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Horn and Schunk and Lucas Kanade solutions for getting the Optical Flow 

Glass shader with fresnel reflection and refractive dispersion. 

IRIS is a modular and scalable framework for the performance of vvvv patches. 

Bumpy, fresnel-shiny, dielectric, textured, 2 point lights 

DX11 Gui based on Kontroleur 

DX11 Fulldome Setup 

Parametric design oriented, recipes & tools. 

colision detection for particle gpu lib 

Dynamic input, forces, animated sprites, simulation of fire, cull behind geometr... 

shiny look for your 3d 

A simple standalone launcher for VVVV Gamma 

2yr ago


A vvvv package manager 

record texture in avi file with fast speed 

download 64bit version | 32bit version | 3080 downloads 23 comments

wraps NetMQ into easy nodes 

Use datas from an excel file in your patches 

Print node: prints texture with some basic settings; get all printers info  

Depth of Field and Screen Space Ambient Ocllusion 

IoT protocol to exchange messages between sensors, machines, software with ease. 

Glitch effect simulating and stylizing the glitch known from bad digital antenna 

Fly through a B-spline generated tunnel with an aircraft. 

Face tracking version excerpt of my exhibit "POST MORTEM" 

wm_pointer implementation: unifies mouse, touch & pen with gestures and touc... 

1yr ago


UI widgets library made in VL for Skia rendering 

сontrol Canon EOS cameras 

depth of field effect 

Create Fancy UIs 

2yr ago


Notuiv: A UI behavior framework for VVVV 

Sends serial data to a Teensy3 running the ws2811 Library 

5yr ago


fast animation patching 

DX11 Particle System is now working, Simple to use!, with 10 Samples 

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~13h ago

guest: Microfost SAPI 5.1

~4d ago

andresc4: gamma+stride+fuse+standaloneapp+soputoutput+oscinput = lovvvvvveeeeeee!!!!

~7d ago

joreg: @pechart thanks for the flowers!

~7d ago

pechart: Just a big shoutout to the whole vvvv devteam and the friendly community! It's fantastic to export patches to standalone apps. THX!

~16d ago

daviddenker: We are looking asap for 3x Azure Kinect to rent or buy. Any kind of help appreciated! :-)

~18d ago

mediadog: Hmmm md.ecosystem link on staff pics page is not found

~20d ago

schlonzo: physics constraints and forces plz?

~22d ago

karistouf: thank you @gml but im thinking about and old version of vvvvv. There was a redraw with HSL of each pixels

~23d ago

schlonzo: no more previews? is there a 4.0 stable?

~24d ago

sunep: Live now. I perform live AV with Thomas Li after kiloton who is performing now.