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SuperBlender, All In One Pass

effect Blender dx11 shader
Credits: vux, unc, antokhio, lecloneur


Hello realtimer and vvvvisualist. Here is something that would interest you if you can use DX11 : The SuperBlender, All In One Pass.

It started with vux (well, who else?) at NODE13 during his workshop when he shows how to create a multi texture blend using interface in shader model 5_0.

What's possible ? having many, many texture blended together in only one pass. Something like that was not possible before DX11 implementation. Antokhio came back with the idea and we made this SuperBlender based on UNC's blend and keying original shaders function.

In this pack you will have a SuperBlender for 2 textures up to 8. I did it this way because I know that many people can't understand shaders at all (and honestly I was one of them before, and still missing quite a lot, it's difficult anyway).

So I made different Blender, you can then choose the one you want depending on your project, in case you need to blend more than 8 textures, ask here. For the people who understand shaders or are learning about it, this is also a good way to learn about "interface" in DX11.

The whole thing work the same in photoshop or gimp basically, I hope this contribution will be interesting for you guys, let me know what you think and feel free to improve it or share ideas.

The futur of realtime graphics is in the GPU. :D


26.03.13 [16:37 UTC] by lecloneur | 744 downloads

colorsound 26/03/2013 - 17:57

well done ;D

tekcor 26/03/2013 - 19:34

texture feedback madness here I come.

m4d 26/03/2013 - 23:50

oui :)

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