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module particles space texture dx9 quartz compozer; cosmik pack
Credits: Evvvil and Pedro for the tutorial on using collada in vvvv


Here's a simple particle generator. Inspired by the IrCosmikPack or Quartz Composer.
There is a ot of work to do, but I rather post it than leave it dying in my hard drive. Feel free to make any modification!

It have a quite extensive amount of pins allowing you to change speed, amount, textures, camera FOV (this will give you some "vertigo" feeling).

Besides the texture out, the most important thing for me is the possibility to have the transformation out pin so you can apply that to anything, like a 3d model.

It comes with a help file, I also have added a Collada model so you can see the 3d stuff working.
You could simply add some dx9 texture -> texture out pins and use it out of the box.

TO DO: all the rotation related calculation. I'm trying to make every particle independent from the others.



30.05.15 [21:09 UTC] by parabola | 722 downloads

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