi assign the cross faders.... to be honest I think making every button and slider midi assignable would be great...

Again, great work on this....

nodename=":PLUGINS:\Gui2d.dll|VVVV.Nodes.RadioButtonNode" path="C:\vvvv\patches\VJ Patch Switcher\work\gui\

I have the GUi2d files in my vvvv flder. But just look at this path! It sure isnt mine. I dont get it how people can use SWITCHER out of the box, without editing these paths...

vvvv writes the original location into the patches, but since it starts with ":PLUGINS:\.." it will load it out of vvvv's plugin folder. so it should work if the files are there.. are you using the latest vvvv version?

@bilderbuchi and SuperflysiNZ, assigning midi controllers to the other gui elements would cost some performance.. but i will think about a way to patch that. i'm just wondering, how to map the 768 presets to midi buttons..

with 768 presets a dedicated knob or fader to select the preset number + a midi button to load it should be easier

the idea is good, but midi has only 127 steps.. could be two controllers, one to switch pages and the other to select the preset..

or one rotary to change preset "page", then you can map the presets on the current page (is that understandable?)

another idea..
edit buttons to show up the current loaded patch
but not sure it's possible (GetPatch/Setpatch?)

It works amazing, tonfilm !!

I think if you add a preset switcher, you should also add a "launch" button instead of loading every preset you navigate.

What about adding an automation record for the faders ?

I've built two versions using electromeyer RecordRun for use with a midi controller.

The second version uses a modified RecordRun (RecordRunSwitch)

that automation would be something that could be integrated in a patch. in the gui it would eat too much performance. the svvvvitcher is designed with the goal to leave all possible performance for the patchs.
but i will add button controller for the patches, to implement something like that in a patch.

wow! had a few attemps to something similar with versions

Awesome work :) Lot to discover.. so nice...

Perhaps we can start our little library with little patches we all can use/share.... So we all have some basics we can put in there?

Wouldn't mind setting one up. (would need some contributions though)

Yes a few bang/flash buttons would make your work just that more interactive during a live show.


Amazing work... we were wondering to dedicate the next two months in order to make a patch switcher for our performance. Kudos for that!

After spending the weekend testing the patch, we discover the following things:

  • With Korg Nano Control, we were able to use scenes in order to maker this tiny controller assigned to all the elements. But time to time, some of the knobs or sliders stop functioning and we have to reasignate it.
  • The cross-fader should be assignable to a midi input, but you will loose precision for the fade (again, 127 levels maybe not enough, but can be tricked trough quick animations).
  • Will be great to have support for multiple midi controllers.

And probably 16 parameters is more tha enough for each channel.

Hope to see the nex iteration soon.

ok, so what i will try to do is:


  • add buttons to patch controllers, so we have the 'patch interface' right and patch sharing makes sense


  • midi for preset page switch
  • midi for preset select and trigger
  • map the 48 presets of a page to midi notes of a keyboard with 49 keys, the remainding key will trigger the selected preset
  • midi for the blend functions
  • debug midi learn


  • separate gui and render parts for dual core cpu's

something missing?

thats already a lot to do... give it some time..


i've been meaning to add rotary encoders to the mix (since i have some on my midi controller) - e.g. to choose a "number of elements" or a specific texture by encoder (which puts out +/-1 on turn).. patch sth. with S+H (is there an Add+Hold node?) or what not.

also, i don't know how much "patch standardization" would work, since every one of us has a unique way to work, and therefore unique needs for the interface (button/fader config, etc)?

The list sounds great, if only support for multiple midi devices conected at the same time can make in to the list, should be great.

thats not possible with vvvv in general, but you can use midiox to merge all your devices and send it with midiyoke to vvvv.

Quick off topic about midi controllers:

Tonfilms: actually you can connect multiple midi controllers, at least USB ones.

Yesterday nigth I patched my 2 Korg Nano Kontrol and 1 Korg Nano Pad, each one with a different MidiController (Devices), and worked without problems.

I realized that is not posible with the standard windows driver, but upgrading to the Korg driver solves the issue.

yes, of course you can connect to multiple devices with vvvv. whats not possible, is to make an automatic programming like the midi learn function with multiple devices. but a plugin could do the job...

Oh, my mistake interpretating your answer...

