» Smooth Per Vertex Normals
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Smooth Per Vertex Normals

effect dx11 geometry normals
Credits: vux, lasal


It's based on calculating the adjacent faces of each vertex on the CPU in a dynamic plugin. As long as the typology of the mesh doesn't change this works fine.
This data is then used to apply the previously calculated face-normals.

I'm sure this can be greatly improved, so any comments and suggestions welcome.

Still missing is a weighting of the normals like in this example:

Based on GSFX Per vertex normals by lasal.


Smooth Normals.7z
22.03.15 [20:32 UTC] by mburk | 827 downloads
Smooth Normals

tekcor 27/03/2015 - 16:20

Nice thank you.
This was missing since a while.

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