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a little example on how to use kinect v2 face (not really complete, and not very... 

Nodes to handle a graph data structure 

Simulation of departures airport table to be used in your project! 

Edit geometry on GPU 

A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator and a 3D Delaunay Triangulator 

Midi file reader and pianoroll 

super simple patch to merge 360 images to vvvv world 

XYZ Pointcloud file reducing tool 

places points along a input path, spreadable 

TUIOEncoder packs ID, X, Y in TUIO OSC messages ready for udp send 

length of an input curve, and specifying positions on curve by length 

a simple dos program waiting for data in artnet or UDP raw, and communicating wi... 

shadow example 

Helper modules showing how to use stencils in DX11 

5yr ago


Vertex shader transform based on attractor2d node algorithm 

Enabled Xbox360Controller devices to interface with VVVV 

5yr ago


A simple combination of vertex and pixel shaders with velvety edge effects 

CRC 16 Calculator 

Two modules to send/receive Values from Lemur (iOS). 

Patches show how to connect Emotiv Epoc (EEG headset) with VVVV for analysis and... 

Mix 2 transforms 

Finds the Point on a line closest to another point 

Create simple points, lines and faces in 3d 

Follows the input with a given force and friction 

a plugin to receive Windows Multitouch 

Print node: prints texture with some basic settings; get all printers info  

5yr ago


Node to use the Myo device in VVVV 

Shader based cloth simulation 

module to fix horizon in 360 videos / stills 

Makes recursive cube trees 

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~2d ago

nanotekt: vvvv+blender=lovvvve :D

~3d ago

Patxi7: Pepper's Ghost & vvvv

~8d ago

mediadog: @manuelgonzalvez Needed to explicitly install VLC for VLC2; I use 3.0.6-win64 for stability.

~8d ago

mediadog: @manuelgonzalvez 42 getting crashes from DX11 VLC lib after last Win10 update. Switched to VLC2 plugin OK so far.

~9d ago

sunep: Looks interesting. Can't find a price though

~19d ago

joreg: @guest re svg export: i'm afraid not.

~19d ago

joreg: @manuelgonzalvez what's stopping you? now is the time!

~19d ago

joreg: @schlonzo glad you like it!

~20d ago

schlonzo: the new burger menu is great!

~20d ago

schlonzo: the new burger menu is great!