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effect cloneproduction vvvv
Credits: Vux Martin Zrcek dottore unc


Interactive installation made with vvvv and controlled by a Microsoft Kinect. This project is part of my research in interactive material and has been exhibited for the first time during B-Seite festival in Mannheim (Germany).

Thanks a lot to those four guys for their amazing contribution :
Natan Sinigaglia for his GPU texture field particle system.
Unc for his amazing pixel shader.
Martin Zrcek for the Ciant 3D Particle.
And Vux for the Kinect plugin, and a lot more.

Video here : https://vimeo.com/63201038

The kinect plugin is not included, in case you want to use this effect with Kinect, you just need the Depth Texture, also this was made with beta 28.1.

In case you have something different than the screenshot above, try to tweak parameters on the "Colorize" and "Glow" textureFX, I noticed that they can create different effect depending on ... something that I will find out one day. :)


17.05.13 [17:27 UTC] by lecloneur | 1814 downloads

Noir 17/05/2013 - 17:03


vj_raul 17/05/2013 - 18:39

Hey Cloneur,

again ... great patch!!

Thank you for being @ B-Seite Festival.


metrowave 17/05/2013 - 22:46

Cool, I mean Hot!

hyeena 13/10/2015 - 22:39

Can someone check if this works with current release? thanks :)
I get black render window on MacBook Pro late 2011 AMD gfx

Martin Zrcek 19/10/2015 - 12:05

Yes, it surprisingly works. Maybe you can try it per partes to find what's wrong.

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~2d ago

joreg: Know someone who should learn #vvvv? Send them to one of our intro workshops in #Berlin https://nodeforum.org/announcements/2020-series-of-2h-introduction-workshops-to-vvvv-gamma/ #creativecoding

~3d ago

udo2013: @sunep:had an idea how to restore midi-data by one lick and bring the sliders in original position.patch in forum."restore midi.."

~9d ago

sunep: @udo2013 make a forum post about and I can share my subpatch

~9d ago

sunep: @udo2013 I have myself dealt with that problem by using LTP (Value) in pickup mode

~13d ago

~13d ago

~15d ago

joreg: @soundreactor: yes

~15d ago

soundreactor: is 50beta.. supposed to be working in windows 7 ?