» change log - vvvv45beta31.2
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change log - vvvv45beta31.2

released on 11 11 13


  • SaveDialog now displays directory and filename in 2 lines
  • Jump2Parent patch now has international shortcut: ctrl+ the key below ESCAPE
  • tty now reports an error if a mididevice fails to open
  • Debug Spreads via Ctrl+F10
  • Alt+A now opens About patch (allows quick check of running version)
  • vvvv shouldn't block windows shutdown sequence anymore. See vvvv-blocking-windows-7-shutdown
  • In case a node is missing write proper error message to the log and startup log
  • smaller memory footprint while patching
  • Much better dongle protection during runtime


  • clients/server can again be started in any order and will find each other
  • clients again try to reconnect periodically when they lost connection
  • a memory leak that kept a copy of each graph-dump for each client is closed

new nodes

  • Encode/Decode (String URL)
  • Encode/Decode (String HTML)
  • Encode (String HTML Attribute)
  • module Trigger (Animation)
  • module: Limiter (Animation)
  • Cons nodes in XElement Category
  • Vector swizzle nodes to convert between 2d and 3d vectors: xy, xz, yz, xyZ, xYz, Xyz
  • Skip (Raw), Take (Raw), GetBytes (Raw) and + (Raw Spectral)
  • complete spreadoperations for Raw category: Queue, Buffer, RingBuffer, SetSlice, DeleteSlice, Zip, Zip (Bin), Unzip, Unzip (Bin)
  • module: Randomize (Spreads)
  • module: IsActive (VVVV)
  • OnDeactivate (VVVV)

changed nodes

  • MultiToggle (Animation) got an initialization option
  • Window (Windows) has its width/height pins no longer constrained
  • all midi nodes now default to Enabled=1
  • DMX (Network Artnet Sender/Receiver) now have their SubnetID and UniverseID correctly clamped to 15 and the Do Send is now single

fixed nodes

  • Typospread: bugfixes and perforamce gain
  • MidiAllNotesOff now applies to all channels/notes correctly
  • Info (EX9.Texture) on x64 now correctly initializes sharedhandle to 0
  • Render (HTML Url/String) no longer throw javascript errors and now use IE10
  • Fixed issue in + (Raw) - read from first slices only.
  • Updated resource and memory management for Player (EX9.Texture):
    • All players (in one node) share the same texture pool now
    • Pools get managed per node (not node/slice like before)
    • In each evaluate the player node will:
      • Try to release unused pool memory - but will keep a little to avoid reallocation
      • Release all unused textures
  • Vector join/split nodes are 4-5 times faster now

plugin interfaces

  • API change: changed type of last parameter of IEffectHost.SetEffect to System.IO.Stream