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Green Screen

module background separation
Credits: www.uberact.com


This should separate background on a still camera image from new things that appear there.

It's not complete as the result is not good enough. So if somebody really desperately needs this shader, we can finish it.


20.09.12 [16:39 UTC] by Martin Zrcek | 826 downloads

lecloneur 23/09/2012 - 14:12

nice but why not making it a Texture FX based on the template. Far easier to use then.

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~2d ago

cznickesz: @tonfilm thanks for the info. Can´t wait to give it a try!

~3d ago

tonfilm: @cznickesz #vvvv #vl #xenko integration is not ready for the public yet, it's still under heavy development... more updates soon.

~3d ago

cznickesz: Possibly dumb question: is there any release containing xenko-integration right now?

~4d ago

~5d ago

~6d ago

joreg: looking for latest #vvvv gamma preview? it is here: vvvv-gamma-2019.1-preview

~6d ago

udo2013: I just want to know why the camera does not work. should be easy to be answered.

~6d ago

udo2013: an answer, please. also there was a 4d julia set in dx9. that must have programmed one. haalllooo!!

~6d ago

udo2013: where are the people who have translated shadertoy's mandelbulb in hlsl ?? for vvvv