Hi I've been really enjoying Svvvvitcher for a while now and have experienced a problem: When in fullscreen mode I cannot use the patch-switching keyboard controls, shift+1/2/3 work as expected but pressing 1+e for example doesn't switch the patch at all.

Any help greatly appreciated.

hm.. as far as i remember there was an issue with keyboard global and fullscreen, i'll have a look at it.

Thanks, I figured out a temp. fix for it/why it's happening:

When you Alt+Enter into fullscreen, vvvv continues to think that one of the keys is held (almost always Alt), just re-pressing Alt when in fullscreen will fix it.

I have discovered bitminsters observation too. Often I also need to repress enter to. When I go fullscreen I have made it a habit to first press alt and then enter.

  • sunep

Yep, other than that all is well. I have svvvvitcher running very nicely with my new vista laptop in fact! The audio analysis is running perfectly contrary to what I've read in the forums. Although the new Text plugin isn't working which is causing some problems with the Svvvvitcher GUI, anyone know of a fix for this?


how does the text error look like? if there is no text at all, you probably have to install the SlimDX runtime..

Aaaah yes, sorry I half-knew this but thanks for the reminder. Installing now!

tonfilm: We used the Svvvvitcher last week for a live performance (5 hours) and worked really weel, thanks for sharing it!

We found some bugs during the performance, but almost all seems to be related to vvvv and not for the svvvvitcher . This are the issues that we discovered preparing/performing this show:

  • Patches with videos worked only the first one loaded in fullscreen, the rest never displayed, if the display screen is not the primary display (videos in AVI with MJPEG codec).
  • When running the main renderer in fullscreen, we were unable to modify the audio gain by typing a number, only allowed us to change it by sliding the value.
  • When we developed patchs for the effects area, some broke the renderer, and nothing else could be displayed after trying to use it (mainly with fx files).
  • If you delete all the presets (to start configuring the show), the svvvvitcher does not work at startup.

The setup was a vista 64 machine, with two nvidia 9500 GT (in SLI), 4 GB RAM. We will retest all the show and issues in an XP 64 machine when our license arrives.

And one simple feature that we missed when performing was the ability to set a label for the presets section (we used different sections for different songs).

Great work and thanks again for sharing it!!!

great report, thnx a lot! nice to hear that svvvvitcher was already on the road.

would be really interesting to see how the XP machine works.

i have to admit, that i never tested patches with videos, but this has something to do with the fact that videos can only be displayed on one graphics output. was there any other renderer open? or one that was in the patch and renders the video on the other output?

can you send me an effect patch which was not working? tebjan(at)gmx.de

hope i can release an update soon, but then there are also little changes to the patch interface. but as there are only some additional buttons, the changes on the patches are really minor.

but it will take a week or two..

Hi there,

I'm a bit late on this...

Thanks Tonfilm for this smart patch > many usefull patching tricks in there. And using the GUI2d stuffs make things a lot more confortable.. Fast and simple... I like it very much.

I understand (the videos issue)

The problem presented only with one renderer (the output renderer in the svvvitcher) in fullscreen (and of course the GUI renderer). Only happened in fullscreen, and only if the EX9 renderer was fullscreen in the secondary monitor. We have to set the proyector as primary display, but wasn't that terrible ;)

When we displayerd the output renderer without fullscreen, we had no problem at all working in the secondary monitor.

I have to search in my svn the effects that pruduced the issue, I'll send you a couple of examples tonigth when I arrive home.

thank you, i got the file. will test that next week, im not at home right now..

Perfect... we will be installing a new computer this weekend, I'll let you kwnow the performance and issues differences in XP 64 bits.

I truely salute tonfilms amazing patching style. This is a real pleasure to look thru!

thx zepi!
but i want to excuse, that i'm late with the update, having some personal troubles.. but there will be an update soon.

hey, I just found out that you CAN make live patching with svvvvitcher, without any problems... you can save the patch, reopen it... amazing !

Hi guys, I am fairly new to VVVV but starting to get my head around it.

Svvvvitcher looks ideal for what I want to use VVVV for, but I am having a little bit of an issue with the blender.fx module - it doesnts seem to be doing anything.

Looked into the patch, and everything seems to be right, but just cant see what is wrong.

Aside from the VVVV install, is there anything else I might need to download/install to get it going?

Windows XP, btw..

is .net 2.0 installed? what graphics card do you have? does it support pixel shader 2.0?

what happens if you click on some presets in the gui window? do you have any output at all?

