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effect directional-light vertex-shading


Gooch-style "diffuse" with a glossy vertex-applied shading. The highlight is done in VERTEX shading -- not as a texture. Glossiness is controlled not only by the usual power function, but also by applying a set of gloss controls that cause a sharp falloff across a specified range. The falloff will occur in the highlight range glossBot-glossTop and the amount of falloff is specified by "glossDrop." Setting "glossDrop" to 1.0 nullifies the effect.


22.06.10 [17:18 UTC] by dottore | 921 downloads

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~1h ago

bo27: @sinus hi! Thanks for using the template. Run is for endusers and it kills explorer. Try developer.bat to access patches

~5h ago

sinus: @bo24: sorry for da hassle. everything´s fine again. several restarts did the job.

~5h ago

sinus: @bo24: my mail db@servus.at

~5h ago

sinus: @IvanRastr aka bo24: found your project template, tested run bat.file, now my screen is black. only cursor. what to do?

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~5d ago

cznickesz: @tonfilm thanks for the info. Can´t wait to give it a try!

~6d ago

tonfilm: @cznickesz #vvvv #vl #xenko integration is not ready for the public yet, it's still under heavy development... more updates soon.

~6d ago

cznickesz: Possibly dumb question: is there any release containing xenko-integration right now?

~7d ago