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why you should NOT develop your modules/plugins/etc. in vvvv's related folders.

previously some words about paths

a patch refers to its contained EXTERNALS (means: external files like modules ; subpatches ; ex9.effects ; plugins ; freeframe.dlls ; vst.dlls ) in basically TWO different ways.
but like any other rules this rule also has an important exception.

1. 'absolute' Paths
2. 'relative' Paths
3. 'special' Paths (dear devvvvs, do you have a synonym for this?)

in almost any case you should go for 'relative' Paths.

imagine having a patch PATCH.v4p containing a subpatch EXTERNAL.v4p.
(or MODULE.v4p ; SHADER.fx ; PLUGIN.dll ; FREEFRAME.dll ; VST.dll.... )

move your cursor over the node EXTERNAL.v4p and wait a second.
now the tooltip tells you how PATCH.v4p is referencing to EXTERNAL.v4p

'absolute' Path

example: C:\vvvv\kalle\EXTERNAL.v4p

no matter where you move your patch,
on startup it searches its subpatch ( fx; plugin ; ..) in exactly this location.

so if you also moved this 'external.v4p' ( fx; plugin ; ..) to another location this happens:
the external isn't found; vvvv creates an 'empty' patch with any inlets.
for sure you all experienced this at least once...

'relative' Paths

example: EXTERNAL.v4p C:\vvvv\kalle\

both PATCH.v4p and EXTERNAL.v4p are located in the same folder (here: C:\vvvv\kalle\ )
they are referenced 'relative'.
move both patches (or their folder) to another location:
they keep referenced correct.

other examples would be
Subfolder\EXTERNAL.v4p C:\vvvv\kalle\
move folder \kalle\ somewhere else without problems.

..\EXTERNAL.v4p C:\vvvv\kalle\Subfolder\
means that the external is located in the patches PARENTfolder.
move folder \kalle\ somewhere else without problems.

..\Modules\EXTERNAL.v4p C:\vvvv\kalle\Subfolder
move folder \kalle\ somewhere else without problems.

finally those special cases:

:MODULES:\EXTERNAL.v4p C:\YourLocationOf\vvvv_40betaXY\modules\
:FREEFRAME:\Fiducialtracker.dll C:\YourLocationOf\vvvv_40betaXY\freeframe\
:EFFECTS:\Constant.fx C:\YourLocationOf\vvvv_40betaXY\effects\
references to the \modules\ (\fx\ ; .... ) folder next to the vvvv.exe you are currently running.
no matter in which location the author of EXTERNAL.v4p ran HIS vvvv.exe.
so this is a path relative to YOUR VVVVlocation, NOT relative to your PATCH.v4p

in case of the commonly distributed modules like
:MODULES:\AxisAndGrid (DX9).v4p C:\YourLocationOf\vvvv_40betaXY\modules\
this works like a charm.

but in case of individual subfolder structures like:
:MODULES:\kalle\Devices\SpaceNavigator\Custom.v4p C:\YourLocationOf\vvvv_40betaXY\modules\kalle\Devices\SpaceNavigator\
:EFFECTS:\PS3_0\nVIDIA\tryMETAL.fx C:\YourLocationOf\vvvv_40betaXY\modules\kalle\Devices\SpaceNavigator\
:PLUGINS:\(user)\(folder)\plug.dll|vvvv.Nodes.plugNode C:\YourLocationOf\vvvv_40betaXY\modules\(user)\(folder)\
chaos and broken links are preprogrammed.
it would take some effort to rebuild another users folder structure.
beyond that evvvvery user will have his own likes of structuring folders.

now you did invent a really incredible module,
it would be a serious shame not sharing this one with our lovvvved community.
so pingpingtaktakgenaugenau,
make a helpfile and upload to the vvvviki to keep the VVVVheel spinning.

your MODULE.v4p was already located in :MODULES:\mymodules\category\ and appears in the nodelist.
you create a new patch,
open the nodelist,
place your MODULE.v4p inside that patch and save it as MODULE help.v4p into the same folder as usual.
zip it and up it.

what a pity:
your nice, weird helpful module inside its helppatch is referenced as:
logically works for other users only

  • if they exactly recreate your subfolderconstructions :(


  • if they 'repair' the paths by editing the MODULE help.v4p with a texteditor :)

see: HowTo edit wrong Paths quickly.

a better way:
develop your externals and their helppatches in ANY OTHER folders than those especially referenced vvvvfolders
when your external and its helppatch reached a final state,
use the tooltip to assure that all paths are 'relative' ones.
now you can; without causing any trouble,

  • zip your stuff within a subfolder or even a more complex folderstructure
  • upload it
  • and finally move it into your vvvv's \modules\ (\fx\ ; .... ) folder.

(some of you vvvvolks wondered about my messy desktop, now i have a large folder \ModulesInProgress\ with lots of unfinished goodies)

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