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SurfaceOfRevolution (EX9.Geometry).zip (4.70 Kb)

A surface of revolution is a surface created by rotating a curve lying on some plane (the generatrix) around a straight line (the axis of rotation) that lies on the same plane.
Examples of surfaces generated by a straight line are the cylindrical and conical surfaces.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface_of_revolution

SurfaceOfRevolution (EX9.Geometry).zip (4.70 Kb)

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~3min ago

karistouf: no way to have the handles more biggers ?

~41min ago

karistouf: any trick to see better the points in TimeLiner SA ? banging my head just to find and click correctly this little white point ;-(

~7d ago

TonyMark: @u7 nice

~7d ago

cznickesz: Hey guys, is kinect still the best thing to go when ist comes to skeletal tracking?

~8d ago

hrovac: @u7: really cool!!

~10d ago

sebescudie: @u7 : ayayay, amazing!