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Generates barcodes in several formats and outputs them as textures. 

A beginners video tutorial to get you started with Firmata and Arduino. 

N x N multi-screen tool with homograph and softedge in DX11 

Korg Nano Kontrol 2 module 

A typewriter for VL with a few extra features 

optimized imagestack playback 

A solid template for any vvvv project 

convert images to DDS Format with multiple options 

Semi-automatically calibrate your projector and throw a content on to the physic... 

Fibonacci spiral mapped to a sphere 

Get data from the Neurosky mindwave and mindset devices 

a technology that synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple ap... 

download 64bit version | 32bit version | 1448 downloads 6 comments

Instancing interface implementations based on their name, no Delegates. 

3yr ago


A 2d Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator 

Nodes for XEF recording and playback utilizing Microsoft Kinect Tools APIs for w... 

Example patch showing usage of the OpenCV PedestrianDetector node along with a T... 

vvvv dependency installer 

a vectorfield demo 

Get and Set windows timer precision 

3yr ago


DX11 Color Correction with Photoshop 

manipulate settings of Renderer (EX9) not available through normal pins 

a freeframe plugin to filter static background 

A deferred, ray marched, volumetric spot light 

A tool to trigger events over OSC using the pointcloud processing from kinect. 

A grandiose, elegant and GPU accelerated ray casting collision detection tool. 

Adding Optical Flow calculation for depth. 

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~23h ago

nanotekt: vvvv+blender=lovvvve :D

~2d ago

Patxi7: Pepper's Ghost & vvvv

~6d ago

mediadog: @manuelgonzalvez Needed to explicitly install VLC for VLC2; I use 3.0.6-win64 for stability.

~6d ago

mediadog: @manuelgonzalvez 42 getting crashes from DX11 VLC lib after last Win10 update. Switched to VLC2 plugin OK so far.

~8d ago

sunep: Looks interesting. Can't find a price though

~18d ago

joreg: @guest re svg export: i'm afraid not.

~18d ago

joreg: @manuelgonzalvez what's stopping you? now is the time!

~18d ago

joreg: @schlonzo glad you like it!

~19d ago

schlonzo: the new burger menu is great!

~19d ago

schlonzo: the new burger menu is great!