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Voodoo with VVVV

demo voodoo node13
Credits: Benedikt Groß, Thorsten Thormählen, Thomas Eichhorn


The Voodoo Camera Trackerhttp://www.digilab.uni-hannover.de/docs/manual.html estimates camera parameters and reconstructs a 3D scene from image sequences. The estimation algorithm offers a full automatic and robust solution to estimate camera parameters for video sequences. The results are useful for many applications like film production, 3D reconstruction, or video coding. The estimated parameters can be exported to common 3D software or as a simple text file.
This Patch shows how to use the exported data within vvvv.

The project was initiated by Benedikt Groß. You´ll find the original project files at github:https://github.com/b-g/vvvv_voodoo_3d_matching/


22.04.13 [10:55 UTC] by milo | 1408 downloads

colorsound 23/04/2013 - 10:34

very nice , thank you

androsyn 17/07/2013 - 01:09

sounds like it was kind of slamed but not realtime

tekcor 17/07/2013 - 17:59

yeah gut gemacht!

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~2d ago

joreg: In case you missed it: VL.Stride is available as EarlyAccess now: vl.stride-earlyaccess-available-now

~3d ago

~7d ago

evvvvil: Lowlands Juggernauts - Result of yesterday's live coding improv on Twitch, made with 88 lines of shader code. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ttsfD8

~14d ago

ddf: stride is great

~15d ago

joreg: vvvv meetup live now: https://youtu.be/EiHW0X6zjKE NODE20

~15d ago

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~19d ago

david: NODE20 is online http://20.nodeforum.org First infos on how this all works this year...