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UI Reference

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Code Editor

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Main Menu


Snapshot Ctrl 1 Takes a screenshot of the active window (including the cursor). If the window was a patch a .jpg with the name of the patch<br> and a successive number is placed in the directory the patch lays. Else you’ll be prompted to choose a filename to save.
Snapshot Client Ctrl 2 Same as above but takes the screenshot without window border.
... Ctrl Shift 1 same as Ctrl 1 but you are prompted to choose a filename to save.
... Ctrl Shift 2 same as Ctrl 2 but you are prompted to choose a filename to save.
Snapshot to Wiki Ctrl 3 opens Kommunikator that allows you to preview, crop and upload images to vvvv.org. if you provide your login you can even add images to the pool of site-headers
Windowed Alt 1 See section about Subpatching
In a Box Alt 2 See section about Subpatching
Hide Alt 3 Close the current window, but leave the patch running. See section about Subpatching
FullScreen Alt Enter Switch current Window to full screen. See section about Subpatching
Save All Alt S Saves all unsaved patches
Always on top Ctrl T Set the active window allways on top
Close Ctrl W Close the current window and delete its node representation from the patch
Close All Ctrl Shift W Close all windows and open a default root patch. See section about Subpatching


New Patch Ctrl P, Ctrl N Opens a new patch window in the root
New Inspektor CTRL I Opens a new Inspektor window. this is assumed to be the most important Shortcut.
Finder Ctrl F Opens Finder offering a search into your patches
ProjectExplorer Ctrl J Opens ProjectExplorer (especially useful for adding .NET libraries to your Dynamic Plugins).
Help F1 Opens the help patch for the selected node. If no node is selected a generic help patch is opened
Online Help Alt F1 Brings up the corresponding post from the ‘online node reference’ (vvvv.org/reference.php) <br>for the selected node in your default browser
Fanclub Ctrl F1 Opens the IRC online help patch
About Alt A Shows credits and info about the computer
ASCII Table Alt T Shows an ASCII table
Show Root Alt R Shows the root patch of vvvv. See section about Subpatching
Minimize Minimizes vvvv to the taskbar
Quit Alt F4 Exits vvvv


Open Ctrl O, Ctrl Q Opens an existing patch in the root
Save Patch Ctrl S Save patch
Save Patch as.. Shift Ctrl S Save current patch under a different name
Lock CTRL-E Disables all patching functionality. Only IOBoxes are enabled. Use this for performances etc. where you don’t want to accidentally change your patch. See Hide on Lock.
Open in Explorer Alt E Shows the selected node/patch in explorer
Open in Texteditor Alt Shift E Opens the selected node/patch in the default text editor
Revert to saved Ctrl R Closes the active patch unsaved and loads the last version from disk


Undo Ctrl Z Undo the last step. The Undo-history can be of arbitrary length <br>Configure the behaviour with the Undo (VVVV) node.
Redo Ctrl Shift Z Do the last undone step again.
Cut Ctrl X Copy and delete selected nodes
Copy Ctrl C Copy selected nodes
Paste Ctrl V Insert copied nodes
Paste modified values Apply the copied values to the selected node
Duplicate Ctrl D Copy and Paste selected nodes
Duplicate nodes and links Ctrl Shift D Copy and Paste selected nodes and respective links
Align Ctrl L Align the currently selected group of nodes either horizontally or vertically, depending on their existing orientation
Select All Ctrl A Selects all nodes in the active patch
Deselect Ctrl Shift A Deselects all nodes in the active patch
Boygroup Ctrl B Toggle Boygroup status of a node. See Boygrouping section
Hide on Lock CTRL H Nodes and connections can be marked, so that they are not drawn, when the patch is locked.
Debug Mode Ctrl F9 Toggles global Debug Mode on/off
Debug Mode Ctrl Shift F9 Toggles Debug Mode of selected Nodes on/off
Debug Mode Ctrl F10 Visualizes spreadcounts
Expose IObox Ctrl K Exposes selected IOBox for being controlled from the outside
Alter Linktype Ctrl Y Cycle through several line styles for drawing links: straight, segmented, or Bezier.
Make Relative Alt Shift P Tries to find a relative path for the selected sub patch nodes

Additional Shortcuts

Snapshot Patch as .emf Ctrl 4 Saves a .emf file of the whole patchwindow (all IOBoxes only display IO)
Open Ctrl Shift O, Ctrl Shift Q Opens an existing patch in the active patch
New Patch Ctrl Shift P, Ctrl Shift N Opens a new patch window in the active patch
Group Ctrl G Creates a Subpatch from selected nodes
Jump to parent ctrl+ the key below ESCAPE Jumps to parent patch
Toggle Windows Ctrl Tab Lets you switch through vvvv's windows (similar to MS Windows Alt-Tab)
Lighten Patch Ctrl 7 Lightens the active patch’s background in versions >Beta8.3
Darken Patch Ctrl 6 Darkens the active patch’s background in versions >Beta8.3
Toggle Window Frame Ctrl 8 Toggles the frame of the active window on/off
Zoom In Ctrl+ Enlarges the active patch Careful: BUGGY
Zoom Out Ctrl- Scales the active patch down Careful: BUGGY

and more Shortcuts

Scroll Patch Right click+Drag in patch to move the patch inside the window
Create IOBox with values start link from inputpin and end with middleclick Creates IOBox containing values of connected Inputpin
AutoName IOBox Middleclick on linked IOBox copies Pinnames of connected Nodes into Descriptive Name of IOBox
AutoCreate send node start link from output pin and end with CTRL+Middleclick Creates Send node with the 'Send String' set to the name of the output pin
Reset Node ALT+Rightclick on Node Resets Node, resets all Pins to default value
Reset Pin ALT+Rightclick on InputPin Resets Pin to default value
Scroll Vertical Mousewheel scrolls up/down
Scroll Vertical Fast CTRL-Mousewheel
Scroll Horizontal ALT-Mousewheel scrolls left/right
Scroll Horizontal Fast CTRL-ALT-Mousewheel
move selected nodes by 1 px CursorKeys moves nodes
move selected nodes by 10 px SHIFT+CursorKeys moves nodes faster...