» TUIODecoder (Network 1.0)
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TUIODecoder (Network 1.0)

Help Takes a TUIO command string (for example from an UDP client), &lf;decodes it and returns the parsed command
Info This node comes with the addon pack. Get it here.

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Credits Thanks to the "TUIO C# Library" from the reacTIVision project

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~11h ago

joreg: here we go: complete list of 49 workshops for #NODE17 node17-workshops-announced schedule still to come #vvvv

~11h ago

velcrome: @superflysiNZ it is pretty cool, and works solid. but you need #m4l

~2d ago

skyliner: i see some potential here

~5d ago

remony: @evvvvil send your bio for NODE17 please I don't know how to reach you!!

~6d ago

~7d ago

guest: Can someone please upload a built version of the htmlrenderer DX11 64 bit which works with the new DX11 pack?

~7d ago

StiX: the second .xml save feature just saved my life today. Bless you devvvvs