Ah... may have found it.

I have net 2.0, and 3.0 running, but I run a Matrox Parhelia in the computer I am running it on, which likes like it might not support pixel shader 2.0, maybe. Still looking into it.

However - what is essentially happening, is that the 'blend' aspect seems to be the issue.

I can use the switch to flick from one patch to another, but I just cant seem to have them 'mix' on top of each other?

Hey guys, I am new to this but very interested. I have downloaded the files but how am I able to achieve this

I've opened _root_MAIN but only able to see the _root_3Dboxes working. I've unzip Svvvvitcher into a folder on desktop and included the Gui2d patches into the plugin folder.

Am i missing a step?

are SlimDX and .NET 2.0 runtimes installed as stated at the downloads page?

Tonfilm, yesterday night i was playing with a way to preload geometries (in order to speed up load times) and I noticed an incremental lag in load times when you switch between presets (without my preload work).

I tested it with two presets, one loading a video, one loading a path that loads 3 different XFiles and 1 Texture (3 times each).

I switched a few times between both, and noticed that the 3d loading time was increased, and found this values:

With Preload Textures On:
1st time: 4 seconds
2nd time: 8 Seconds
3rd time: 12 seconds
4th time: 16 seconds

With Preload Textures Off:
1st time: 1 seconds
2nd time: 1 Seconds
3rd time: 2 seconds
4th time: 3 seconds

Any ideas of what can be adding this lag to the load times?

Hi there,

I'm new to vvvv. I try the svvvvitcher but I've got a problem that I don't understand.

So, the problem is that I have nothing in the GUI...but I've put the GUI folder in the vvvv's plugin folder.

Do you know what is the problem ?

Thank you

see two posts before... are SlimDX March 2009 and .NET 2.0 runtimes installed?

Thanks tonfilm for your help, I haven't read well before. But I think I have a new problem here, as you can see, no letter in my GUI...

Do you know why ?

Thanks for your help and this hard work you did on the svvvvitcher.


this looks like a problem with the Text (DX9) plugin... are you sure, that you installed SlimDX Runtime March 2009 SP1 and you are using vvvv beta 21? test if the Text plugin works by opening its help file (create the node, select it and press F1). hope that's it..

It works !

thank you very mych. The probleme that I installed the SlimDX Runtime from August and not from March.

Regards :)

Hi Drakko,

today I'm learning so I just buy one nano Kontrol. The probleme I have is that I need to fix a problem with my nano or with svvvitcher, don't know exactly.

Do you know if I can assign manually controller and scene to the GUI chanel and sliders ?

I don't know why just the only fourth slider work, and I would use knobs to control patch if it could be possible.

Thanks for your help.


EDIT > kind of error with the forum date. This post have to be down the Drakko's answer.

LeCloneur, we actually changed the code a little in orger to use two nonoKontrol´s directly (without a midi join)... during the week i will send you the version that we are using right now....

(Btw, with only one nano control is enough to us the midilearn function, and using one scene in the control for each channel)

The problem that we found with the Nano series is that they are too fragile... we damaged 2 in the las 4 gigs, before buying a Beringer BCF2000.... a great surface control with motorized faders for the cost of 3 nanos.


after trying hard to find the problem, I found that it comes from the midi mapping.

How do you make your midimap files to fit well between nano control and svvvvitcher ? Do you use a specific vvvv tools ?

Thank you

Hey, this looks like a great patch and exactly what I need.
But I can't figure out how to get the patch to show up inside VVVV? I've tried putting it in the main folder, in the plugins folder, creating a new "patches" folder, everything!

A few people mentioned problems with paths, I'm guessing that's what's happening with me. How can I fix this?
I'm new to VVVV :(

Lookin great, keep up the good work!

hello ethan, you just have to extract the zip somewhere on your hard drive and double click the _root_MAIN.v4p file.

the content of Gui2d.zip goes into the plugins folder of vvvv.

I'm getting similar problems to what lecloneur posted above. After downgrading to SlimDX March it definatly changed but it's still not working at all. Can someone who's running this on Windows XP please tell me what versions of .NET, vvvv, SlimDX you are using successfully?

It finally seems to be working for me with the following:

Windows XP SP3
vvvv beta 22
SlimDX August
.NET 3.0
Add-on Pack for beta 22

After I installed the add-on pack everything seemed to be working except for the text. After I upgraded SlimDX everything seems hunky-dorey still need to do some testing though....

