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There is someone interested in working directly on the spotify.lib?


spotify sendmessage.v4p
19.04.12 [22:09 UTC] by nzo.nzo | 339 downloads
new version, no python, only vvvv.

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~4d ago

gregsn: we have a new release candidate of beta37! download RC5 here: beta37-release-candidate #vvvv

~4d ago

fjen: open call CCL Mainz: http://choreographiccoding.org/labs/mainz-between-us-september-2018 … patch with our markerless tracking system, meet great artists and hackers

~6d ago

joreg: @ryuzaki it is all listed here: node17-workshop-material

~6d ago

ryuzaki: it seems all node17 workshop files are down (?)

~7d ago

u7angel: @ggml videos will come

~7d ago

ggml: some nice instastories from link presentations ::: will there be videos ?