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Line (EX9.Geometry)

Help Draws a line of given vertices.
Author vvvv group

Here you are supposed to see an image (rendered with SVG) describing the pins of this node. However, this does not work with Internet Explorer. You may want to consider using another browser, like FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Opera that do support SVG.


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The Line node uses spreads for generating a line point by point, but how i have to proceed to draw more than 1 line without any connection between the lines? Just using one line node.

That is what the binsize pin is for. fill it with a spread to specify how many points belong to each line. So if you feed the line 10 points you could feed the binsize pin a spread of 5, 3, 2 to specify that the first line is made up of the first 5 points, the second line is made up of the second 3 points and the last line is made up of the remaining 2 points.

A negativ binsize (not spreaded) gives the amount of lines which the points are divided up to. So if you give the line 9 points and a binsize of -3 you will get 3 lines, each using 3 consecutive points.

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