I'm having strange problems since beta22, everytime I try to change the preset within Svvvitcher the save dialog appears.I have all components mentioned above installed on windows xp. Anybody?

Ok, so I've just saved everything I was asked to and it seems to be working fine now.

My problems continue, now I'm not able to save presets in Svvvitcher under beta22. I've tried beta21 and it works fine (no save dialogs in the first place). Is there any workaround or should I just go on with beta21?

i cant save presets with patches i Did, It just ignores them.

hm.. that sucks... it works for me.. what operating system?

Hi there...

I have explored this patch, and it does basically the same thing that I want.

There seems to be a problem with createnode, small hang that is mentioned in other svvvitcher forum thread, when loading patches.

I don't know how createnode node is programmed and how it interacts with vvvv. the .net IPluginHost does not implement functionality for creating nodes, or enumerating existing ones...

Perhaps there is way to load patch on separate thread, than release objects to other vvvv thread. When monitoring thread count and running svvvvither it seams there is no change in thread count, but I'm not quite sure about that.

There might be some other ways to interact with vvvv, using modules or something, but I didn't have time to check it out.

as the gui and the gravvvv run in the same thread, there will always be a hang when loading patches. but svvvvitcher reduces the hangs significantly by preloading all textures in the patches folder. just make sure your textures are in that folder or subfolders of it..

Are you thinking about updating Svvvvitcher? For me its properly working only under beta21, but I would like to be able to use it with latest updates of vvvv.

it works for me, on beta23 with win7 x64, no troubles, i lovvvve it :)

@matka, whats not working?

Well, as I've mentioned above. When I start Svvvvitcher with beta 22 or 23 the vvvv save dialog appears, same thing happens if I try to change presets within GUI renderer. Actualy GUI is not operative at all. Everything appears as it should,text, sliders, etc but its impossible to play with it. With beta 21 all works fine on the same machine with same components.

I have Matkaa's problem also. Open/save dialog is activated upon clicking presets in beta23 gui renderer_running Win7 x64.

ah, i see, that is because the patches are stored with an older vvvversion. click 'save', rhis will update the vvvversion information in the patches and the dialogs wont appear again..

Uh, it seems to be working now. Actually you'll have to save everyhing (GUI, root, effects....) and your demo patches, which was a bit tricky. If you'll try to save them within Svvvitcher, it does some stange things. So finally I've save them outside of Svvvvitcher and seems to work fine. Finally!!!
Thanks Tonfilm, great work

awesomeeeee!!!! works great for me under win7 64 win vvvvbeta23
=) also tried to insert my patched and it works!
Great job =)


Ive tried get the Svvvitcher to work today with various versions of VVVV.

I think its nearly there.

First up it appears that different releases of SlimDX work with different versions of VVVV/plugins/Svvvitcher, but you cant use the same version of SlimDX for relases 21,22 and 23.

To give an example SlimDX Runtime (February 2010) works with version 23 on my machine,the TEXT EX9 help file works but not on previous versions of VVVV.

So it took me a while to get the GUI text to show up.

Now that it has when i open the Svvvitcher only the wire boxes appear, if i select a different patch none loads, evening esle seems to work fine.

Also after sometime the patch unfortunately crashes.. Im on a very high spec'd laptop with a 1GB Nvida

Is there anything else like Svvvitcher? I really only need to mix, load and crossfade patches, as each patch would have it very unique midi controllers and bespoke sound analysis.

Many thanks for any help thrown my way

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helo, it sounds like you stored svvvvitcher in a messed state, my advice would be to download svvvvitcher again and overwrite the one you are using now...
and whenever you are asked to save your patch because of a new version, klick 'yes', the patches are stored with beta22 an need an update.

hope that works..

Thanks for your reply Tonfilm, appreciated!

Now after uninstalling all versions of VVVV and re installing from scratch i can get the svvvvitcher working.

But still some very strange things. Firstly the crossfader was fading in reverse ie channels were swapped, this has easily been fixed by swapping a few connections in the engine.

My only last issue is that allthough the preset options saves a png file with the correct image it does not save a corresponding text file. Do you have any idea why this might be happening? I would find this option extremely handy.

Finally i would ike to ask how users use this in the real environment? I for one need to a preview so i imagine the best thing to do is add another output renderer and open it on an extended desktop?

