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Device (EX9 Auto)

Help Provides a view on all automatically created Direct3D Devices
Author vvvv group

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about Device (EX9 Auto)

the above info is not complete:

Configuration Inputs

  • Descriptive Name .. guess what
  • Device Type .. msdn link
    • HAL - hardware accelerated device (default)
    • REF - reference device (only insteresting for debugging and available only when directx sdk is installed)
    • SW - software (not implemented)
  • Vertex Processing Mode .. msdn link
    • you can leave this setting as is since vvvv will always chose the best setting available on your graphiccard. still you can change it for debugging reasons.
  • Preserve Double Precision .. msdn link
  • Multithreaded .. msdn link


  • Status - mainly for debugging to see if settings made on the devices have been accepted
  • Caps - shows some of the graphic cards capabilities

A Word about Devices

every Renderer (EX9) node needs to be associated with a device. this connection is in fact handled internally by vvvv and in most cases you'll not need to know anything about the existence of "devices".

still. by popular demand here is some more information on the topic:

on a Renderer (EX9) notice the "Device" configuration pin when viewed with an inspektor. this pin defaults to -1 which tells vvvv that the device for this renderer has to be managed automatically.

if you have multiple monitors on your pc they can be set up in two different ways via the graphic cards driver:

  • spanmode - one large screenarea across all monitors
  • dualview - multiple monitors can have different resolutions

in spanmodealways only one device is created per graphic card. if you have multiple graphic cards or use your single graphic card (with two vga/dvi outputs) in dualview mode one device is automatically created per monitor that is showing the window of a Renderer (EX9). if you move a renderer from monitor 1 to monitor 2 a second device is being created and the first one destroyed (if no other renderer on monitor 1 is still needing it).

the Device (EX9 Auto) node reflects all settings the directx api offers for devices. use this node to view and change settings of the devices that vvvv automatically manages.

if for some reason you would like to create and handle a device manually have a look at the Device (EX9 Manual) node.

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