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Stream Recorder

Credits: TobyK www.tobyk.com.au free for commercial use


Records any data to file with timestamps. Plays it back much like a filestream node.

Originally developed to record infrared tracking data from the contour node and play it back later.

The files it makes are sort-of human readable, for small data sets.

It's not sexy and it's not perfect but it gets the job done. Use at your own risk.


  • No passthrough when play is off, intentional behavior
  • Reverse speed not reliable
  • Files append. Recording a short file over an existing long file can cause weird behaviour
  • Opening large files can take a very long time
  • No record safe function, very easy to record over existing files
  • If you are playing when first recording you may have to rehit play
  • Probably has issues with maximum input length but I haven't run into them yet.
  • Bug where quotation marks in the string input screw things up.
  • download

    Stream Recorder V1.zip
    21.10.14 [04:59 UTC] by tobyk | 434 downloads

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ggml: is pepperoni dmx adapter still expected to work with b38 ?

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