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freeFrameExtended VisualStudio/CodeBlocks

plugin Freeframe openCV cmake crossPlatform VisualStudio CodeBlocks C++
Credits: FreeFrameExtended and FreeFrameExtendedOpenCV for VisualStudio/CodeBlocks



  • this is freeFrameExtended and freeFrameExtendedOpenCV Plugin for VVVV
  • it use cmake to build your projectFiles
  • so your projectFiles and your SourceCode is clearly seperated
  • you can build your projectFiles for different IDEs (ie. VisualStudio/CodeBlocks ....)

Read readme.pdf

Johannes Schmidt


30.05.11 [17:07 UTC] by kopffarben | 542 downloads
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30.05.11 [17:07 UTC] by kopffarben | 521 downloads
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~2h ago

keftaparty: Hey microdee, or take some holidays, it's nice :-)

~4h ago

microdee: meanwhile, I became available for freelancer/contractor/even full time jobs, in case anybody is in hiring mood, wink wink ;)

~6h ago

skyliner: @sinus: top notch! ;)

~13h ago

sinus: @skyliner: the top boys/creators of notch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JzG-Y3YOdk

~2d ago

karistouf: thank you joreg, but external solution from VVVV is not possible.

~2d ago

catweasel: @joreg, I'm not sure he did ;) But if you do use timeliner use this as well autosave as well.

~3d ago

joreg: if anyone knows more osc timelines please put them there as well!

~3d ago

joreg: @karistouf he meant to say there are alternatives. i put some here: animation