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Our Evenings at the Velvet Lounge during NODE08? were a fabulous collection of spontaneous show-and-tell-sessions of works by both lecturers and visitors of the NODE08 festival.

I was overwhelmed by the multiplicity and originality of the works presented. Needless to say, all technical snags and glitches that we encountered were part of the fun.

Thanks to all the collaborators who were bold enough to just get up and show their stuff!

(and by the way, if you were one of them and would like to add links to the following list, go on - it's a wiki!)

Patcher Kucha 001 - Sunday:

Olivier Martin & Joseph Larralde, Bordeaux/France -http://joseph.larralde.free.fr/
Robert Seidel, Weimar/Germanyhttp://www.2minds.de
Strukt, Vienna/Austriahttp://www.strukt.at
Eno Henze, Berlin/Germanyhttp://www.enohenze.com

Patcher Kucha 002 - Monday:

Matt Finke, Marburg/Germany -http://www.looplight.dehttp://www.showfootage.com
Franz Wunschel, Paris/France -http://www.exyzt.org
Mathias Wollin, Frankfurt/Germany -http://www.meso.net
Simon Hänggi, London/UK -http://www.mindstorm.eu.com/
Andreas Karlen, Wiesbaden/Germany -http://www.3deluxe.de

Patcher Kucha 003 - Wednesday:

Nuno Godinho, Lisboa/Portugal -http://projects.nunogodinho.com
Natan Sinigaglia & Pedro Mari, Italy -http://de.posi.to/wiiwiiwiiwii/
Casey Reas, Los Angeles/USA -http://www.reas.com
Massimo Banzi, Ivrea/Italy -http://www.tinker.it
Toby Harris, London/UK -http://sparkav.co.uk
Chris Plant, UKhttp://www.colour-burst.com http://www.myspace.com/toyorch
Anthony Gouvrillon & Sylvain Tartarin, Nantes/France -http://www.digital-slaves.com/
Florian Jenett, Offenbach/Germany -http://www.florianjenett.de
Falcon Tam, Hong Kong, China -http://www.onactivity.com
Joreg, Berlin/Germany -http://joreg.ath.cx

Note - For those who did want to know more about Quartz Composer, shown in Toby's presentation, he's made a page of notes Quartz Composer for VVVV users

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~19h ago

CeeYaa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkzfYQCLrCE thanks for the insights, impressive stuff @mediadog yes, it is a very nice CAVE

~2d ago

mediadog: @CeeYaa Why I'm learning Unreal, now if I could just afford wrap-around LED walls! Can do in vvvv too, it's just a CAVE

~2d ago

kleinkariert: @tonfilm any hint on how to generate Mel-Frequency images out of audio for mel-GAN in v4

~2d ago

joreg: @mediadog we're aware of this, see: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/visual-c-2008-this-download-is-no-longer-available/17895 and i now also fixed the resp. links on the download page.

~2d ago

mediadog: FYI VC redist 2008 links bad in 38.1 installer and on web page

~3d ago

joreg: Reminder: Intro workshop to the all-new vvvv this Tuesday before the #vvvv meetup in #berlin. Signup here: https://nodeforum.org/announcements/2020-series-of-2h-introduction-workshops-to-vvvv-gamma/

~4d ago

~5d ago

tonfilm: Creative coder wanted: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/creativvvve-coder-in-residence-2020/18283 vvvv visualprogramming #creativecoding #xenko #dotnet #berlin #internship #residency

~5d ago

metrowave: Collection of replicable research: http://www.replicabilitystamp.org/