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X-mas contest Patch

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Hi All

I was fortunate enough to win in this X-mas contest so I'd like to share the patch I made for it.
Use it to make your own slightly different images from my image or just get dizzy from looking at the stripes moving.
It it pretty vanilla vvvv, just the font I used, Omnes Light, is not standard.
Merry Christmas.


PS. Feel free modify and upload your changed version here if you are up for some Christmas fun.


16.12.13 [09:58 UTC] by sunep | 832 downloads
Initial version

newemka 16/12/2013 - 14:37

Ha ha ha! an optical illusion that is actually not an illusion, very smart.

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joreg: Know someone who should learn #vvvv? Send them to one of our intro workshops in #Berlin https://nodeforum.org/announcements/2020-series-of-2h-introduction-workshops-to-vvvv-gamma/ #creativecoding

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udo2013: @sunep:had an idea how to restore midi-data by one lick and bring the sliders in original position.patch in forum."restore midi.."

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sunep: @udo2013 make a forum post about and I can share my subpatch

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sunep: @udo2013 I have myself dealt with that problem by using LTP (Value) in pickup mode

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joreg: @soundreactor: yes