» HowTo edit wrong Paths quickly
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HowTo edit wrong Paths quickly


more about Paths

Get yourself the free XML Marker

Open your patch containing nonsense Paths with XML Marker.
On the left select "PATCH"

see "Tree Selection Browser" on the bottom of the righthandside

click "nodename" to sort all elements this way.
nodenames containing Paths to vvvv's special folders (like :MODULES:,:EFFECTS:,etc.) now show up on top.

doubleclick that nodename to edit.

after editing click another field.
otherwise your changes will be ignored.
don't forget to save,
load with vvvv and there you are..

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~3d ago

skyliner: the vcard page is assembled by personal settings + user page

~3d ago

lasal: thank you guys but this is to edit the user data, i don't find how to edit the vcard

~3d ago

CeeYaa: @lasal - haha nice - I think it's funny - you should keep it ;) to change - HOME-SETTINGS - PERSONAL SETTINGS

~3d ago

skyliner: @lasal: here?

~3d ago

lasal: who knows how to edit the vcard?

~3d ago

joreg: get started with #vl with this first part of a series of "vl for vvvv users" tutorial: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/vl-for-vvvv-users-key-differences-1-5/15919 #vvvv

~3d ago

joreg: speak japanese? this looks like a great resource for #vvvv tipsntricks: https://qiita.com/advent-calendar/2017/vvvv