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slit scan

by max wolf 20070328
Every time I ride a train I want to have a little slit scanner app for my little digicam.
so on this train ride between würzburg and frankfurt, i made one.
( i do know that jannis and david both made at least a similar thing before. It's just that they weren't there on the train with me)

here goes:

http://vvvv.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1095slitscan.v4p (18.86 Kb)</a>

for a start, you might like to try this clip. it's from the said train ride. Fine weather!http://vvvv.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1097home again.avi (18.20 Mb)</a>

by the way... if anyone feels like adding a writer to output huge images from this, please go ahead. (I'm not planning any train rides in the near future)

everything else (non-meso-related)

see wolf.meso.net