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Kinect Point Cloud Shader

Credits: Screamer, Hierro for the original plugin and color filter shader. Desaxismundi, Sanch, u7angel for the original displacement shader. sugokuGENKI and http://graphics.stanford.edu/~mdfisher/Kinect.html for the XYZ conversion.


Must have the following installed for plugin to work:





Note: Must use a float texture between the shaders.


06.02.11 [06:21 UTC] by jonferran | 3432 downloads

newemka 18/03/2011 - 06:04

Great work! seems very interesting. I've managed to use Multiskeleton(kinect). but not KinectskeletonPointCloud. I'm hunting the solution since a few hours... Shall i run the NiUserTracker.exe from multiskeleton? or maybe OpenNISkeleton.csproj ? but i can't run it, I should install Visual studio i guess. maybe someone could help me?

rogalag 22/03/2011 - 00:52

As I remember Multiskeleton and KinectPointCloud both use "skeleton" plugin,but in fact in first example it is original Hierro plug, and under the same name "skeleton" plug by jonferran for KinectPointCloud. So vvvv use first installed plugin- in your case hierro's. I might be wrong, but try this: remove Multiskeleton, or zip it, than start KinectPointCloud. It should work.

vjc4 04/04/2011 - 19:48

i cant get it to work
can you re uploadit with the latest drivers from kinect-point-cloud-shader?


johansebastian 06/09/2011 - 10:17

I would like to get this working.. however there are 3 nodes which are somewhat red in the middle, and grey along top/bottom:
onlyColorWorldXYZ, Ord2Enum, and another copy of onlyColorWorldXYZ.
At first they were bright red, but after hovering over them and seeing where it wanted to find the files, I copied them into the appropriate dirs.
Reopened jonKinectPointCloud (which btw I put that file into the main vvv dir, not sure if thats the right place to put it).

Can someone direct me in the right direction? I have been wanting to add my Kinect to my VJ shows ever since I bought the thing a few months ago. I searched all over the net to find an app that would let me do some effects with it (like this one) and found vvvv. So far I really like the vvvv concept.

When I view the source code for onlyColoredWorldXYZ.fx it shows an error at the bottom of the window:
DepthToWorld: ps_2_a does not support doubles

WTF ??

metrowave 08/09/2011 - 18:31


jonferran 08/09/2011 - 22:20

Okay Okay, I will update this soon due to popular demand :P

Give me a day or so to clean up the embarassing spiderweb that I call a patch.

colorsound 15/09/2011 - 19:36

hi jonferran , thanks for sharing , i have the same problem as johansebastian i get red error on the shader in line 31 double4 DepthToWorld(int x, int y, double depthValue) and line 204 PixelShader = compile ps_2_a shift(); ,

any hints ?

using Nvidia GeForce GTX580 :
Fixed FunctionVertex Shader 1.0Vertex Shader 1.1Vertex Shader 2.0Vertex Shader 2.aVertex Shader 3.0Pixel Shader 1.0Pixel Shader 1.1Pixel Shader 1.2Pixel Shader 1.3Pixel Shader 1.4Pixel Shader 2.0Pixel Shader 2.aPixel Shader 2.bPixel Shader 3.0

win7 64bit

alg 16/09/2011 - 00:06

I'm replaced all doubles by floats and it's compiled. Just search all double keywords and replace it by float keywords. So, you must get float4, float and etc.

colorsound 20/09/2011 - 10:43

hi alg , thanks for the help , yes i replaced by float and shaders compile ok no more red . the plug still dont work but probably wrong openni version or drivers . last i installed where the ones to use with phlegma version .

RoyCui 05/01/2013 - 08:02

@johansebastian I had met the same problem,and finally soleved it.You can try as the following steps:
1.Push the right button of your mouse on the onlyColoredWorldXYZ node,and then you'll find that a code editor is open.
2.Edit the codes in this window,change all the word "double" into "float".After all have finished,Ctrl + S to save the codes,and you'll definitely find that the red nodes will be back the gray ones!

Hope this can help you

sansui 10/06/2013 - 18:07

this does not working in 45beta30x86?

I'm using kinect by openNI driver.
I knew these drivers stable and I am using these drivers.

Depth(openNI) help, Skeleton(openNI) help patch work well.
but this point cloud patch does not work.
first time, I found three node red.
but as RoyCui comment, I fixed that. then no red node. looks normal.
but in renderer, nothing shown.

could you give me any help for me?

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~5h ago

karistouf: arghhh, my dx11 mesh assimp are red nodes !!! any idea ???

~14d ago

SuperflysiNZ: Thanks

~17d ago

sebescudie: @Superfly : ApplicationPath

~17d ago

SuperflysiNZ: How do you get the path of the current patch in VL?

~17d ago

SuperflysiNZ: How do you get the path of the current patch in VL?

~17d ago

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