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xyzpoints Resave 3

misc mesh
Credits: camera source:dottore


Create simple points, lines and faces in 3d

Mouse Over Point +


Hold Return+Mouse move: Drag Point on screen
Hold Return+Bang P+Mouse move : Add points
Mouse R click : Reset select -sometimes recommend


Mouse Over point by point:

Hold L : Add line to 2 points...
Hold K: Delete Line
Hold O : Add face to 3 points
Mouse Lclick : Select points
Mouse Rclick: Deselect

Selected points+
MouseOverAxis+Hold Return: Move points to Yellow Axis
Hodl Return: Move points to screen


Camera Rotate : MouseL hold +move
CameraPan : MouseM hold + move
CameraZoom : MouseR hold + Move
Delete Face : D and Mouse over point by point -not work correctly

see also:


25.10.16 [18:31 UTC] by tatyo | 274 downloads
Create simple points, lines and faces in 3d -resave3

joreg 20/10/2016 - 14:12

hei tatyo,

thanks for your contribution. it looks quite elaborate, but also quite "rock'n'roll". here are a couple of remarks:

  • the name of your module does not follow the vvvv naming conventions and also is not very expressive. how about something like TriangleEditor (3d) or similar. see: Conventions.NodeAndPinNaming
  • your module does not have inputs our outputs. like that it is not really practical
  • spend it a helppatch instead of writing instructions in the module itself
  • there is a Cursor and an Axis module shipping with vvvv, you don't need your own and i'd also not recommend building those into your module
  • have a look at the PointEditor and BezierEditor in the latest alphas for how we now create editor. maybe you can use the PointEditor as a basis for your editor..
tatyo 21/10/2016 - 12:44

Thank you Joreg!
I'm very basic.
It's work correctly?

joreg 23/10/2016 - 22:09

i'm afraid it doesn't work for me...
few more thoughts:

  • get the camera module out of your module and don't ship it with your module. in a helppatch use your module and connect one of the standard cameras to it (same as with axis and cursor modules).
  • learn about subpatches and how you can use those to cleanup your patch
tatyo 25/10/2016 - 18:40

I try once more.
sorry for mistakes.
thank you for the feedback.

joreg 26/10/2016 - 02:23

this seems to work, no red nodes. but i'm afraid from the instructions i cannot figure out to do anything.

"Hold Return+Bang P+Mouse move : Add points"
i don't know how to do that. anyone?

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