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node10 effects

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The Effect Container Format

  • external .fxh includes
  • functions
  • shader models
  • restrictions on inputs

Pixel Shading

color channels

  • swapping channels
  • invert
  • farbraum 0-1, scaling
  • contrasting
  • gray conversion
  • posterize
  • rgb shift
    • and put them in functions

texture coordinates

  • show them as rg
  • texcoords per vertex (4 vertices in a grid) interpolation between them
  • texoffset
  • samplerstate to not mirror
  • ripple fx via sin

multi texturing

  • dxtexture offsets tex coord of 1st texture
  • fade input zw. a und b
  • masking (a, b > maske (gerendert) -> lerp)

neighbouring pixels

  • pixelbased access
  • x-edge, xy-edge
  • x-blur
  • multipass to xy-blur

Vertex Shading

  • wiggle
  • vertexjoin height-map (perlin) -> höhe an ps übergeben -> einfärben
  • function printer
  • multilight
  • uv mapping
  • applying transformations
  • arrays as input for noise
  • morphing
  • depth
  • normals
  • attractor
  • only nvidia: vertextexture


  • use depth pass as input

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~9d ago

bjoern: Yo peeps! I am looking for a job/project starting July. For contact info check: vvvv specialists available for hire

~1mth ago

joreg: Summer Season 23 vvvv workshops are now ready for sign-up: https://thenodeinstitute.org/vvvv-intermediates-summer-2023/

~1mth ago

schlonzo: yeah! shader input pins now also visible, while the variable it not used!

~1mth ago

benju: Job opportunity, teaching Sounddesign for New Media purposes in Berlin (6hrs/week): https://www.letteverein.berlin/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Ausschreibung_MIA_LK_6_UStd._Sounddesign_NEU.pdf

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joreg: vvvv gamma 5.0 is out! Please read all about it in the release notes: https://visualprogramming.net/blog/2023/vvvv-gamma-5.0-release

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domj: Coming to LPM next weekend? Learn more about one of the first full vvvv gamma apps, Schéma! https://liveperformersmeeting.net/editions/2023-muenster/program/detail/schema-talk/

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joreg: Want to get started with #vvvv? Check this 12 session beginner online course starting May 8th: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/vvvv-beginner-class-summer-2023/

~3mth ago

mediadog: @ggml Yup, lots. Only used in 4.x, haven't tried in 5.x yet: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/simple-udp-tcp-socket-client