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Credits: gregsneliassebescudie


A node based UI widgets library made in VL for Skia rendering.

The library includes:

  • a collection of ready to use widgets to handle the most common value types in vvvv Gamma
  • a set of Layout nodes to easily arrange your widgets and create responsive UIs
  • a bunch of utilities and help patches


To use the latest stable version:
1. go to Gamma's Quad menu > Manage Nugets > Commandline
2. type this:

nuget install vl.elementa

3. press Enter and wait the ending of the installation process

Contributing to the development

  1. Clone the repositoryhttps://github.com/vvvv-dottore/VL.Elementa
  2. build the solution located in the `src` folder in `Release` mode.
  3. You can then start contributing to the lib.


Chat Roomhttps://riot.im/app/#/room/#VL.Elementa:matrix.org


MIT License - You're free to use VL.Elementa in your creative & commercial projects.

Natan Sinigaglia



  • Panel fix


  • Cleanup in the node browser
  • some fixes


  • New LayerElementum widget
  • New Drawable component
  • Drawing performance improved


  • New Image node
  • Fixes in help patches


  • New Panel node
  • New Folder node
  • New Style utility nodes
  • New Tooltip component
  • Added GetStyleSheet operation in IElementum
  • Added GetComponentsVersion in IElementum
  • Changed GetDirtyLayout and GetDirtyGraph operations in IElementum to GetLayoutVersion and GetGraphVersion
  • Introduced ElementaContext class: every widget have access to the graph resources
  • Added SetElementaContext and SetMe operations in IElementum
  • Introduced SetElementaContext and SetParent operations in IComponent: each component has now access to any resource of the graph and can easily edit its own parent widget
  • Different Layout/Graph/Components changes check system
  • Help patches now referencing the nuget instead of the vl file (SavingAs the patches doesn't break the reference)
  • Cleaned Root node architecture
  • fixed Moveable and Resizeable components behaviour in multi selection scenarios
  • New componentProcessors management
  • Individual help patches available for all widgets
  • Added node and pin descriptions on all widgets
  • Reorganized help patches
  • Deleted TextFieldMultiline, which is now TextField
  • Some minor fixes


  • New nodes to push widgets to Overlay
  • Renamed the library to VL.Elementa
  • New widget architecture : value properties and widget manager are now generic
  • completely reworked StyleSheet management
  • Style can be provided to a widget with the new Styleable component
  • Orientation, multi-components widgets and specific attributes are now handled by components (was in widget managers before)
  • Widgets can now have custom drawers
  • Layout nodes (stack, columns, etc) now provide more options to play with, allowing more precise layout
  • Added Padding to layout nodes
  • A widget's ValueProperty can be provided from outside, allowing several widgets to share the same ValueProperty
  • mapping between external ValueProperties of different types
  • New help patches explaining custom drawers, shared value properties and Moveable/Resizeable components


  • First version of the architecture

dominikKoller 20/04/2020 - 15:16

This looks amazing! What's the licence on the source code? Sorry if I just overlooked a licence file.

dottore 20/04/2020 - 22:12

Thanks dominikKoller, I updated the Readme with Licencing details ;)

io 22/04/2020 - 10:08

Hallo, dropdown widgets are not working for me, selection seems to change on click but there is no dropdown.

dottore 22/04/2020 - 10:26

io this was fixed couple of days ago. make sure to have the last version (2.0.4)

io 20/08/2020 - 14:18

Hallo I can´t get OpenCV Videoin enumeration input to work with Elementa DropdownEnum. Not responding and not showing the enumerations.

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~2d ago

joreg: @jzzxh not sure what you mean. please consider rephrasing and asking in the forum.

~2d ago

jzzxh: hi, guys it's any node (offsetscreen) for skiaRenderer??

~7d ago

joreg: absolutely. if it is for a repo that is public, just submit a pullrequest. otherwise please start a forum thread.

~7d ago

benjawmino: @joreg I ended up figuring out BezierSegment yesterday, so nevermind! Tell me, could a user submit a help patch? :)

~7d ago

joreg: @benjawmino please elaborate on this question a bit in a new forum thread. otherwise it is hard to answer..

~8d ago

benjawmino: so are there no splines/curves in gamma yet??

~12d ago

skyliner: wanna do drone shows or applications? then check this super cool project of our man e1n