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This is the page where I upload some off my not so usefull patches, just to hope you get some inspiration...

Dynamic Snow

This is a simple effect that generates the Static, or Snow you see on old TV's with bad receptions. It uses the DynamicTexture node to create the snow. You can mix it by changing the Alpha value.


Back when I was young and programming with some form off Basic (AMOSpro) on my Amiga, one off the first things we coded was a starfield, I totaly forgot how to do it, but I patched one that brought back memories.

It is a rather "old-school" effect, but you can always use it a s screen saver.

Wave Faker

I wanted to be able to make it look like there is a wave on a picture, that is slowly growing to the outside, so with the help off my good friends mister GridPick (2D) and sir ArbitraryPoint (Transform) I did just that. I loaded the patch with help text that explains what is going on, so even if you don't like it, you might learn something!!

User Gregsn did a nice article about Wave Simulation wich I higly recommend if you want to learn more about the subject.

Image Trembler

Quick and dirty, yet nice way to make your textures tremble.
Think it looks best when connected to some kind off beatcounter, so you can shake the picture on beat.

Lesson learned here was using the ArbitraryPoint (Transform) node on a Grid (DX9). I was also very pleased on the Bang -> Decay -> RandomSpread combo.

Leaf Trail Generator

This patch is based on some off the 'wait for loading' application I saw on a flash website. It was created for and with the help from a new, but eager to learn, user here on the forums.

This patch will leave a trail off quads (with leaf texture) that will only appear when the mouse is moving over the renderer with a certain minimum speed. This patch is actualy faking the way the trail is generated. All the pieces off the trail are always there, but the visibility (size, locatation and alpha) is switched off.

Picture Bumper Slide Show

When doing a slideshow, with a lot off high quality pictures in vvvv, you will notice that your patch becomes horrible slow, this is because all your pictures will be loaded into your computers graphic card memory. A work around for this is to load in your pictures only when you need to show them. Disadvantage here is that vvvv will freeze for a short time while loading a picture, because vvvv is single threaded. This should not be a problem when there is no motion in the current screen. Or you could simply 'fade to black', change the picture, and fade back again.

This method is used in my 'Picture Bumper Slide' Show patch. It was an experiment to see if I could project my pictures on some pillows Pillow (DX9) node, and while the pillows move, the picture seems to stand still. To do this, I had to transform ( Transform (Transform) 2d? node) the texture the same way as I transformed the pillows.

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