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effect directional-light vertex-shading


Gooch-style "diffuse" with a glossy vertex-applied shading. The highlight is done in VERTEX shading -- not as a texture. Glossiness is controlled not only by the usual power function, but also by applying a set of gloss controls that cause a sharp falloff across a specified range. The falloff will occur in the highlight range glossBot-glossTop and the amount of falloff is specified by "glossDrop." Setting "glossDrop" to 1.0 nullifies the effect.


22.06.10 [17:18 UTC] by dottore | 913 downloads

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~16h ago

u7angel: @domj, sure

~16h ago

domj: @u7angel: nice! How about the talk later at 7?

~16h ago

u7angel: vvvv-gamma-presentation will be streamed on twitch, starts 2pm, channel name is vvvv gamma

~20h ago

joreg: vvvv heads in #hamburg #kiel: if you're bored this thursday, please come join us for a workshop and/or talk: vvvv-gamma-presentation

~2d ago

sebescudie: @teckor: maybe ui-plugin ?

~2d ago

tekcor: wasn't there a contribution for making native windows GUIs?

~3d ago

joreg: Looking for a #vvvv job in #berlin? don't miss this one: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/looking-for-vvvv-artists-permanent-in-berlin/17448

~3d ago

domj: vvvv gamma audio input with Naudio https://youtu.be/iBRZ3tsc_BI

~4d ago

microdee: @tonfilm: hehehe, apply water to the burnt area :D