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blackbox sdk

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the blackbox SDK allows developers to load encrypted patches.
vvvv looks on startup if a certain 'Decrypt.dll' is in the '/bin' directory. if so, it loads the dll and links 4 methods the dll must provide:

 //assign dll handle
 DLLHandle := LoadLibrary('..\Decrypt.dll');
 if DLLHandle <> 0 then
   @Init    := GetProcAddress(DLLHandle, 'Init');
   @Decrypt := GetProcAddress(DLLHandle, 'Decrypt');
   @Tick    := GetProcAddress(DLLHandle, 'Tick');
   @GetErrorString := GetProcAddress(DLLHandle, 'GetErrorString');

the dll has to declare the functions as follows:

function Init: Integer; stdcall;
  //init decrytion system, called by vvvv only once on startup
  Result := 0; //tell vvvv everything is ok
// check if still valid
function Tick: Integer; stdcall;
  //this method is called every frame, so be very careful what you do here
  Result := 0; //the result of this method is the output of the Blackbox node
// get the decrypted patch from file
function Decrypt(const PFileName: Pointer; const FileNameLength: LongWord; PFileContent: Pointer): Integer; stdcall;
  PDecrypted: PWidestring;
  filename: String;
  //cast the pointer content to a string
  filename := PString(PFilename)^;
  // try to open the file:
  // point to the mem location from the caller
  PDecrypted := PFileContent;
  //fill the memory location with a decrypted patch xml string
  PDecrypted^ := DecyptFile(filename);
  Result := 0; //values below 0 will cause an error and vvvv will display an error message
// get the error string whenever Init or Decrypt return values below 0
function GetErrorString(PErrorString: Pointer): Integer; stdcall;
  PString: PWidestring;
  Result := 0;
    // point to the mem location from the caller
    PString := PErrorString;
    // assign memory
    PString^ := "your human readable error string";
  except on E: Exception do
    Result := -100;
//dont forget to export the methods
exports Init, Decrypt, Tick, GetErrorString;

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