Once again thanks,


>But still some very strange things. Firstly the crossfader was fading in reverse ie channels were swapped, this has easily been fixed by swapping a few connections in the engine.

thats a feature! because some blending effects are not symetric, you can swap the layer order by clicking at the button which shows the framerate.

>My only last issue is that allthough the preset options saves a png file with the correct image it does not save a corresponding text file. Do you have any idea why this might be happening? I would find this option extremely handy.

hm.. the preset should save a .bmp file.. and yes, a textfile besides it.. are you shure that you did not change anything in the patch? what operating system do you have?

>Finally i would ike to ask how users use this in the real environment? I for one need to a preview so i imagine the best thing to do is add another output renderer and open it on an extended desktop?

svvvvithcer has no preview by design, because it would double all geometries and textures on the second output and vidoes work only on one head, that could half your framerate. so for a preview you should get a splitter for the main output and put that on a second monitor.

thanks for the extremely swift reply!


If i unzip the svvvvitcher to a sub directory on my hd i can only load one patch (the starting patch), it refuse to load any other. No other patches load allthough the control changes are being set.

However, if i unzip to the desktop, it all work fine as i mentioned above without saving the text file presets. So i imagine its some kind of file path issue, one that i cannot resolve.

Im running XP

>so for a preview you should get a splitter for the main output >and put that on a second monitor.

If possible could you please explain this last sentence a little bit more in detail, im not sure for example what you mean by a splitter,

thanks again,


thats very strange, works for me.. i only get some save dialog, so now i uploaded a new version, which is updated for vvvv beta23:


does this save presets?

Tonfilm, thanks for the patch update.

So i tried both versions of Svvvvitcher with each corresponding version of VVVV they are designed to work with, but each time a get the same probelm:

The loading of new patches doesnt work if i unzip Svvvvitcher to somewhere on my C:drive, however if i move the Svvvvitcher folder to my desktop the patches load as expected, but still a preset txt file is not saved to the preset folder.

Also once again, regarding using the patch live, what do you mean exactly by:

>so for a preview you should get a splitter for the main output >and put that on a second monitor.

Im not sure what you mean by 'get a splitter'

As ever thanks for your time, its much appreciated.

with splitter i mean something like a Y-cable which gives you two connectors for just one output, just google for "vga splitter" or "dvi splitter", they are quite cheap.

but this saving problem really bothers me, and also it should really make no difference where you unzip svvvvitcher.

one thing you could try first: open svvvvitcher and put a Renderer (TTY) somewhere. then try to load patches and save presets and see if it writes something out..

if not, you could just try to reinstall all in that order:

.NET runtime 2.0
SlimDX runtime feb 2010
vvvv beta23 with addonpack_02

then start the beta23 exe, to be sure its the right version...
also make sure, that you start vvvv with administrator privileges, maybe your current XP user has insufficient rights to do the actions..??

hope it works out..


I'm playing with the svvvitcher, but I'm curious to know why there is a delay when loading patch ?

Sometimes delay are vvvvery long... so it's difficult to be fluid while mixing.


the delay comes from loading the patch from disk. when you have vidoes in the patch they have to be loaded too.

when you use textures in the patch, make shure they are located in the 'patches' folder and enable the 'preload' button. that should speed up loading.

nevertheless, svvvvitcher is more designed to load one patch after another, not to jump fast between them, you can not compare it to a video mixer. you should do all cool stuff in the patches, there is the real power.

thanks Tonfilm,

I found an old post on the forum talked about the create node and the delay about it.

I'm trying to modify the switcher to open all the patch when I open the switcher and just switch between texture nodes instead of open patch one by one.

EDIT : Finally I tried to open every patch in a channel. I can switch without delay but, because of too many nodes, vvvv is at 6 FPS... not a good solution at all...

