» Knitting with VVVV, Node15 Workshop
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Knitting with VVVV, Node15 Workshop

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Credits: kleinkariert, Ayab


This contributions enables you to explore the possibilities of generating pixel graphics with VVVV and translate them into knitted objects.

Semi automated domestic knitting machines from the 80ies/ 90ies are the perfect models for replacing their original controllers with Arduino based new electronics (huge thanks to AYAB). These are then connected with vvvv. The machine has 200 needles with every needle corresponding to one pixel in width, while the length can be virtually infinite. The difference to existing software is, that vvvv allows you to communicate with the machine constantly. You can generate patterns in „realtime“ and send your commands line per line.




11.05.15 [16:27 UTC] by jule | 419 downloads

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~2d ago

dawoof: Did u use the NVAPI to do the warping and other functions?

~3d ago

manuel: @dawoof I did. Just some tests. with the sync card you get no tearing thats great.

~4d ago

dawoof: has anyone used nvidia MOSAIC and VVVV? (without vioso or automated callibration)

~4d ago

joreg: mystery surprise guest at #vvvv meetup number 9 in #berlin coming tuesday: 9-berlin-vvvv-meetup

~5d ago

mediadog: @dawoof I use Screen Capture Recorder to put my desktop in VR, it provides a virtual webcam: https://sourceforge.net/projects/screencapturer/files

~6d ago

TremensS: Just one step further, reinstalling VC++2012 did the trick! This might help anyone having the same surprise...

~6d ago

TremensS: Hey! Since Win10 update last night, all my Assimp nodes are red in both beta36/38. Tried reinstalling VC++2013/2017. Any hints?