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Change Log - vvvv45beta27

released on 24 12 11


  • vvvv now requires .net4.0 and msvc++ 2010 runtime components (as reported in crack.exe)
  • crack runs without that annoying sound
  • simpler directory structure for vvvv:
  • performance tuning on basic graph evaluation strategies and gui
  • patches now can be disabled by setting the Evaluate) avaible on each patch to zero. by default this guy is only visible in the inspector, but it is an input that you can make visible in the patch and use it to dynamically disable patches.
  • worked on device handling, removed quite some bugs popping up in texture feedback situations
  • while texture feedbacks still work with Queue (EX9.Texture) we recommend to use the new node FrameDelay (EX9.Texture) to do the feedback. At some point in the future we might not allow shortcut without a framedelay anylonger. Only with the FrameDelay nodes a clear cut between frames is possible
  • reworked a lot of helppatches
  • all assets (images, xfiles,..) shipping with vvvv are now in \lib\assets
  • fixed issue introduced with beta26 that uncaught exceptions popped up in error dialog
  • exceptions thrown during render pass will be shown in ExceptionDialog if enabled
  • fixed some boygrouping issues
  • fixed issue where dynamic plugins wouldn't get reloaded after recompile
  • textures created by plugins now work in texture buffer nodes, like Buffer (EX9.Texture) or new FrameDelay (EX9.Texture)
  • times where errors could result in a major system hang - where you need to log out and all that - shouldn't occur anylonger.
  • singleton bug fix: couldn't replace Mouse (System Global) with Mouse (System Window). resulted in both nodes on top of each other.
  • dynamic textures and meshes don't spam the  Renderer (TTY) anylonger


  • when creating an iobox via middleclick (while making a connection) linkpoints are now kept.
  • fixed two occasions where finder would collapse
  • last visible window can now not be boxed/hidden
  • now when canceling OpenPatch from the QuitOptionsDialog the dialog pops up again
  • effect editor didn't show all errors from effect compiler in some cases
  • dynamic nodes (fx/c#) should turn red if code contains syntax errors
  • fixed issue that nodes wouldn't even show up as a "red missing" node if error occured during node creation
  • gui performance tuning. visible patches shouldn't be that bad any longer...
  • debug mode shows timings now in microseconds. was in 0.1 milliseconds before.
  • in NodeBrowser the sorting of nodes is now back to normal
  • OpenInPatch now places node correctly even when patch is scrolled
  • CodeEditor no longers zooms in when writing a } on frensh keyboards
  • pressing F1 on CodeEditor now opens related wikipage

fixed nodes

changed nodes

  • Renderer (EX9) has new default 'AsDesktop' for Fullscreen Dimensions, it sets the fullscreen resolution automatically to the size of the desktop on which the renderer window is. Also it's now supposed not t flicker white when going fullscreen
  • Text (EX9) added pins to control font caching and preloading behaviour
  • GetPatch (VVVV) now comes with a pin "Patch Changes" displaying the message - a XML snippet - that was last sent to a patch.
  • IOBox (String) now allows copying binary strings on dblclick

new nodes



  • new property ParentNode in IPin and INode for easier graph traversal in plugins
  • new method INodeIn.SetConnectionHandler to control whether or not pins of custom type can connect.

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