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am I missing something or x-fader is not within the parameter ready to be mapped? Why? Is it because of MIDI low res ? I d be happy to go along with 128 steps, I tried to dig into the patch to emerge the relevant event but it was a bit complicated..
I d like to map the x-fade to a MIDI parameter.. tx

link | Flag this reply as a solution. tonfilm (devvvv) 01/09/2010 - 02:39

yes.. svvvvitcher v2 will come! with that feature of course.. but, i am saying this since, what, 1,5 years? need some time for that...

link | Flag this reply as a solution. io (translator) 02/09/2010 - 16:19

Some thoughts about Svvvvitcher after a few days with it:

  • sometime if I load a patch which hasn t been properly made ready (adding the proper IOboxes), the internal channel patch messes up, isn t there a way to "isolate" the way the patches load so that can t interfere with the core patches if anything goes wrong?
  • buttons! 8x2x2 buttons rows midi mappable (key mappable a la Ableton maybe?)
  • it would be nice to have a way to open directly the loaded patches, instead of having to drill through the 3 levels to get there
  • as already stated, MIDI for the x-fader, thinking about nrpn ?
  • something I still don t understand, why is the DXtexture resolution of each patch "loose" and not somehow connected to the main screen resolution? I fear something can be broken ??
  • PostFX comes with default in "ON" position while it should be "OFF" (my opinion of course)
  • will Svvvvitcher3 be a 3D multi-input mixer, where instead of mixing plane textures you ll be able to load different 3D objects in a final Render with a single Camera?
  • since we retrieve the names of the cc parameters, it would be nice to have them showing up above or underneath the virtual fader in the GUI
  • last but not least, thanks to Tonfilm, I am looking forward to show all my no-GUI-vvvv-sceptical friends what can actually be achieved

svvvvitcher v2? exciting!!

link | Flag this reply as a solution. io (translator) 10/09/2010 - 18:02

As feature request I d also add a "data link" from the main patch to the 2 channel patches, for example the Tablet node can t be used 2 times in the same instance of vvvv so if I have two patches open with it, only the latest opened can use it.


  • for the DX9texture thing, there's the screen resolution output pin in template patch. if you connect it to the backbuffer pins of the renderer and to the DX9texture out of it, it gives you the res of the main renderer. not sure you're talking about that though.
  • for the post FX default off the trick i found is to have your first FX patch acting like a bypass.


first thanks again, switcher is awesome!
but what i don't understand is:

  • when i open a patch used in a channel, i see wrong and static values in it. for example the screen resolution iobox says 1024X768 but it's wrong, i'm in 1920x1200. but i know "real" values pass through it cause if i disconnect the wire, exact values appears on the node it was connected too. maybe patches' values are not refreshed for more perf? is there a way to activate refreshing? would be nice for patching to have real and refreshed values in sight. am i the only one with that problem??
  • when i delete or rename (without the "_root_") one of the default patches (_root_bars.v4p 4ex) svvvvitcher's main renderer comes blank on open and stays blank whatever i do. is it normal? i wish i could only have my patches in svvvvitcher for more organization.
  • last wish would be of course midi learn for everything if it's doable. for the moment i managed to assign fx selection to my bcr and think about patch selection and the rest but if v2 have all that.. :)
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hi i ve found out that thte resolution things depends on the real output resolution so even if you set a reso in the main patch the reso you ll see in one of the channels patch is the reso set in the main renderer inspektor (see how it is taken from its output pins) so the "mistery" is solved.

Blank output comes if you have a patch that hasn t been prepared to be svvvvitcher friendly, it will corrupt the internal linkage of the subpatches

Good idea with the default blank fx, but I still think it should be off by default

sorry i may have not be clear :) for the resolution i have no problem, i put the one i want in the main renderer backbuffer pins and it's sent via S to "Screen Resolution" IOBoxe in patches (and then to renderer backbuffer pins in each patche).

the thing i was pointing out is when i (maybe you) open the window of a patche which is playing in a channel, the values of some nodes output pins are static and not correct. for example all the SplitAudioAnalysis output pins are showing "0", nevertheless there's a signal in it, the patch is reacting to it.
same for "Screen Resolution" output pin (which always shows 1024x768) and "Control" output pin (shows always "1").
all the rest is working, i can create an LFO and put an IOBox behind, i see the values moving in the IO no prob. seems only related to these 3 IOBoxes which are receiving an external signal.

otherwise i don't think the blank problem is related to my patches. they all respect the template conventions and are working well as long as default patches are present in svvvitcher's "patches" directory. that's only if i delete or rename a default patche (without changing anything to mine) that the renderer gets corrupted. it's strange..

