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FMRadio (Devices GemtekSerial)

Help Gemtek FM Radio Reciever connected to Serial Port
Author vvvv group

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FM Radio (Gemtek) - As i would love to experiment with a radio module i tried to find that Gemtek FM Radio Reciever but with no success :( could you say where you bought yours and how much did it cost ? or are you planning on nodes for other radio modules...

We bought these modules back in 2000 from pearl as well as conrad in germany. i remember the product was called "gemtek wizard radio". gemtek seemingly discontinued it. the node currently included is basically a by-broduct of the work for the heavy rotation revisor, and lately the rebraun stereo. it will be of no use to probably 99.995% percent of all users

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~2d ago

joreg: @soundreactor that sounds odd. do offline links still not work for you? we're not aware of any interruptions there...

~2d ago

guest: it's because the network-infrastructure in germany is based on huawei hardware.

~2d ago

soundreactor: @joreg first file core zip 5mb/s second file addonpack 50kb/s also the offline installer links on the beta page don't work atm

~3d ago

guest: alas yeah, it's super slow dl-ing from the installer, here in CA

~3d ago

joreg: @soundreactor: we're not aware of any.

~3d ago

soundreactor: is there speed throttling for downloads? i only get 46kb/s TX,USA

~3d ago

bauhausorbits: Hey in case you are thinking about joining tomorrow’s c# in gamma workshop, you may pm me to take over my place :)