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By highlighting notable events along the road to creating a comfortable visual programming environment for everyone, this page provides a glimpse into the history of making vvvv. Further, we're planning to outline future milestones to give you an idea where this is all heading...

For more details on changes for individual releases please consult the full Change Log and follow our Development Blog.
For a more colorful rendition of the same events see MESO's vvvv history page.

Upcoming Milestones

still to come

vvvv 50: ~2016-dato

beta35 20 12 16 adds new editor allowing to create dynamic plugins using VL and ships with the new Editing Framework, new Arduino/Firmata nodes and new TUIO nodes patched in VL

Notable Series 50 events

January 2017: vvvv.org gets a Store for user contributions
May 2017:
  1. vvvv opens on Matrix
NODE17: 5th edition of the NODE Forum for Digital Arts with a 3h45min live-streamed Keynode featuring community achievements
beta36 improves DX9s way of handling Aspect Ratio, allows to use any .NET library directly in VL, allows to write to dynamic DX11 buffers from VL, introduces an Image Interchange Interface for VL and allows to pause and step the execution of VL
March 2018: The first episode of vvvvTv airs, announcing VL.OpenCV
May 2018: The Girlpower controversy
June 2018: The first vvvv Berlin meetup takes place
July 2018: First preview release of the 2d rendering engine Skia for vl
August 2018: Work begins on the integration with the Xenko 3d engine
beta37 features an overhaul of VLs CoreLib, introduces Groups and Categories and allows to frame your patches

vvvv 45: ~2010~2015

beta24 16 09 10
introduces much simplified plugin-interface version 2 and adds a code-editor for live-coding c# plugins

Notable Series 45 events

beta25 adds ProjectExplorer and Finder
beta25.1 introduces crack.exe
November 2011 vvvv-sdk is available on github
beta26 ships with first massive series of TextureFX addons45beta2601
December 2011 introduces daily alpha builds
beta28 introduces Exposing IOBoxes and cross-process texture sharing
February 2012: the first german vvvv book is released
December 2012: for its 10th birthday vvvv opens its first international vlagshipstore, is celebrated by celebrities around the world and massive contributor vux announces his DX11 contribution
beta29 the 10 years anniversary release: adds 64 bit builds, switches to unicode, adds the new primitive datatype RAW and introduces HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture) and Player (EX9.Texture)
NODE13: 3rd edition of the NODE Forum for Digital Arts with first ever public demonstration of project "vvvv50", later to be named VL
beta31 adds dongle-based protection for patches
April 2014: release of the Humble Quad Bundle, a series of simple games patched with VL
May 2014: the first japanese vvvvook is released
beta32 gets rid of crack.exe after crack-gate and introduces grouping of nodes
September 2014: A series of blogposts introduce vl, leading up to its initial release: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
NODE15: 4th edition of the NODE Forum for Digital Arts with the first ever public workshops teaching VL and the Keynode (megashow) Part 1, Part 2
May 2015: alpha builds are now shipping with VL
September 2015: A series of blog-posts follow the development of VL over the coming months: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
beta34.2 final release for WindowsXP
October 2016: vvvv.org gets a new forum

vvvv 40: ~2008~2010

beta16 08 04 2008
adds a c# plugin-interface allowing thirdparties to contribute nodes

Notable Series 40 events

NODE08: First edition of the NODE Forum for Digital Arts takes place in Frankfurt as the first vvvv user community meeting with an introduction to the early years of vvvv
beta18 releases first contributions by elias as a vvvv intern: set-theory nodes, improved Expr node
beta19 comes with first Addonpack
beta20 plugin interface now supports arbitrary types
beta22 introduces multi-boygrouping
July 2010: big update to the website
NODE10: 2nd edition of the NODE Forum for Digital Arts
December 2010: release of the first vvvv commercial

vvvv 33: ~2003~2008

beta1 24 12 02
initial public offering

Notable Series 33 events

February 2003: first public workshop at transmediale in berlin
beta5 switch from DirectX8 to DirectX9 rendering
beta6 added support for freeframe plugins
beta7.4 added support for live-shader coding
First license sold for non-MESO project to elektromeier
beta8 added 3d physics engine ODE, needed for Lightstrive
Jannuary 2005: release of first wiki-based website
Jannuary 2006: vvvv leaves MESO and is now run as an independent company by gregsn and joreg
June 2006: website relaunch looked like this
beta14 comes with first release of TimelinerSA

vvvv 32: ~2002

vvvv 31: ~2002

  • added automatic spreading through whole graphs
  • extended nodelibrary

vvvv 30: ~2001

  • joreg, then intern at MESO and student at the FH Hagenberg, writes his diploma thesis "Design and Implementation of a Visual Programming Language for Videosynthesis"
  • the thesis results in a proof of concept UI for visual programming
  • MESOs existing code base is reworked into reusable nodes suitable for the dataflow UI
  • DirectX8-Rendering are added nodes
  • initial implemetation of Spreads, where many nodes had a SpreadCount input that would have to be set individually
  • initial implementation of Boygrouping
  • all efforts culminate in the first big project almost entirely run by vvvv: Cyberhelvetia

vvvv 20: ~1999~2001

  • gregsn joins MESO as intern and starts working on the codebase
  • adds GUI to control and save parameters
  • adds triggering and morphing of sets of parameters
  • adds media libraries

vvvv 10: ~1997~1999

  • developed as in-house coding framework at https://meso.design/ by oschatz and max
  • using 3d accelerated graphic cards to create unprecedented performance on desktop PCs
  • programming in Delphi
  • no GUI
  • controlled via MIDI, e.g. Opcode MAX

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mediadog: @ggml Yup, lots. Only used in 4.x, haven't tried in 5.x yet: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/simple-udp-tcp-socket-client

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ggml: someone has sent udp bytes to unreal ?

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micha_nismus: worked out, thank you very much ! :-)

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micha_nismus: searching for a public discord server for vvvv

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joreg: Join us for the 20th #vvvv meetup on January 19th: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/20-worldwide-vvvv-meetup/

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joreg: @schlonzo re "SDSL support" did you see the Shader wizard? or do you mean something different?