well, the "blank renderer" problem is gone, not sure how but guess it was from one of my patches.. :/ anyway still have no visual data from nodes "audio analysis" "control" and "screen resolution". getting used to it..
I'm now running svvvvitcher in beta24.1, no prob still now except a strange bug that occurred just 30min before i had to do visuals at a party. didn't do anything particular, was strange.. blend modes in the gui just disappeared, leaving a black empty space, and none of my patches worked anymore! (no, i wasn't drunk!) was kind of stressful..
had to grab an old save of the svvvvitcher, repaste my patches and fxs and some custom stuff in it and it worked fine. so i'm asking if it's a good thing to run it under beta24.1. saw dawoof was having troubles too..
in any case make sure you have an original svvvvitcher aside of yours to replace his "motor" in case of bug. cause shit happens!

last thing: when i disconnect gui's renderer the framerate is twice higher (30 -> 60 fps)! is this normal for the gui to take that much of power?

anyway thanks again tonfilm for that great tool :)

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hi aze,

aze said
  • when i open a patch used in a channel, i see wrong and static values in it. for example the screen resolution iobox says 1024X768 but it's wrong, i'm in 1920x1200. but i know "real" values pass through it cause if i disconnect the wire, exact values appears on the node it was connected too. maybe patches' values are not refreshed for more perf? is there a way to activate refreshing? would be nice for patching to have real and refreshed values in sight. am i the only one with that problem??
  • anyway still have no visual data from nodes "audio analysis" "control" and "screen resolution". getting used to it..

this sounds like you once loaded a patch which had wrong inputs, or just no patch and then saved svvvvitcher. so the links in the channel patches are gone and new patches also wont have the links. to fix that, open the channel patches, reconnect the input links and save.

aze said
  • when i delete or rename (without the "_root_") one of the default patches (_root_bars.v4p 4ex) svvvvitcher's main renderer comes blank on open and stays blank whatever i do. is it normal? i wish i could only have my patches in svvvvitcher for more organization.

similar issue, when svvvvitcher was saved with one of the patches you just renamed, then no patch will be loaded on startup and all links in the channel patches are broken. this can be solved by saving svvvvitcher in a state, where only patches from you are loaded.

aze said
blend modes in the gui just disappeared, leaving a black empty space, and none of my patches worked anymore!

might have been a multiscreen issue.. no idea what it was exactly..

aze said
when i disconnect gui's renderer the framerate is twice higher (30 -> 60 fps)! is this normal for the gui to take that much of power?

hm.. this is also a multiscreen issue, performance should be good when you have both renderers on the same screen. when designing svvvvitcher i was trying to avoid graphics which are on both renderers, but somehow they slow each other down anyway.. you could try some different settings of the 'presentation interval' of the GUI renderer.

hope that helps. a svvvvitcher V2 will come sometime after node10...

thanks a lot for your answers

..the "no visual data problem" came from me.. I was opening the patche directly from folder instead of browsing it through the root (engine>channel>patche).. i feel stupid on that..

for the framerate thing, i tested without multiscreen, having just one active monitor with both renderers on it (gui and output) but it didn't affect framerate for me (i guess you have an nvidia gpu, i have ati -> different behaviours?)

However setting the presentation interval of the gui on 'immediatly' gives me a gain of 5/10 fps! nothing compared to the 20/30 gain i have when i disconnect gui's renderer but it's already a nice step (and the gui is usefull..) so thanks for the tip!

happy node10!

for anyone following this thread, i just posted this contribution:

hopefully it can become part of svvvvitcher

I've been trying to get svvvvitcher to run with beta25.1 (with addons), windows 7 (32bit). The problem is that 4V can't seem to see any patches or effects in the respective folders. I've tried opening and saving the patches to update them from the older versions but still showing nothing.

Any thoughts would be welcome?

same here, the directories looks to be stuck on "vvvv_45beta25.1".

beta 25.1 is buggy with relative paths and IO boxes. Delete the IO boxes for Patches and Effects folders and set the paths directly on the pins.

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dammit.. version 2 will come.. :)

Thanks gilbi and tonfilm. Already tried to delete IO boxes and change the paths, but 4V just seems to crash. Will just wait on the update I think.

Thanks again.

If it's crashing, I must ask what hardware are you using otto? My old Thinkpad T60p with core 2 duo and discreet graphics is not powerful enough to run svvvvitcher. As for version 2 I wouldn't hold my breath. He said it's coming, but he didn't say any time soon.

Hi Gilbi,

It is strange I agree, so I went and tried to delete the IO boxes again, this time with success, no crashes. Seems to be working, but needs a bit more testing.


