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tool damper debug pillow print spread
Credits: ethermammoth for LogAll, focus4 GmbH for my consistent financing :)


Enabled - damps values to quickly blend quads - super usefull - this is the best :)
Pillow - as lightweight as a quad, can make a nice glow around, or shadow
Print - simple print method using IrfanView. (all print parameters stay from last print, so you can set them in external program)
TreeSpread - Like a LinearSpread, but values "split to 2" in phases.
LogAll - Printing all the vvvv memory and CPU info to a text file to debug.
Attract - like a damper, but framebased, open (see inside and adapt to your needs) and sometimes damper gives me unexpected results (example is in help patch)
InputMorph and Damper (Transform) - to morph and damp matrices by conversion to quaternions


16.01.16 [17:14 UTC] by Martin Zrcek | 364 downloads
version 1.0 (first final)

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~22h ago

herbst: @joreg ok, too bad! I think an interactively explorable one (like vvvvjs but doesnt need to be functional) would be great to have!

~1d ago

joreg: @herbst am afraid i can't think of any online. best open it for yourself & have a look at the examples that come with the helpbrowser

~2d ago

herbst: Just tried to show some people how concise and condensed vvvv looks even for complex stuff. Are there complex screenshots anywhere?

~3d ago

domj: Midweek Patch Therapy today at 17:30 CET! Hope to see you there https://therapy.domj.net

~4d ago

domj: Schéma + Orca + Pilot, a love triangle https://www.twitch.tv/videos/639199128

~4d ago

joreg: Your next chance for an easy introduction to the all-new #vvvv gamma: This friday 6pm CET: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/introduction-to-creative-coding-with-vvvv-gamma-english/

~7d ago

~10d ago

domj: Stuck in your patching or eager to share what you made or came across? Join Midweek Patch Therapy at 17:30 https://therapy.domj.net/