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Artnet (a DMX-over-Ethernet Standard)

there are some Artnet Interfaces which easily play with vvvv.
they all have a big advantage: you don't need to install any drivers.
vvvv includes two nodes for communication with Artnet:

but this is by far not the only advantage: visit DMX.Artnet to find out more.
for sure there are more products offering Artnet functionality but all devices listed below have been used with vvvv. basically every Artnet Devices should work with vvvv.

Artistic Licence Etherlynx

Artistic Licence Etherlynx offers 2 inputs and 4 outputs. Artistic Licence invented Artnet.

ELC dmXLAN node8

the ELC dmXLAN node8 even has 10 ports: 2 Inputs and 8 individually configurable ones. highly configurable with priority/backup solutions etc.

Enttec Datagate DE / DME

Enttec Datagate offers 8 DMXUniverses individually configurable either as Input or Output. the routing engine of the DME version even allows to define complex routing rules. around 1000-1200 euros.

Enttec ODE (Open DMX Ethernet)

the Enttec ODE costs around 200 euros and offers 1 DMXUniverse configurable either as Input or Output. it is fast and reliable. only a little disadvantage: external power supply (wall wart...). but there is also a POE (Power over Ethernet) version avialable for around 250 euro.
Don't forget to upgrade your firmware !!!
Karistouf writes:
there is a deep bug inside the pic programmation that may completely block your artnet ode if you send artnet stream to it and you are configuring your ip adress at the same time.

MA 2port Node

you need a look at the user manual (or access to www...) to force the MA 2port Node 'back' to Artnet. MA prefer using their own proprietary protocol MA-net.

USB Interfaces

Cinetix USB/DMX-512 Control Box

www.cinetix.de. Interface can be controlled via virtual COM-Port/RS232. Modules for sending and reading DMX with the cinetix box can be found at MSBERGER.

DMX4ALL USB-interfaces

The DMX4ALL USB Interfaces are a family of DMX USB interfaces using a virtual COM-Port and a good documented protocol by DMX4ALL.
A module for these interfaces can be found here module

Enttec Open DMX USB

Catweasel writes: Here is another DMX usb interface and how cheap! http://www.enttec.com/dmxusb.php Between $10 and $45 + Freight depending on whether you buy the bits or have it made up, its an open source bit of hardware, which is interesting. This interface can currently not be used with vvvv as it would need a special driver, as it is based on USB. we are working on this, and a node will be included in one of the next versions. More information can be found on Hippy's Open DMX USB Interface Resources. And download the drivers here. There is a longer thread which is also touchting the enttec DMXUSB device and suggests there is a solution via an artnet transceiver driver: here.
Karistouf writes: written a dmx engine named little_cat to receives thruth udp levels from vvvv. vvvv can works with enttec open and 4 more interfaces. now you can use an open ! ;-)

Enttec USB Pro

There is also the (bit more expensive) very fast Enttec USB Pro dongle. This DMX dongle can communicate with vvvv using a virtual COMport, user West took the trouble to patch a Module to control it. You can find it here. Karistouf had written two standalone exe for communicating with ENTTEC PRO (and other dmx interfaces) from vvvv:
little_cat who receives udp string containing your values and send them to dmx devices
little_mouse who receives dmx and convert it to an udp string you receive easely inside of vvvv. little_cat and little_mouse are working with ENTTEC PRO.

Enttec USB Pro Mk2

The latest of Enttec's fast DMX interfaces supports two dmx universes in parallel. Extending West's module, mfo wrote this patch to initialise and access both USB Pro MkII's universes.

RODIN1: USB to DMX, DMX transmitter

www.peperoni-light.de It's a really small DMX output device, running with a driver named DASHARD.DLL just like the USBDMX2 interface, so you can use the vvvv DMX output node. Apparently many more manufacturers sell products based on these drivers.

Soundlight USBDMX2

Caution: Current Version may NOT work with vvvv
see this thread and also this thread but maybe our fellow karistouf has a solution ;)

The USBDMX2 by Soundlight was one of the most easy way to get DMX output from your computer. The interface has a sturdy case, simple USB in / DMX out operation, and three LEDs for quick diagnosis. It's quite affordable as well. After installing it's drivers you have to put a copy of DASHARD.DLL (which comes with the interface) into your vvvv folder (which contains the vvvv.exe). The node to get the interface running is DMX (Devices SoundLight USBDMX).

Ethernet (not Artnet)


The Lanbox can be used with a UDP connection to send realtime DMX. The Lanbox is a very complex device and can be programmed to do amazing things in standalone mode. Think of a verry powerfull lighting console without any local control. TCP/IP, MIDI can be used to control the standalone features.
There are modules by kalle and sebastian oschatz. It works pretty fine. Kalle has another ~30 patches mostly useful for configuring the LANBOX for standalone usage, which is VERY COMPLEX.

RS232 etc.

Cinetix RS232/DMX-512 Control Box

Probably one of the last real/native RS232-DMX-interfaces still available

DMX4ALL RS232 board (no longer available !)

The DMX4ALL is a simple and small board to convert RS232 to DMX.
It can be used even without a built-in VVVV driver as it is fully controlled via RS232. When considering the DMX4ALL sender kit there is an option to get a "ready soldered" PCB unit for +5 euro.
so this would be 44,95 euro + power supply + housing + XLR 5 plug + shipping.
Kalle writes:
Get yourself a rugged box (best from steel), integrate that PrintedCircuitBoard and a stable power supply, integrate all plugs you need.
i highly recommend:

  • a good 9pin SubD with screws to lock
  • a Neutrik NAC3MPA for mains voltage
  • also for the power cable a Neutrik NAC3FCA lockable power connection.
  • a 5pin female XLR (recommended --> Neutrik, the very best)
  • and perhaps a 3pin female XLR ( --> Neutrik...)

you should get all those plugs at CONRAD Elektronik (normally on stock in the shop)

If you act on this advice i am very sure that your DMX4all-device is failure-proof.
Be sure that you don't have to control much more than 50 DMX channels because the performance of this device is not really that good.
be sure to use V1.5 of DMX (Devices DMX4all.v4p) which can be downloaded at kalle.Modules
patch your spreads to the input of that node and there you go.

MSBERGER writes:
A modul based on Kalles modul but using the faster block transmission mode can be downloaded at MSBERGER

Robert Schulze writes:
I'm using the DMX4All USB Device, which can be accessed quite simple in a similar fashion like described above. The driver creates a virtual com-port which then can easily be used.

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