Hi, did somebody manage to get this to work under 25.1 version? Could you post it?

hey, it should just run in beta 25.1 if you remove the 2 IO boxes which define the paths for the effects and post effects like gilbi said in some earlier posts.

thanks, it works!!


I recenlty launched svvvvitcher and I get unexpected render output in the control renderer (see the attached screenshot)

The first time when I ran it everything worked fine, then the second time I opened the svitcher project I got this mess, although I tried reinstalling the files.

What is happening?

Please help.. thanks

Every time I see this thread pop back up I scroll aaaaall the way to the bottom hoping to see "version 2!".

You might want to look into why that node is red although I doubt that's the problem. Also try to reinstall everything: dx, .net, vvvv, etc.

Hey sorry kundi I gave you some bad advice. You need to Ctrl+Tab to gui then double click the following nodes which should be red:

sliders... type: sliders <enter>
presets... type: presets <enter>
gui__ ... type: RadioButton <enter>

gui__ is the left-most red node, I can't remember exactly what it was called.

Also since you're on win7 you can delete the red nodes names "Input Device" (in _root_MAIN and gui) because the OS determines input device.

hey gilbi..

will try that out when I get home..

any idea why is that happening?

thanks for help!

my best guess is that it's related to the relative path bug in 25.1

Where should I tzpe "sliders, presets, .." in the patch when its opened in new instance?

Is there any way to prevent this from happening in future?

Thanks for help

I'm not sure how to make my instructions more clear.... press ctrl+tab and then a window will pop up with a diagram, click "gui". That's where you'll see some red nodes. Double-click those red nodes and type what I said above.

After that click save and you should never have to do it again.

Or you can download my customized Svvvvitcher here...


... that should work out of the box (no need to bother with the iPhone-related instructions if you don't want to).

Wow, this modification is amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing this!

I'd still like to learn how to fix patches in such scenario..

When I press ctrl + tab I see those red patches, and I go to double click each to open the patch, and then double click on missing nodes.. I managed to fix sliders, but with other red patches, when I double click the red nodes and re-type the name in it, the option doesnt come up in the select box. How should I locate it elsewhere if its not displayed in the search box?

If I press ctrl + tab in your modification, I still see red root, _root_main and engine patches. Is that normal?

Thanks again

username said
I managed to fix sliders, but with other red patches, when I double click the red nodes and re-type the name in it, the option doesnt come up in the select box.

try pressing enter anyway, what happens?

username said
If I press ctrl + tab in your modification, I still see red root, _root_main and engine patches.

It depends. It's possible the red nodes indicate I messed up packaging the zip, or it could just be a warning: you will definitely see red nodes if you don't have a midi controller attached. However, that's completely expected and won't negatively effect anything. (if you want, you can install a virtual midi driver (http://www.nerds.de/en/loopbe1.html) which will get rid of the red nodes related to missing midi drivers). The trick with diagnosing red nodes is to press ctrl+tab and follow the red nodes right down the hierarchy and click the right-most node to find out what the source of the problem is.

Hey, this svvvvitcher looks awesome. Unfortunatley I can't seem to get it working. I'm running vvvv_45beta27.1 on Win7 64bit .NET 4, and have the addons pack, however, I'm getting red nodes such as those in kundi's picture several posts back.

When I CTRL-TAB and drill down into the red nodes, it tells me the following bits are missing:

:MODULES:\tonfilms\SplitAudioAnalysis (Spreads).v4p
:MODULES:\tonfilms\AudioAnalysis (DShow9).v4p
:MODULES:\vvvv group\Spreads\AvoidNIL (Spreads).v4p
:MODULES:\vvvv group\Devices\MidiControllerOut (Devices).v4p

Can u tell me what I'm missing?

if you have the addonpack installed, simply adding the missing nodes anywhere in the patch and saving should solve the problem.

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it looks like your addonpack is not properly installed. about the addonpack

Does anyone know why the gui of svvvvitcher is black on beta 45beta34.2? all sliders and buttons disappeared. Is there a way to fix that? It works fine on 33.7 though.

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sunep: @rrrr perhaps duration, even though it hasn't really been maintained for some time: https://github.com/YCAMInterlab/Duration

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rrrr: @ARTEKLAB yeah thx, but hmm it's not quite a good timeline tool

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rrrr: Anything like Vezér available for Windows these days? http://imimot.com/vezer/

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antokhio: brightsign is ok