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Image Adjustment Pack

effect color pixelshader contrast image adjustment saturation keying image correction


pixelshader functions resource

v1 includes:

  • Invert
  • Contrast
  • Saturation: Greyscale & Saturation
  • Levels
  • Tonecurves
  • LumaMatte: Luma & Inverse Luma
  • ColorMatte

maybe a bunch of single effects, which are combining differnt functions can be avoided this way...

feedback and tell me whats missing, plz


28.01.11 [16:17 UTC] by woei | 1956 downloads

West 28/01/2011 - 19:22

Nice collection to "chrush some blacks" :)

And big thumbs up for the Mattes!!

lasal 29/01/2011 - 20:23

very usefull ;)

woei 31/01/2011 - 19:54

thx for the flowers, guys!

any suggestions, what's missing for the basics? or other feedback?

West 01/02/2011 - 23:49

Spreadable key-colors would be funny. what is a .FXH vs a .FX ??

And the Hue/Saturation filter, with colorize function, like in Photoshop is something I could use.

woei 02/02/2011 - 00:36

actually you can do the spreading of keycolors yourself. thats why its a FXH.

there simple functions wrapped in these fxh files. so if you for example need a shader to control saturation, contrast and then keying out the green, you don't need to copy paste everything together but just include the .fxh and call the functions like:

#include "path/Saturation.fxh"
#include "path/Contrast.fxh"
#include "path/ColorMatte.fxh"

and in the pixelshader

float4 col=tex2d(Samp,In.TexCd)
col = Saturation(col); 
col = Contrast(col);
return col;

hope is, that this could prevent a lot of similar shaders (f)lying around

phlegma 18/04/2011 - 12:06

Create Work, Create Help, Thanx

deby 07/06/2011 - 17:53

Create contibution. Thanks!
I try to create an allinOne FX but with no result...

An idea?
Thanks a lot

//@author: woei
//@help: greyscale conversion function and saturation adjustment per channel
//@tags: greyscale, saturation, color correction, image adjustment, pixelshader
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
float4x4 tW: WORLD;        //the models world matrix
float4x4 tV: VIEW;         //view matrix as set via Renderer (EX9)
float4x4 tP: PROJECTION;
texture Tex <string uiname="Texture";>;
sampler Samp = sampler_state    //sampler for doing the texture-lookup
    Texture   = (Tex);          //apply a texture to the sampler
    MipFilter = Linear;         //sampler states
    MinFilter = Linear;
    MagFilter = Linear;
//texture transformation marked with semantic TEXTUREMATRIX to achieve symmetric transformations
float4x4 tTex: TEXTUREMATRIX <string uiname="Texture Transform";>;
#include "Contrast.fxh"
#include "Invert.fxh"
#include "Levels.fxh"
#include "Saturation.fxh"
#include "Tonecurve.fxh"
//the data structure: "vertexshader to pixelshader"
//used as output data with the VS function
//and as input data with the PS function
struct vs2ps
    float4 Pos  : POSITION;
    float2 TexCd : TEXCOORD0;
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
vs2ps VS(
    float4 PosO  : POSITION,
    float4 TexCd : TEXCOORD0)
    //declare output struct
    vs2ps Out;
    //transform position
    Out.Pos = mul(PosO, tWVP);
    //transform texturecoordinates
    Out.TexCd = mul(TexCd, tTex);
    return Out;
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
float4 PS(vs2ps In): COLOR
    float4 col = tex2d(Samp, In.TexCd);
    col = Contrast(col);
    col = Invert(col);
    col = Levels(col);
    col = Saturation(col);
    col = Tonecurve(col);
    return col;
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
technique TFX
    pass P0
        VertexShader = compile vs_1_1 VS();
        PixelShader  = compile ps_1_0 GREY();
technique TFixedFunction
    pass P0
        WorldTransform[0]   = (tW);
        ViewTransform       = (tV);
        ProjectionTransform = (tP);
        Sampler[0] = (Samp);
        TextureTransform[0] = (tTex);
        TexCoordIndex[0] = 0;
        TextureTransformFlags[0] = COUNT2;
        //Wrap0 = U;  // useful when mesh is round like a sphere
        Lighting       = FALSE;
        VertexShader = NULL;
        PixelShader  = NULL;
woei 10/06/2011 - 15:46

@deby: whats the error in the editor?
are the fxh files positioned beside the fx you are editing?
and you probably have to switch to shader model 2.0 at least. (technique -> pass p0 -> PixelShader...)

deby 10/06/2011 - 20:55

Hello woei,
the error appears here:

float4 PS(vs2ps In): COLOR

    float4 col = tex2d(Samp, In.TexCd);

col = Contrast(col);
col = Invert(col);
col = Levels(col);
col = Saturation(col);
col = Tonecurve(col);
return col;
the fxh files are in the same directory as the pixelshader.
I am totally beginner in programming pixelshader...

woei 14/06/2011 - 15:25

@deby: which line exactly does the error appear? and did you set the shader model in the technique to 2.0 or 3.0?

krementsov 29/05/2015 - 19:44

Hello woei,
Can you help me?
All nodes in this pack don't work with DX11, but work with DX9. What could be the problem?

Pin "Technique" is red

I can give you additional if you need.

Or may be you know another good pack for working with image.

blausand 29/05/2015 - 19:57

@deby: Why is your pixelshader called PS() but your pass calls GREY()?

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~17h ago

joreg: also there is this nuget which sounds like an option: https://www.nuget.org/packages/TidyNetstandard/

~18h ago

joreg: if basic format tyding is enough you can use the XML ToString in VL

~20h ago

mediadog: Thanks @joreg. I really miss Tidy (XML), use it to clean up weather station data for realtime displays, any recommendations?

~20h ago

joreg: @mediadog thanks for the pointer. fixed.

~3d ago

mediadog: Clicking on "Missing in 64 bit builds" goes to page with warning no longer maintained, but betadocs link has no such info.

~7d ago

nanotekt: VL.stride yet again ...this time nonphotorealistic https://youtu.be/_aALr2wcj0Y ...wish evvvveryone to be well!

~11d ago

nanotekt: a brief VL.stride study https://youtu.be/B2Nlz5VZ9lM ...and a massive 'thank you' to the devvvvs!

~6d ago

everyoneishappy: @overtones this would require 4D noise, which is possible but not implemented in Fieldtrip

~14d ago

overtones: Hi! SF2D has Time & DomainOffset inputs, but SF3D only DomainOffset. Is there a way to use Time in SF3D or it makes no sense? Thx

~17d ago

joreg: @SabrinaVerhage this could be useful for you next "hacking sex" workshop: https://buttplug.io they have a .NET nuget for use in vvvv!