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Intersect (Mesh MT)

module button intersect mesh multitouch raycasting structuresynth
Credits: tonfilm/elektromeier for useful examples. whoever wrote the original intersect help patch. structure synth plugin is by vux structure synth/nabla script is by syntopia


This module allows the use of Intersect (3d mesh ray) with a spread of values without a great deal of performance overhead. Raycasts are only performed when a new x/y slice is given to the module.

The module returns the closest xyz point (to the camera) for all the meshes a ray intersects with. It also takes a 'max hits' constant as input and uses this to create a buffer containing the indices of each object/mesh a ray intersects with. Also returned from the module, are a boolean list to show which rays are intersecting with meshes (1 for any intersection, 0 for no intersections), and a list to show how many objects each ray intersects with.

The help patch shows one way this information can be used to interact with a set of objects.


Intersect (Mesh MT).zip
20.07.10 [12:57 UTC] by Bitminster | 1161 downloads
Intersect (3d mesh ray) operating slicewise for spreadable operation.

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