» change log - vvvv50beta35.8
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change log - vvvv50beta35.8


released on 25 06 17




  • fixed crash when opening girlpower patches where Destroy operation was deleted
  • fixed crash when using process state output in Create operation
  • state output of empty record constructor was hidden
  • fixed crash when having type with multiple Update operations
  • fixed renaming of pins that are used in a pin group

ui features/changes/fixes

fixed nodes

  • ToInt8 was in wrong category
  • Filename (Split) now returns filename correctly without extension
  • Filter (Animation) has 1 second as default time and got a Progress output pin

new nodes

  • SetCount (Spreads)


  • Interval (Multimedia Timer) reactive event source with millisecond precision
  • Interval (Busy Wait Timer) reactive event source with nanosecond precision, always uses 100% of one CPU core but shares that with the workload

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