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OBJ writer

Credits: catweasel, Paul Bourke


Heres an updated version. Tested with Meshlab and CURA (Slicer for 3d print)


obj writer.v4p
29.09.14 [14:18 UTC] by elektromeier | 1070 downloads
Updated version, should be more combatible. Tested with Meshlab and 3d print slicers
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obj writer.v4p
30.10.12 [14:36 UTC] by catweasel | 734 downloads
Utility to write meshes to OBJ format

guest 31/10/2012 - 06:08

thanks catweasel!

comes kind of overdue. i'm not too well versed with all this, but the .x file format seems strangely unsupported throughout most applications. supposedly too many different interpretations + licensing issues? panda for 3ds works great, but only for exporting. some older blender version seems to like the .x but not everybody likes the blender...

one could go as far to say that there are hundreds of incompatible 3d containers that should all go ahead and rot in hell. but i won't go that far.

how come the lonely vvvv deals with .x import and export since and for ever?

saw this: http://web.t-online.hu/karpo/?
and now i'm scared. but still glad you made this!

catweasel 31/10/2012 - 12:13

I made it because I lost some data in a HD crash including the c4d file for a project I'm working on, leaving me with a x file that I could find nothing that would export it correctly, so I hacked this together, it probably needs some tweaks for texture mapping, thats untested, but paul bourke has a page on the format if it needs tweaking...

io 27/09/2014 - 18:47

Hallo, thanks but this does not seem to work, I tried with a simple primitive but Blender won t load anything and Meshlab throws an error...

everyoneishappy 28/09/2014 - 04:31

You might try putting a +1 on the indices, I don't use blender but I think some importers need you to count from 1 rather then 0.

elektromeier 29/09/2014 - 14:00

@io: can you try the updated version again with blender?

io 29/09/2014 - 16:41

Working thanks a lot!

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~30d ago

manuel: very cool to generate matcap / cubemap for reflections https://cables.gl/p/pDCOCw

~1mth ago

joreg: Join us for the 19th #vvvv meetup on November 11th: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/19-worldwide-vvvv-meetup/

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~2mth ago

joreg: @zaid please ask this in the forum: https://discourse.vvvv.org/

~2mth ago

zaid: how can i detect a changing spread in gamma? the old workflow with a change and select node isnt possible. cheers

~2mth ago

joreg: @dawoof such a question is probably better asked in the forum or chat

~2mth ago

dawoof: hey vvvvers, What are yall's fav depth-camera for body tracking? (dancing in this case) eyeing the ZED but the delivery time is long